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I thought it was a high-class French restaurant, but it turned out that this place was serving rather unusual Chinese cuisine. The first item, pork feet, was quite tasty but…… Eating pork feet with a knife and fork somehow feels a bit strange to me.

If this was going to be a full course of Chinese cuisines, would the next meal brought to us be salad

[This feels like a full course, isn't it]

[Yes, it does. There were no amuse-bouches, and they started with hors d'oeuvres, so I guess the next meal served would be salad]

(T/N: Amuse-bouche is a small complimentary appetizer. A mouth amuser.)

[……Aoi-senpai, what's amuse-bouche]

[Let's see. I guess it's like the "tsukidashi" in pubs.]

[……I haven't even experienced going inside a pub though.]

In comparison to Aoi-chan's familiarity with the subject, Hina-chan and I were noticeably lacking in knowledge. Or rather, I'm glad that I'm sitting on the same table as Aoi-chan.

Right at that moment, a colorful salad was brought to us, to which we ate as we continued our conversation.

[Hina-chan, tsukidashis are dishes that can be eaten in a single bite, and are usually served before you ordered.]

[Heehhh~~ As expected of Kaito-senpai, you have the knowledge of the adult world~~!]

[No, I don't know much about it either…… Aoi-chan, after the salad would be soup, right]

[Yes, if it's the usual French restaurant, that would be the case. There's a chance that bread might also be served first. After that, it depends whether the plat is poisson or viande, or perhaps, even both. If it's just one of them, I think granité will come out next.]

[……Sorry, I have no idea what you were saying.]

Just from what Aoi-chan said, I found about four words I didn't know. Hmmm. Eating full course meals feels kind of difficult and intimidating.

[The word "plat" refers to the main dish. Most of the time, it's categorized between poisson…… fish dishes and viande…… meat dishes. However, this varies a lot from restaurant to restaurant. If the main dish is raw though, it may be categorized as an entrée instead. And then, granité is a palate-cleansing semi-frozen dessert. Depending on how many plat they serve, the timing of order may change.]

[I- I see…..]

[However, since this restaurant is Chinese style, it may be that instead of bread, they would serve dim sum…… shumai. There's a chance that a dish like that would be served next. If that's the case, no granité may be served.]

[A- Aoi-chan, that's amazing…… Do you often eat full course meals]

As I continued to ask questions to Aoi-chan, who carefully explained things…… the answer came back from a different person.

[Aoi-senpai is the noble lady of the Kusunoki group after all~~]

[Hey, Hina-chan……]

[Kusunoki group…… You mean that company whose advertisements often appear on TV and other stuff]

[……It's just a slightly big company.]

No, no, even I know the name of the Kusunoki group. It's one of the biggest companies in Japan, with a wide range of businesses including cosmetics, clothing and even IT.

For Aoi-chan to be the noble lady of that company…… The idea never really occurred to me even if they share the same surname.

[Aren't you the "granddaughter of a congressman", Hina-chan]


[W- Well~~ A- Ahaha……]

Aoi-san is the noble lady of a big company. Hina-chan is the granddaughter of a politician…… They're totally ladies of the higher society.

[Heehhh…… You both are amazing. My father is a normal salaryman, so I'm kind of surprised.]

[……Even if you say it like that, isn't Kaito-san more amazing than us]


[I mean, your girlfriend is the president of the world's largest company. She's a real royalty…… Although this is a different world, your level is completely different from ours.]

[Mnnhh, if you say it like that…… Indeed.]

Kuro is the richest person in the world, Isis-san is a really wealthy person with a vast amount of properties in the Demon Realm, Lilia-san is the little sister of the King, Sieg-san is the daughter of a former Court Mage, and Alice is the head of the world's largest intelligence organization. Unnn, my lovers were also ladies of the higher society.

[Speaking of which, Kaito-senpai's reaction…… Don't you think that you were quite nonchalant when you heard about our backgrounds Doesn't that attract your attention]

[H- Hmmm. I guess not…… Just as Aoi-chan said, maybe the people around me are so amazing that I have become numb…… And well, regardless of who your family is, it doesn't change that you two are my cute kouhais.]

[ [ …………………. ] ]

When they heard what I said, they stared at me with some interest before they chuckled.

[……I really like…… that part of you, Kaito-senpai.]

[Well, I've known Kaito-san for a long time, so I know you would say something like that.]

[Eh What do you mean you've known each other for a long time…… Hasn't it only been about half a year]

[Unfortunately, I've known Kaito-san for "four and a half years".]

[Eeeeehhh! W- What do you mean]

The four years that Aoi-chan says she knew of me is about the time when we're playing together in the game…… as Ciel and Hibis, so it's no wonder that Hina-chan doesn't know about it.

But indeed, if you convert the time we spent in the game to four years, Aoi-chan is the one I've known the most in this world.

[……It's a secret.]

[Ehh~~ I'm curious! Aoi-senpai, please stop teasing me and tell me already!]

[Fufufu…… No~ These are my most precious memories, and I won't talk to you so easily. Don't you think so too Ciel-san]

[A- Ahaha……]

Saying that, Aoi-chan giggled before winking at me. She probably wants me to keep it a secret too.

However, at any rate…… Aoi-chan looks like she's having fun.

Dear Mom, Dad————- My initial impression of Aoi-chan was that she was cool and somewhat difficult to talk to. However, after spending time with her like this, my impression of her has changed a lot. No, it might not be my impression of her that has changed, but Aoi-chan herself. At least, the Aoi-chan right now…… Compared to when we first met————- She looked even more lively.

Serious-senpai Act3: [Incidentally, fromage, dishes made with cheese or just cheese itself, are served after plat. French food is often enjoyed with wine, so eating cheese is a way to ease the hangover. Well, I've never eaten fromage though! I've never had french cuisine though!! I've never tried eating high-class cuisine though!!! Why the heck are there only cocoa and baby castellas in this place!!!]

T/N: 33/270-

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