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After the zealot was safely fetched by her guardian, Isis-san and I turned our attention back to the stage where the auction was taking place.

It seemed that not only the Six Kings, but even nobles of various countries were auctioning their items, making the auction feel grander.

"Now then, the next item is…… or rather, next items are something provided by "Phantasmal King-sama". These are the said items…… They are items that not only the nobles, but even adventurers and knights shouldn't miss. Yes, They are weapons made by the "legendary blacksmith Krafty"!!!"


As the host introduced the item, a number of weapons were laid out on the stage. There were swords, spears, axes, daggers, and unusual weapons like morning stars.

Even from a distance and from the eyes of a layman, I could tell that every weapon lined up on the stage was top-notch but….. there was one thing that bothered me more.

[……Kaito …… Do you…… want that]

[Ah, no, that's not it…… It's just that there's something bothering me……]

While ambiguously answering Isis-san's question, I took out my magic box. If I remembered correctly, I should have bought a pair of binoculars from when I participated in the Sacred Tree Festival…… Found it!

To be honest, I can't clearly see it at this distance, so I just needed an item that allowed me to see farther to confirm my doubts.

"Starting with the first weapon, this sword here is the Royal Sword Arondight, this axe is the Moon Axe…… They are all legendary items that any weapon user would love to have! What's surprising is that 10 of these weapons have made it to this auction!!! For this many weapons built by Krafty, she whose name only remained in legends, to gather in this place…… I guess we could only say that it's to be expected from Phantasmal King-sama."

The host introduced the weapons, one after another, but I ignored her words and looked into my binoculars.

Thanks to the binoculars, I could see the weapons more clearly, and all of them certainly seemed to have a kind of aura about them, as if they were all legendary items.

…….Well, let's just put that aside…… Unnn. I was convinced when I took a closer look at them. As I thought, those weapons……

[……Alice, are you there]

[Yes, yes, what is it]

[……If I'm not mistaken, I've seen those weapons before…… To be more specific, I've seen them in a "miscellaneous goods store" somewhere…… So that means, this legendary blacksmith Krafty is……]

[Ahh, yes. It's Alice-chan~~!]

As I thought, it really was you! Or rather, they're being flamboyantly introduced, but why the heck do I think you're just trying to get rid of your stockpile……

[No, no, the weapons that Alice-chan made are extremely popular, you know! Many of them were even called Demonic Swords or Holy Swords, you know!]

[……I'm well aware of your uselessly high specs but…… Isn't it you who called them Demonic Sword or stuff like that]

[……Errr, to be honest, they were just weapons I made in my spare time and sold at a reasonable price to make some extra money…… but somehow, before I knew it, they were being called legendary weapons. Incidentally, the name I gave to the one they called the Royal Sword Arondight is "48th Random Swordie-chan".]

What a terrible name that is. But in reality, Alice most probably just randomly made it to pass time. Even so, her skill is just too great and since she had the ability to prepare extraordinary raw materials to make her items, the things she made turned out great.

As I was once again feeling how high Alice's specs were and how terrible her naming sense was, the auction moved on before I knew it.

"Royal Sword Arondight, won by participant number 88 for 9 white gold coins!"

[……Hey, Alice]

[What is it]

[……How much would that sword be if one bought it from your miscellaneous goods store]

["Six silver coins".]


An item that normally sold for 60,000 yen got sold for 90 million yen…… H- Hmmm. Alice's miscellaneous goods store is actually a legendary treasure trove after all…… If only the shopkeeper was decent, it would have been a very popular store.

Even with such a large selection of goods, Alice's stupidity was so great that it kept the customers away.

[……Shalltear…… really can…… do lots of things huh.]

[Yes, well, I'm kind of proud of how many things I can do…… Well, I haven't done nearly as much blacksmithing lately.]


[Kaito-san isn't buying weapons after all……]

……Like I said, stop trying to pinpoint me as your target. I mean, you're not even trying to hide it anymore…… That miscellaneous goods store is totally stocked with things exclusively targeted at me……

No, seriously, I don't know why, but Alice is so good at doing business if it's targeted at me……

[Kaito-san, I've recently been thinking of adding "high quality pet food" as a new product, but what do you think]

[……Prepare about "a hundred bags" for me.]

[Yes, sir~~!]

Vexing as it may be, I'd buy it. I mean, her choice of new products was too precise. I was just thinking about upgrading the food I fed to Bell and Lynn lately. I want to feed my two bundles of cuteness with good food, and I'm sure that the pet food Alice made would be amazing.

[……Shalltear…… Are you also…… good at sewing]

[Ehh Yes, I'm pretty good at it]

[……Then…… I'd like it…… if you could teach me next time.]

[……I don't really mind, but what are you going to make]

[……I want to knit…… a scarf…… for Kaito.]

And then, there's this Archangel. Isis-san really was a wonderful lady. Receiving a hand-knitted scarf from her would obviously make me happy.

As the Light month ended, the season would be approaching autumn, so the timing would be perfect.

Moved by Isis-san's affection, I whispered to Alice, who had finished her conversation with Isis-san and was about to disappear back to…… somewhere.

[……Alice…… Teach me too.]

[……My darling lover, are you also knitting for the cute Alice-chan]

[Of course, I will be knitting for you too.]

[……Alrighty~~. As usual, it will be a surprise for Isis-san, right]

Immediately sensing that I wanted to prepare a surprise for Isis-san, Alice smiled and nodded, before she disappeared.

Dear Mom, Dad————- Receiving a hand-knitted scarf from your girlfriend, that was a situation one would definitely yearn for. In fact, I was really looking forward to it. But of course, I don't want to keep being the one getting gifts. I also want to make something that won't be inferior to Isis-san————— Something filled with my love.

Serious-senpai: [The ones made with machines are way better, you know!!! The commercially-sold scarfs should be good enough…… I mean, no matter what kind of scarf it is, you're going to kill me with sweet words like "even my heart feels warm" or something like that, right! It's Valentine's day all over again, isn't it! It's Valentine's Day all over again!!!]-

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