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The 15th Day of the second Fire month. At a small miscellaneous goods store in the back of an alley in the royal capital of Symphonia. Inside the store, two petite girls were facing each other across the counter.

[……So, as you were doing nothing but work, not only your own but even the work you stole from your subordinates…… Not just Chronois-san, but even Life-san woke up and asked you to take a break, and thus, you came here…… Did I get that right]

[Unnn. I mean, arent they cruel If I dont work, theyll get angry, and when I do work, theyll ask me to rest……]

[No, theyre telling you that because youre too extreme, Fate-san.]

As the Alice clone, which is the storekeeper of the miscellaneous goods store, has a dumbfounded look on her face while she listens to what Fate said, she quickly prepares two cups of tea and places them on the counter.

Alice, who was very close with Fate…… close enough calling them best friends wouldnt be an exaggeration, didnt mind Fates sudden visit and properly listened to her.

[So What is that you want to ask me]

[Unnn…… I thought it would be good to get opinions from different perspectives, not just my own.]


As she thought that its refreshing to see Fate so distressed, Alice waited for Fates words without making any unnecessary comments.

After a few moments of silence, as if she had made up her mind, Fate began to speak quietly and slowly.

[……You see. Its just that, lately, you see When I think about Kai-chan, I feel restless. And yet, whenever Im not doing anything, I find myself thinking about Kai-chan, but even though I want to see him, I dont know what face I should have when I face him. Thats why, perhaps, I thought. I think Im probably mistaken but perhaps…… I may have…… fallen in love with Kai-chan or something like that. Ive been thinking that I was mistaken though……]


[And so. Id like to hear Shalltears opinion, I just want an honest answer…… Is this that love thing]

[Well, that is……]

[Ahh, wait a minute! It seems like my heart still isnt ready yet if you said it too straightforwardly! Hold on!]


The way she spoke, with her face slightly downcast, looking so meek unimaginable from the usual Fate, what shes feeling was too obvious but…… the person herself doesnt seem to recognize it.

[Errr, how should I say that again There are those words in otherworldian language talking about tuning it down……]

[Saying it indirectly]

[Yeah, that! First, Id like it if you say it indirectly…… “100 times” more indirectly before answering me. Is this that love thing]

Seeing the anxiousness on Fates face, Alice looked a bit dumbfounded before she calmly spoke.

[……No, well, for better or worse, among the gods, Fate is the most alike to Shallow Vernal-sama…… someone who was rarely interested in a person in the first place. So, I guess, Kaito-san, who is one of the rare people who caught her attention, would look a little special in your eyes. Thinking about it again, you just found yourself in deep trouble.]

[……I- I see! I- I guess thats right! Then, Ill ask for the sake of it…… but if you dont indirectly say it]

[No matter how I hear you described it, thats “love at first sight”. You totally looked like “a maiden in love”.]


When she heard Alices reply, Fates shoulders slumped down. She wouldnt mind if its said by some other random person, but if its said by Alice, who she considers her best friend, even Fate wouldnt be able to ignore it.

Somewhat dispirited…… or rather, looking as if she was uncertain about her feelings, Fate thanked Alice and left the miscellaneous goods store.

When Fate returned to her temple, she sat in the corner of her cushion-filled room, hugging the cushion Kaito had given her with a puzzled expression on her face.

She was a Supreme God…… a God, a being completely different from Humans. Was it because she was aware of this Perhaps, it was because of this that Fate still hadnt fully accepted her feelings.

At first, she was definitely going to take advantage of Kaito. He met the minimum requirement of being someone who would not be boring for her, and at the same time, a nice and good-natured person…… Perhaps, that was the extent of her perception towards him.

At least, at that point in time, Fate was interested in Kaito, but she did not hold any affection for him.

When did the change in her feelings begin to show At least, when they went to the Hydra Kingdom together, her feelings had already begun to change.

For Fate, it hasnt been a long time since she met Kaito. However, they had accumulated many memories together.

In the first place, Fate often leaves her temple to visit Kaito, and although the time they spent together isnt very long, as Chronois usually brings her back along the way, they had still talked with each other quite often.

Theyve talked with each other as they bathed on an onsen together. She had also explained to him about her authority and her way of thinking. And although it was a bit forced, they even went on a date.

How long has it been That her purpose of visiting Kaito changed, from being able to skip her work, to being able to meet Kaito himself……

How long has it been That she has learned how to smile naturally when Kaito smiles at her……

How long has it been That she willingly thought of working a bit…… if its for the sake of Kaito……

Within the train of thoughts in her mind, no answer came out. However, Fates mind has already begun to convince herself that the name of this unfathomable emotion within her heart is “love”.

Little by little, she began to accept herself that she was attracted to Kaito. And thats why, at the same time, she was deeply confused.

[……I…… dont know. Love…… Romantic emotions…… What should I do with this…… is something I dont know……]

The longer one had stayed the same…… The more cowardly they are about change. Fate is someone who has not experienced any major changes in tens of thousands of years.

Thats why, these changes that are starting to happen to her now…… really frighten her. She felt anxious about the way she was beginning to change.

And to him who she fell in love with————– What kind of face she should have when she faces him————

She——— doesnt know.

Serious-senpai : [Gahaak! T- This is bad…… She was more in love than I had imagined……]

: [Hmmm. Indeed, Fate-san kinda comes off like a girl who is confused about love~~ This is going to be sweet.]

Serious-senpai : [……Hiiiii.]

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