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The second day of the Six Kings Festival was nearing its end.

This was the last event of the second day, and at the same time, the event that Lillywood-san was most confident in, the lighting up of the entire city was taking place.

It seemed like they gathered plants that emit light under specific conditions, just like the Light Trees I've seen before, and arranged them in such a way that they looked different depending on the luminescence cycle and heights of the plants.

Indeed, looking at them like this, one would never get bored with their vivid colors and flashing lights.

"What do you think I took a lot of care in arranging the patterns in that area. It would be great if Kaito-san likes it……"

[Ah, yes. I think it's very nice…… It's just that, ummm, I have some things I'd like to ask……]

"What is it"

[First of all, this is a pretty good sight seeing spot, isn't it Why is it that there's no one else here]

Currently, Lillywood-san and I were on a small hill at the southern edge of the city where the event would be held. This was a spectacular spot where we could see the entire city and enjoy all the lights. However, when I looked around, I couldn't see anyone other than myself and Lillywood-san on this hill, which was supposed to be quite large.

I couldn't believe that they would just miss out on such a great place, so I asked Lillywood-san about it, and she "looked down" towards me with a charming smile on her lips.

"……I abused my authority as the organizer for a bit. I wanted a quiet place to view this sight so……"

[I see…… Well then, I have one more question. Or rather, this is the most important question I have.]

"Yes, what is it"

[……Why am I…… "being held in Lillywood-san's arms"]

Lillywood-san was now as tall as she was when I first met her, as her body became one with a tree. A chair has been morphed on the lower part of her tree, and I was sitting on it.

It was all good so far. When I was given a tour of the Demon World, the position I was now in was similar in fashion. The biggest problem was…… Currently, for some reason, Lillywood-san's hands were loosely placed in front of my chest, and soft and elastic things were clinging to the back of my head.

No, well, in a nutshell, Lillywood-san was hugging me from behind, and I had no idea why I was in this state!

Eh Where is it Where did this flag leading to the soft heaven rise I don't think such a flag rose for an event like this to happen……

"Do you dislike it"

[N- No, that's not it…… It's just, errr, I could feel your breasts touching me……]

"Ahh, that's "on purpose". I was hoping that Kaito-san would feel desire for me."

[Lillywood-san, don't you think your personality changed!]

Eh This is weird…… Was Lillywood-san someone who exuded a mysterious charm No, she isn't. She's supposed to be more of the homely type, the one that heals your heart with her presence.

W- Why is she being so aggressive C- Could it be that she's drunk or something

"Fufufu, I guess so. To be honest, I'm not really sure why I wanted to do this either…… Perhaps, I was just feeling envious."

[……E- Envious]

"Yes…… Just like those who changed after they met you…… I also want to change."

Pausing there for a moment, Lillywood-san turned her gaze to the beautiful, glittering city.

"……After they became lovers with you…… Kuromueina now had a much nicer smile on her face than before. Isis began to have a sincerely happy expression on her face, something that I had never seen before. And Shalltear, as I mentioned earlier, seemed to have regained her original smile as the darkness beneath them disappeared."


"……I would certainly feel envious of them. How could these women, who have lived for so many years, having personalities that were almost completely set already, to have changed like that…… How envious."


It was easy for me to forget, but Lillywood-san and the other members of the Six Kings have lived far more years than I have. Their personalities had certainly matured already, and changes may not be as easy for them to accept as it used to be.

And exactly because they had spent so many years unchanged, that they yearned for change. Even I, who had spent years hiding in my shell for a long time, can kind of understand that feeling.

"……It's quite strange, isn't it Wishing for change…… Feeling envious of other people's change…… I don't even know when the last time I thought of such things was."

[However, wishing for change…… It would also mean you're wishing for something to improve, which I think is a good thing.]

"I guess so."

[Eh Wait, Lillywood-san.]

Lillywood-san nodded, as if she was telling herself something, before hugging me a little tighter than before.

Smelling the soothing scent of wood, I felt myself being enveloped in her soft touch and her ascertainable warmth.

"……I still have my doubts about my ability to feel love. However, how should I put this…… Perhaps, I might want to "try falling in love"."


"However, I'm still not sure how to do such a thing. I'm afraid that I might just baffle someone, just like how you are right now. But even so, will you still be my friend"

[……Of course. N- No, well, I think I would certainly feel bewildered about some things…… but there's no way that I could ever dislike you, Lillywood-san.]

"……Thank you. I feel strange though Even though I don't feel like the temperature around us has changed, I feel warm. How strange…… really strange. However, fufufu, it feels kind of fun."

Saying that, the most beautiful smile I've ever seen appeared on Lillywood-san's lips.

"Kaito-san, I may be ignorant but once again…… Please continue to look after me."

[Ah, yes. I will also be in your care too……]

Dear Mom, Dad———– Change is something easy to say, but difficult to do. However, I think Lillywood-san will be fine. After all, Lillywood-san, who wishes for change and is looking forward to change———— looked so radiant.

Serious-senpai: [Stop, please stop…… Her innocence is super effective towards me…….]

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