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Accompanied by Raz-san, whom I met by chance, we met up with Acht and Eva.

[……And then, we harvested a vegetable thiiiiiiiiiiiiiis big!]

[Heehhh…… Raz-san is an expert at growing vegetables huh.]

[Ehhen! Raz's vegetables are very delicious!]

[I'd certainly like to taste your vegetables.]

[Leave it to me! I'll give some to Kaitokun-san next time so pleeeeeeenty that you have to carry them in both of your hands!]

Raz-san seemed to be enjoying herself immensely and had been talking incessantly since a while ago. It was fun to talk with the cheerful and always smiling Raz-san, and she looked so adorable as she merrily flitted about.

Thanks to her presence, I also had a smile on my face all the time…… How should I say this, I felt as if the fatigue accumulated from my daily life was being healed.

As we happily moved along like that, I saw two familiar back a good distance away. They were definitely Acht and Eva…… and it seems like they're in Humanized form.Well, Acht is pretty big, so perhaps, their human form would be more convenient to go around the festival.

Unnn, be that as it may…… Why are the both of them "sitting on the ground"

[Acht-kuuuuuun! Eva-saaaaaaan! Thank you for waiting! I've brought Kaitokun-san~~]

As I was wondering what was going on with them, Raz-san approached them, cheerfully calling out their names. Hearing her voice, Acht turned around and spoke, looking somewhat flustered.

[S- Sis Raz! You brought Kaito with you! N- No…… Run away!]

[ [ Eh ] ]

[Acht is right, it's not safe here! Quickly leave this place!!!]

Moreover, Eva also agreed with Acht and told us to run away. Of course, Raz-san and I tilted our heads…… but when we heard the voice that called out shortly after, I understood the meaning of their voice.

[……You have quite the nerve to turn your back on me while in the middle of our conversation huh. Acht, Eva.]

[ [ Hyiiiiiihhhh!]

Yes, it's Zwei-san. In front of Acht and Eva, who were sitting in seiza, Zwei-san stands with her arms crossed, and I could feel how intimidating she is even from a distance.

[……Haahhh…… How deplorable you've become. It seems like you've all loosened up a lot when I don't keep an eye on you lot for a while. I guess I'll have to take a look around the whole family first before returning back to work…… Well, before that, let's talk about you two first……]

[……E- Eva…… D- Do something……]

[Don't be absurd! I can't go against Elder Sis Zwei!]

[Stop with the whispering. Or perhaps, do you want me to shut you up]

[ [ M- My apologies!!! ] ]

Scary…… Even though she wasn't scolding me…… Zwei-san is scary.

Sitting before her, Acht and Eva were sweating profusely, and I felt like I'm being pressured by the sharp atmosphere. But then, that atmosphere was shattered by a cute bell-like voice.

[Ahh~~! It's Big Sister Zwei! Good evening~~]

[……Oya If it isn't Razelia. Yes, good evening. It's been a while.]

[Big Sister Zwei, when did you get here I'm glad to meet you here~~]

[About a few hours ago. I prioritized greeting Kuromu-sama, so it took me a while to come see the others. I'm relieved to see that you're doing well.]

[Yes! Raz is always doing well!]

A- As expected of Raz-san. She's not afraid of that scary Zwei-san at all…… I guess that means Raz-san's communipower is on a monstrous level already.

[What's the matter Acht-kun and Eva-san]

[I'm telling them off for their appearance.]

[Appearance huh~~ Big Sister Zwei, what about Raz]

[……Fumu, your clothes are clean and your hair is neatly done. You look wonderful.]

[Yaayyyy, Big Sister Zwei complimented me!]

[It's great that you're lively, but moderation must be observed, yes]


Hearing Raz-san's cheerful words, Zwei-san also had a smile on her face as she responded.

How strange. When she was talking with Raz-san, Zwei-san seems like a normal big sister who loves her younger sister. No, it may just be that I've only ever seen Zwei-san when she's angry, and when she isn't scolding someone, she might be surprisingly kind……

[……Now then, Acht, Eve, shall we continue our conversation]

[ [ Hyyiiiihhhh! ] ]

……Unnn. Still scary. The smile that she had been giving Raz-san earlier disappeared, and her cold, sharp eyes glared at Acht and Eva.

[Listen here, okay In the first place, taking care of your appearance isn't something that I should……]


Zwei-san, who was about to continue scolding Acht and Eva, noticed me and turned her gaze towards me…… geh, she really is scary! W- Why the heck are her eyes glaring at me that bad!

[……If it isn't Miyama-sama, what a coincidence to meet you here.]

[Ah, y- yes! G- G- Good evening!]

[Good evening. Coincidence it may be, it's a pleasure to see you again.]

……You don't look pleased though! You look as if you're looking at the evil hellspawn who killed your parents, you know! C- Could it be…… she's angry because I interrupted her sermon

N- No, it's true that it felt like I've splashed water on her head twice already, but it's not like I'm aiming to do that……

Dear Mom, Dad————– Just when I thought I'm going to meet up with Acht and Eva, I unexpectedly met Zwei-san again. I think she really hates me after all. Well, I mean———— She's glaring at me like crazy……

~~ Zwei Onee-chan's Inner Thoughts ~~

(Awawawa, t- to have met Kaito-sama again…… twice in one day, how lucky could I be! As expected, I can't take my eyes off his handsomeness! H- He seems to be sweating a bit, did he move around earlier However, it just makes the cool Kaito-sama exude manly pheromones…… T- This won't do! If I take my eyes off him for even a moment, people may swarm around him like d*mned hungry hyenas! I can't let my eyes go for even a tenth of a second. If needs be, I must protect him……)

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