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I was aware that I was taking it a step or two too fast, but I kept going. I wonder if I'm on the right path or the wrong one…… Even if people can predict their future, they can't accurately determine what is to come.

It's always after you get there that you would find out if the path you took was the right one or not.

And now, a huge wall was standing in front of me. The wall was supposed to be beautiful, made up of beautiful flowers intertwined together, but for the current me, it only showed how cruel reality is as it blocked my path.

Slowly looking back, I saw Lillywood-san with a gentle smile on her face. Even though I said that Lillywood-san had a gentle smile on her face, I somehow felt like she was teasing me. Sensing that I didn't have any path but defeat, I opened my mouth.

[……Lillywood-san…… Please give me a "hint".]

"Fufufu, I understand…… Let's see. I suggest that you return back to the third corner behind us, the path with blue flowers."

[Ugghhh…… I- Is that so……]

When I heard Lillywood-san's words, my shoulders slumped as I started to walk back to where I came from.

This is the third time I've made a U-turn…… Hmmm, this is somehow a little harder than I imagined huh I thought it would be easier for me to reach the goal.

[T- This place is much bigger than I imagined.]

"Yes, this place is one of the main attractions of the festival."

I was currently challenging one of the attractions, the "Flower Labyrinth"…… Just as its name stated, it was a labyrinth of flowers.

This was a huge labyrinth built around a type of flower that had a large growing stem. It was an attraction that one could challenge while looking at the various flowers and enjoying their pleasant scent.

However, it seemed to be a rather seriously designed labyrinth, and it was quite difficult…… I've hit dead ends many times since a while ago.

By the way, Lillywood-san knew the answer to this labyrinth, so she didn't interfere and only gave me hints when I asked for them.

[Speaking of which, the flowers in the blue path have quite the beautiful color, don't they]

"This flower is called the Blue Moon Flower, and it grows in the western part of the Demon Realm. It's a flower that only blooms at night."

[……It's just before noon though]

"We're using a special magic technique to make the area around this place appear to be night."

[Fumu, I see.]

"The opportunity to see it under the bright light like this is rare."

Deep blue flowers that were circular like the full moon…… You apparently didn't get the chance to see something like this so clearly. When I heard that, I felt like I was having a very precious experience. Let's look at the flowers a bit more.

On the pathway a few distance in front of me, there was a rare flower with very fine petals that were fun to look at. When I was in Japan, I didn't have much of a chance to look at flowers, but looking at them like this is nice.

[……The labyrinth is difficult, but it's fun to see all the different flowers like this. Of course, it's only possible since Lillywood-san was explaining to me about them……]

"I'm glad to hear you say that. Well then, let's get lost a few more times to find some rare flowers, shall we"

[……I'd really like to look at them while smoothly advancing through the labyrinth though……]


Even though the labyrinth was quite a struggle, the banter was fun and the leisurely atmosphere around was very comfortable.

As expected, I didn't want to keep on getting lost and go on a conquest of all the paths in this labyrinth, but if walking through this labyrinth with Lillywood-san was this fun…… I guess hitting a few more dead ends isn't that bad.

I really like to punch the me of "two hours back then" for thinking such a thing.

[……F- Finally reached the goal.]

"Congratulations. You've walked through almost 80% of the labyrinth huh."

No, of course, I didn't walk for two hours straight, as I stopped to look at the flowers along the way while Lillywood-san explained them to us, but I did get lost quite a bit.

Part of it was because the labyrinth was quite huge to begin with, but there were also other reasons why it took so long. I don't know who made this labyrinth…… but in the latter half of the labyrinth, there were a lot of paths that I walked for a long time, only to end up in a dead end…… I think this place was specially made just to tease those who challenged it.

[……I don't think this is the case, but the one who created this labyrinth…… Was it Lillywood-san]

"No, I don't have much experience with such things…… So I asked "Shalltear" to do it for me."

[……I- Is that so……]

They have chosen the worst person to make this labyrinth. I see, Alice huh…… No wonder why it's so difficult and the damage was so great when one made a mistake.

"You must be tired from all the walking. It was just around lunchtime, so why don't we have lunch at the nearby plaza"

[Ah, yes. I agree.]

"Do you have any food prepared, Kaito-san If not, we can go to the area with the stalls first……"

[Ahh, there's no problem regarding that. Isis-san prepared a bento for me.]

"I see. Well then, let's go."

Nodding my head at the thankful suggestion, I moved to the plaza with Lillywood-san.

Although it was lunchtime, the plaza was relatively empty as most of the participants seemed to have moved to the area with the stalls.

Finding a large bench among them, we sat down and I opened the bento that Isis-san had given me.


I couldn't help but exclaim. What appeared was a very cute bento set. The onigiri that she prepared knowing that I loved eating rice, were in the shape of hearts, and seems to be filled with various fillings. There was also my favorite mini hamburger steak and some wieners that were cut into the shape of an octopus.

It looks very tasty, but more importantly, it must have taken a lot of time and effort to make…… Even from just its appearance, I could tell that they were made with a lot of love and care, which somehow made me feel warm inside.

"I don't know much about cooking, but that looks very beautiful."


Feeling moved about the bento Isis-san gave me, I nodded upon Lillywood-san's words.

Dear Mom, Dad————- A bento filled with love from Isis-san…… Feeling like it was a waste to eat it, I was truly moved. For someone so kind and lovely to be my lover————- I realized that I was a really blessed man.

Serious-senpai: [Even though the person herself didn't appear on the chapter, he's flirting with her again……]

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