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Disappearing from the city, the venue of the Six Kings Festival, Luce…… No, Akari had moved far away from the city in an instant.

However, it was not by her own power. Yes, it was just as Alice and Iris had predicted, there was an entity that had teleported her out of the city.

[……Are you sure you're satisfied with this You still had some time to talk to him though]

[Yes, I'm sure that the idiotic me would fail if I said anything more than that…… Thank you for giving me the opportunity to talk to him…… "Shallow Vernal-sama".]

[No need to thank me. I'm just using you for my own reasons.]

As her inflectionless voice resounded, the surrounding scenery switched to a garden floating in the sky…… the Sanctuary. Of course, the being who teleported Akari is none other than the apex of the God Realm, the God of Creation, Shallow Vernal.

Yes, the mastermind who brought Akari to being and allowed her to meet Kaito was Shallow Vernal.

Kuromueina did consult her if she had anything to do with Akari. She told Kuromeina that she didn't bring Kaito's mother back to life and she didn't create a being identical to Kaito's mother……

There are no lies in those words. That's because "she really didn't bring Miyama Akari back to life"…… She was still a soul, a ghost that is able to touch things through the power of Shallow Vernal.

The "transfer of Miyama Akari's soul" is something that Shallow Vernal has been negotiating with Eden for some time.

Shallow Vernal desperately needed Akari's soul for "a certain purpose". For this reason, she had been negotiating with Eden early on.

Eden didn't agree to this though, and Shallow Vernal's negotiations with her turned out to be difficult. However, Eden's visit to her world and her strong interest in Kaito gave Eden the advantage in helping Shallow Vernal's cause.

Thus, their negotiations were concluded, and Akari's soul was brought to this world.

Even though Shallow Vernal had obtained Akari's soul, she still gave Akari the freedom of choice. In order to make her choose whether or not she would cooperate for her purpose, Shallow Vernal allowed Akari to make contact with Kaito, on the condition that she wouldn't reveal her true identity.

[And so, what is your choice Or perhaps, do you still need a bit more time to think]

[……No, that's enough. The conditions you have offered…… I accept them.]

[Are you sure about this Worst case scenario, you may end up "crushing Kaito's heart" though]


What Shallow Vernal wanted for Akari to do…… No, the role that Shallow Vernal wanted her to play…… is to be the obstacle in Kaito's path.

Even though it was Shallow Vernal herself who presented this opportunity to her, she was still surprised when Akari readily accepted, especially since what she was doing is technically antagonistic to her own son.

That's why Shallow Vernal asked her. "If she's really sure about this……"

Hearing her question, Akari looked straight at Shallow Vernal and replied.

[……It's impossible if it was me. I can't stop shaking even just by looking at you like this. That's why I'm convinced that it's impossible for me to defeat you, nor resist your will.]

[Then, you're obeying my command because of fear]

[……No, that's not it. It's impossible if it was for me. But if it's that child…… "If it's Kaito, he could win"……]

[I've explained the contents of my ordeal to you. Don't you think it's quite severe]

[Yes, it really is severe…… I thought that it's impossible for anyone to overcome it.]

[You're contradicting yourself though]

Looking at Shallow Vernal, who tilted her head upon hearing her statement, Akari scolded her trembling body before turning her eyes filled with great hope at the Goddess in front of her.

[I'm just a mere human. I am afraid of you, and I can't even imagine a future in which anyone wins against you. But I believe that Kaito will create something that I can't imagine, a future that I can't envision. I'm just an insignificant being…… But I don't want to be so insignificant that I can't even believe my own son!]


[Even though I can't imagine how he does it, I believe that Kaito will win over Shallow Vernal-sama. That's why, "I'll place my soul on the betting table".]

A future that she can't even imagine, even though she herself couldn't imagine anyone can beat Shallow Vernal…… Akari believed that even this would be overturned by Kaito.

Believing in Kaito and betting her soul…… is her way of fighting against Shallow Vernal's ordeal.

Looking at Akari, the corner of Shallow Vernal's lips raised just a bit, though it's only to the extent that one won't be able to tell if they aren't looking carefully at her lips.

[……I see, you certainly are Kaito's mother, aren't you What interesting words, you have said there.]


[It is indeed as you said. It's true that if it's Kaito-san, he will be able to overcome my ordeal and win against me…… At present, he has about a "20%" chance of succeeding.]

[……Can I take that as Shallow Vernal-sama highly evaluating him]

[Yes, I think I evaluate Kaito-san very highly. That's why, I wanted to know. He is someone unlike any other…… but if I let him go here, will I ever find someone like him again, or perhaps, am I able to replace him with another……. For your son to trouble me this much, he is quite the sinful man, isn't he]

At the same time as she said this, Shallow Vernal lightly waved her finger. Thereupon, Akari's body was enveloped in light, turning into a small sphere…… in her original form, a soul.

Holding the soul in hand, Shallow Vernal looked at the view of her Sanctuary and muttered.

[……The stage is finally getting set. However, it certainly was quite a terrible ordeal I prepared…… Kuro will be really angry about this. I guess I should make some preparations before she destroys the God Realm huh……]

The content of her words was disturbing. However, the expression on Shallow Vernal's face as she muttered about the destruction of the God Realm…… was more joyful than ever, as if she was somehow looking forward to the future that's about to come.

~~ Rejected Scene ~~

Airhead : [It's silly, but thrilling. How is that Why don't we have a bet]

Akarin : [……I'll wager my soul!]

Airhead : [Good!]

Serious-senpai Act3 : [Like I said, could you stop breaking into the Afterwords!]

T/N: I'll wager my stuffed dolphin.


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