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The 20th day of the second Fire month. As I watered the seedling of the World Tree that I received at the Six Kings Festival, some things run around my mind. The reason for that…… is that Fate-san hasnt come to visit lately.

Fate-san, just like Kuro, escapes from work to play with me for an hour or so every three days. There would even be times when she would come every day…… but she hasnt come to visit for almost 20 days now.

I wonder whats going on Since its Fate-san were talking about here, theres no way that shes “too busy because of work”. On the other hand, theres also no way that Fate-san, a Supreme God, is sick in bed.

Could it be that Ive done something that got Fate-san mad No, but at my birthday party, she was still acting as usual……

[……Hey, Alice.]

[What is it]

[Do you know what happened with Fate-san I havent seen her lately……]

For the time being, I asked Alice, who is a good friend of Fate-san, but for some reason, she had a complicated look on her face.

[……Errr, Fate-san…… Shes been w- working a lot lately, so she doesnt have much time.]

[……If youre going to make up a lie, you could have at least made a better one than that.]

[No, to be honest, even though Im the one who said it, I also feel like its unrealistic, but what I said isnt entirely wrong……]

[Eh Then, Fate-san is seriously working Voluntarily]

[Y- Yes, well……]

Thats impossible, that Fate-san willingly doing work ……No matter how I look at it, the situation is clearly abnormal.

[C- Could it be…… Fate-san really isnt doing well]

[……W- Well, thats right. I guess you could say that shes sick in a way.]

[Shes sick! No, no, if shes sick, then shouldnt be working…… Or rather, even a Supreme God like Fate-san can get sick!]

[……Well, how should I say this…… Regarding the details of her sickness, Im not at liberty to say that…… Ahh, but its not something that can be transmitted to others so……]

Apparently, Fate-san really is sick. No, well, it may be rude to say this, but I could understand now. I see, because of that sickness of hers, she hasnt been coming to visit lately and is even doing work, something she normally doesnt do……

It must be a very heinous disease. Otherwise, I cant imagine that Fate-san would be doing her job.

[……Im worried about her, so I think Ill go pay her some visit.]



[……Ahh, no, well, there is indeed that shock therapy concept, isnt it I guess that could work.]

[U- Unnn]

I dont really know what shes talking about, but for the time being, Im going to visit her. Lets buy some fruits first and bring them as souvenirs.

[……I mean, even though she punched me when I was like that, shes acting all hesitant when the same thing happens to her……]

[Ooooiiiii, Alice]

[Ah, no! Im also worried about Fate-san, so Ill go with you! Now, now, since weve decided, lets hurry up and go!]

When I called out to Alice, who had her hand on her chin and was mumbling something, a cheerful smile appeared on her face as she urged me to come visit Fate-san already.

Somehow, rather than worried…… It feels like Alice is up to no good again……

The upper level of the God Realm, a place I had visited once before. There stands Fate-sans temple, to which Alice and I entered. I wonder if Fate-san is alright The fact that shes working means that shes physically fine. Well, what Im very worried about is if shes mentally alright though……

As I was thinking about this, I knocked on the door that led to Fate-sans room. A little while later, the door opened a bit and a grumpy-looking Fate-san appeared.

[Geez, what now…… I said Im busy working, so stop being a…… hind…… rance…… Eh]

[Ah, errr, hello.]


[Yes, errr, I came to visit……]

When I timidly called out to Fate-san, who totally looked like she was in a bad mood, her face stiffened and a little while later, she began profusely sweating.

[……Eh W- Why are you here…… U- Ummm, my heart isnt ready yet….. so, errr, go home for the time being……]


[Eh Shall-tan W- Whats the matter]

[I know youre wondering why Kaito-san came, but Ill finish my own business first, okay]


Saying this with a bright smile on her face, Alice grabbed Fate-sans hand and pulled her out of the door.

[Thats right! Im here to pay back the debt I received from Fate-san!]

[……Debt Hey, Shall-tan What in the world are you———–]



My eyes couldnt grasp what had just happened. From what I saw though, Alices legs seemed to glow for a moment, before the huge door shattered and Fate-san suddenly crashed onto the back wall of her room.

From the line she said…… Alice must have kicked her. Or rather, what the heck are you doing, oi!

[……W- Wait, Shall-tan! What are you suddenly doing! That hurts!]

I dont think that kick would be something that would have just normally hurt someone…… Well, I guess for someone with super specs like Fate-san, the damage would only to the extent that her face turned a bit red.

[No, remember, you punched me before…… So Im returning it!]

[That was a punch before! Why did you return it with a kick! Moreover, you aimed at my face without hesitation!]

[Now then, Fate-san! Lets not dwell on every single thing! Lets face the future with a bang! Well then, adieu!]

[Stop right theeeeeere!!! I have lots of things to say but…… let me kick you too!!!]

After doing what she wanted to do and only saying what she wanted, Alice disappeared, and Fate-sans screams echoed in the temple.

Dear Mom, Dad————– Errr, I heard that Fate-san was sick, so I came to visit her but…… Doesnt it seem like theres something strange here No, rather, I know that I dont know some things but————— Fate-san seems to be alright, isnt she

: [Incidentally, what Fate-san has is that thing called lovesickness!]

Serious-senpai : [……This hurts.]

: [Ahh, speaking of which, Author-san is going to start releasing the character rough drafts for Volume 4 tomorrow, so please look forward to it.]

Serious-senpai : [……So its finally arrived huh! My own character design!]

: [……No, theres none of that though I mean, your illustration on the back cover is just a one-time thing, okay]

Serious-senpai : [D*mn it aaaaaaaalllll!]-

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