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A very serious conversation is going on in front of me right now. Especially regarding the means to send me, Kusunoki-san and Yuzuki-san, they must have been carefully talking about it to make sure that no danger would befall us in the worst-case scenario.

This shows that Lilia-san is sincerely concerned about us, and the firmness of her tone as shes talking with the Goddess, it was completely different from the frightened look she had a few moments ago, which is very encouraging, is very encouraging.

But in the midst of all this, I, one of the subjects of their concerns…… was chatting with someone who wasnt even here. Even though I cant participate nor could I even follow the conversation, I feel terribly sorry for them.

Truly, since I came to this world, the people I met have all been kind to me…… and while I am grateful for that, I also feel apologetic for the constant inconvenience Ive caused them.

It might make me feel better if someone else called me out for being a douchebag, but thankfully, no person would say such a—–

(Youre a douchebag.)

…………shut up there, airhead Goddess. Why is it that youre throwing a counter punch just when people were being solemn to themselves Please dont shatter the words I just said about everyone I met being kind.

W- Well, the only reason Shiro-san said that was because she thought it might make me feel better if someone else cursed me and she just complied. I know that shes actually just unusual, but a kind person.

(You just pushed me down, then raised me up. It must have been some kind of trick to accumulate Affection Points, isnt it That is to say, Im also Kaito-sans capture target too.)

Youve already messed up lots of things. Or rather, you said Affection and Capture Target—– Could it be that youre the one who taught Kuro all those strange information……

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W- Well, lets just leave it at that and change the subject…… or rather, go back to our previous subject. Theres an elven festival around this time of the year

(The “Sacred Tree Festival”, a festival that is also large in its own right.)

Sacred Tree Festival It sounds like a great festival, but its kind of difficult for me to imagine what kind of festival it is.

Since it was called Sacred Tree, I guess its a festival about trees huh

(This is the time of the year when the Sacred Trees worshipped by the elves bear fruit. Therefore, at this time of the year, hunting and harvesting are the main events of the elves, and although its not very flashy, its a festival that many people visit.)

Fumu, so its something like harvest festival huh Its almost like a village festival where everyone eats the fruit theyve harvested and the prey theyve hunted. However, if its going to be a festival about a tree worshipped by the elves, it might be a pretty big one.

From what Ive heard, it sounds like a pretty good festival, and the fact that there are a lot of humans visiting means that it isnt a festival that only elves are allowed to participate.

However, the problem is the location. The place where the Sacred Tree Festival will be held in, is it close to Lilia-sans home…… or perhaps, is it even in the Symphonia Kingdom If its too far away, it might be difficult for us to attend.

(The forest where the elves live is within the territory of the Kingdom of Symphonia.)

Shiro-san gives me an immediate response to the question that popped in my head.

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……Is that so. Then, is it at least within a reachable distance

(Its in this location.)

The moment Shiro-san told me that, a map of the Human Realm appeared in my mind, and a red mark was blinking a little distance away from the royal capital.

The heck is this, an ability like that is disgusting! Should I describe it as images directly flowing in my head Shiro-san really can do anything huh…… I mean, this is already some kind of mental attack to me.

Hmmm, forcing images to appear in the other persons mind, depending on how its used, it can do some terrible things.

(I can even show you some sensual images.)

[I never asked for something like that though!]

[ [ [ ! ] ] ]


Because Shiro-san said something so unexpected that I couldnt help but say it out loud instead of just thinking about it in my head, and the three people that were talking with each other looked at me as if theyre asking me what was going on.

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[K- Kaito-kun Whats with you all of a sudden]

[Ah, no……]

[Is there something you have a problem with]

[N- No, thats not the case……]

I responded to Lilia-san, who looked worried as she looked at me, while the Goddess of Time tilted her head while asking me who was breaking out in cold sweat.

[Chronois…… Kaito-sama might be tired.]

[Fumu, weve certainly been talking for a while, havent we Miyama, should we take some break]

[Kaito-san, I know its not something I should say since I forced you to come with me, but if its difficult for you, please dont force yourself and take some break.]

[……Errr, ummm……]

Theyre absurdly worrying about me! W- What the heck do you do in this kind of situation! Shiro-san, please dont stay silent there and say something!!!

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(Something too crazy might be impossible, but if its an adult video that Kaito-san remembers, I can jog your memory and show it to you.)

This Goddess still hasnt understood a single thing about the situation! Why the heck are you adding information even though no ones asking that! And one more thing! As for that suggestion you just said…… Please tell me in full-details later!

After firing my tsukkomis at Shiro-san like a human machinegun, I hurriedly explained to Lilia-san and the others who were looking at me with puzzled looks.

[N-No, just now, Shiro-sa—– Goddess-sama was speaking directly to my head, and I just mixed up my replies……]

[ [ […………………] ] ]

A- Arehh Something about everyones eyes seemed to be chillier than before. Eh Why

[……K- Kaito-san As expected, thats not something……]


[……Miyama, seriously, are you okay]


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[……There doesnt seem to be any abnormalities in your pulse or temperature.]


The three of them have clear concerns towards me, as they throw words of concern, worrying about my condition.

W- Whats going on Arent all gods able to speak directly to other peoples heads like Shiro-san

(No, not all Gods can.)

Why didnt you tell me that kind of important information earlier!

I finally figured out why these three are looking at me with expressions that say “What the heck is this guy talking about”…… Apparently, normal Goddesses cant do things that Shiro-san can.

By the way, Shiro-san, does that mean a lower-ranked Goddess cant do that Were they able to do that when they became a high-ranked god or something like that

(There are only some that can do that.)

I see, in other words, this method of conversation is something only a few high-ranked Gods can do, and since what I said implies that I was talking to a high-rank God right now, thats why Im in this situation.

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The fact that Ein-san is also puzzled means that she hasnt heard from Kuro about how I received Shiro-sans blessing.

A- Anyway, this situation isnt good, I have to quickly explain this to them and clear up the misunderstanding……

As I was thinking about how I was going to explain Shiro-san to them while I was also checking some things with her, Lilia-san spoke to me while holding my hand with a gentle smile on her face.

[……Its alright. Of course, I believe in Kaito-sans words. So please feel at ease and calm down.]


The figure of me, who was apparently looking down and thinking about how to respond, seemed to look depressed to Lilia-san and the others, and thats why Lilia-san tried to gently tell me words of encouragement.

However, this way of talking to me is……

[T- Thats right! Maybe the God of Thoughts has been playing a prank on you! Ill have to go visit him and give him a warning.]

[Kaito-sama, I have prepared a relaxing herb tea for you. If you wouldnt mind……]


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Theyve completely shifted their thoughts and are now treating me with great caution! Its like theyre already treating me like a wounded child!

Wait, Shiro-san! Shiro-saaaann!!!

(Whats the matter)

Whats the matter, your head! Who do you think is responsible for this situation!

(I dunno)

This useless Goddess… If I dont do something fast…… Anyway, my priority right now is to clear up everyones misunderstandings……

However, what am I supposed to do in this situation Lilia-san, Ein-san, and the Goddess of Time all have compassionate expressions on their faces, like theyre completely appeasing a child.

I think that whatever I say to them in this situation will only be met with a gentle affirmation and comfort.

……Shiro-san, Im begging you, please help me here. Seriously, my spirit is already in shambles, so please do something about this situation.

(I understand.)

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In response to my plea, which could be described as the scream of my soul, Shiro-san replied with a simple acknowledgment.

And immediately after, the guest room became filled with light for a moment…… And Shiro-san appeared as if it was natural.

[ [ [ ! ] ] ]

[In this way, there wouldnt be any problem if we just directly talk with each other, right]

I- Indeed, its difficult to prove to others that Im mentally talking with someone, but it will be easier to explain if Shiro-san, the root of this problem, comes out.

I dont know if this is a fine play on my side though…… Arehh Why do I feel like Lilia-san and the others stiffened where they stand

[Sha– Sha— Shallow Vernal-sama! W- Why are you in this place!]

It was the Goddess of Time who moved away from her shock the fastest. She was clearly shaken when she saw Shiro-sans appearance, but the Goddess of Time immediately put kneels on the ground and bowed her head.

……I somehow feel like this flow is turning strange. To be specific, its as if Ive attracted an even more troublesome situation than my attempt to escape from the troublesome situation I was in before.

I mean, the Goddess of Time—- a Supreme God, is clearly talking to her like Shiro-sans her superior. Her acting this way could mean that its that, isnt it What I mean is that Shiro-san is……

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The truth thats coming into my mind amid all these agitated thoughts is starting to make my head hurt…… As if to affirm it, Lilia-san, who looked like she was about to pass out while holding my hand, murmured with her trembling voice.

[……G- Go– “God of Creation”…… Shallow Vernal-sama……]

Dear Mom, Dad—— To be honest, I had a hunch that this is the case, but Shiro-san really is—– the God of Creation.-

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