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The fourth day of the Six King Festival was hosted by the Dragon King Magnawell. The theme of the festival seemed to be "Interacting with Monsters".

Listening to just this alone gives the impression that the festival would be like a zoo, the city filled with different kinds of monsters, but in fact, there were many stalls that could be found in a normal festival. However, there were many Monster factors in them, such as a slime-shaped drink containers or dragon masks for sale.

[Ahh, Miyama-kun. They have grilled wyvern meat skewers over there.]

[I bought some earlier…… Is wyvern meat actually a famous ingredient]

[Wyverns are weak monsters, but there are many of them. That's why they're very popular as food.]

[She's right. Red dragons and black dragons may be better in terms of taste, but wyverns are easy to hunt.]

Dr. Vier answered my question with a bright smile, to which Neun-san agreed.

This is the opinion of the former Hero and the former Demon King though. However, the Red Bear Sandwich stall lady, who was a civilian, told me that wyverns are very dangerous monsters.

[However, it's a bit surprising. I thought that since it was a monster-oriented festival, there would be lots of humongous monsters around.]

[Miyama-kun, not all monsters are as big as Bell-chan, you know]

[I see…… Speaking of which, I know it's a bit late to ask this but…… What's the difference between those who were called Monsters and those who were called Demons]

[Simply put, it's about magic power and knowledge. Monsters that have a certain level of magic and wisdom are classified as Demons because they don't just indiscriminately attack people. Well, I heard that there are some detailed criteria regarding this, but I don't know that much about them, since the people making such judgments are under Magnawell-sama's command.]

In other words, if they have the knowledge to act rationally and hold some extent of power, they're considered as a Demon huh……

[Well, I don't think we need to think too much about it though. If Magnawell-sama considers them as Monster, then Monster it is then.]

[I see……]

[Even so…… The atmosphere of festivals has changed after a long time passed huh…… It feels kind of refreshing.]

[Vier hadn't even participated in the Festival of Heroes for a long time after all. In the past thousand years, a lot of things have been handed down from the world Kaito-san and I were in and made this world change.]

It seems like Dr. Vier had never been to a festival before for the past thousand years, and was looking at the stalls here and there with great interest.

She was especially excited about the takoyakis and other food stalls that have been handed down from our world. She looked more childish than usual, which made her look kind of cute.

I could fortunately teach her a lot of things that have been handed down from the world I was in, and I hope that Dr. Vier enjoys the festival.

As we walked along thinking about this, I heard a loud cheer a little further away, which made me curious and turned my head to look.

[……Ahh, even I know what that is. That's "RINGTOSS", right!]


……That thing that was different from the one I know just came out of nowhere! I- I even heard that it was called a Super-exciting battle sport…… But to be honest, I'd like to see something scary.

[They may be having a match over there. RINGTOSS was quite an intense game, so why don't we have a look Is Kaito-san okay with that]

[Eh Yes, I'm fine with it.]

Neun-san had already lived in this world for a thousand years, so I guess she wasn't surprised about how different the RINGTOSS in this world was.

Though I say that, I also wanted to check it out too, so I nodded at Neun-san's suggestion and we decided to head towards there.

As the cheers led us to the place where the RINGTOSS was being held, I heard what seems to be a Live-commentary being broadcasted using Loudspeaker Magic on the way.

"Now then, let's introduce our competitors. First, from the red corner! "The World Rank-16 A-Class Quoits Elite", a master of RINGTOSS' famous "Kagura" technique! Will she be able to win with her signature "Gun & Stay" strategy!"

Oooiiii, just when I thought I'd finally stop getting confused about the words I know, I heard another set of unfamiliar words! A-Class Quoits Elite! World Rank! Seriously, what the heck is RINGTOSS……. It's kind of scaring me now……

Even though we haven't moved to a position where we can see the game well yet, I'm already feeling filled up with the Live-commentary.

"And then, and then…… From the blue corner, she finally makes her entrance! "World Rank-1"! She who stands at the top of all the Quoits Elites! "Mysterious Transcendental Beauty Quoits Elite" Nightmaaaaaaareeeeee!!!"


……That's Alice. I'm pretty sure that's Alice…… You're the world's rank 1!

In a match I knew nothing about, someone I definitely turned out to be the champion…… How am I supposed to deal with these inexplicable feelings

[I- It's amazing, Vier! They're having a match with the Undefeated Champion, Nightmare today!]

[We're so lucky! She rarely shows up outside of official matches……]


And then, my two companions began getting really excited. I don't know what's going on, but I feel like I'm the only sober person in a crowd of drunkards…… My head hurts.

"Whoa there, could this be! Nightmare is pointing at the sky! There it is! It's her preliminary announcement: "Shooting Star"!!! The audience are getting very excited!"


[T- The legendary special move…… Shooting Star…… A- Are we going to witness it]

[Don't worry, Vier! Whenever Nightmare announces Shooting Star, it's the Shooting Star that wins the game!]

I'm no longer surprised by the unfamiliar words. With cold eyes, I just quietly waited for time to pass.

Dear Mom, Dad————- Just as the Live-commentary said, the audience is very excited, including Dr. Vier and Neun-san…… I just can't seem to get along with the flow though. I can't keep up with their excitement at all…… I mean———– I'm pretty sure that's Alice.

~~ Quoits Elites World Rank Top 5 ~~

Rank-1 : Mysterious Transcendental Beauty Quoits Elite Nightmare (Undefeated)

Rank-2 : Baby Castella Mask

Rank-3 : Battle King (Destroyed the Battle Grounds several times, resulting in his loss due to foul)

Rank-4 : Friendly Neighborhood Uncle (Lost by default several times after being absent on official matches without notice)

Rank-5 : Royal Runaway Mermaid (Lost all of her matches against the top four)

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