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Although things had become hectic in the beginning, the talks with the Goddess of Time is once again commenced.

In front of us is a luxurious table made of crystal, and as soon as we are seated at the prompting of the Goddess of Time, tea is served in front of us.

[Please have some tea, Kaito-sama, Lilia-sama.]

[Thank you very much.]

[Eh Arehh T- Thank you very much.]

She works as quickly as always. Putting me aside since Ive already seen her work like that before, but seeing Lilia-san being bewildered as I expected, she looked somewhat amusing. I bet Acht and the others must have had the same thoughts when they saw me reacting like that back when we had barbecue.

[……Oi, you b*tch…… The heck is this……]

As I was thinking about this, the Goddess of Time raised her voice as if to suppress her anger, and when I looked over at her…… and saw that in front of the Goddess of Time is a tankard No, it was a container that had a size that its better to call it pitcher instead, and it was filled in white liquid.

It looks like milk from the outside, but putting milk in that large container is really outrageous. In fact, it was completely just harassment now.

[What is it Even though Ive taken the trouble of getting you something to drink…… Well, Im really doubting if that will have any effect on that cliff of yours.]

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[……Im going to crush you, you b*tch.]

[If you could do that, why dont you try……]

You two are going to start fighting again! Do you hate each other that much!



[Errr, the two of you…… The talks wont advance, so please leave it at that.]

[……Thats amazing, Kaito-san. How can you cut in between them within an atmosphere like that……]

I told them to restrain themselves as I didnt want them to start butting heads again, and it seemed like both of them seemed to understand as they turned their glares away from each other and took their seats.

On the other hand, Lilia-san is looking at me like shes moved for some reason. Im worried that this will raise the bars in a strange direction again, but anyway, the talks should advance now……

[Youre right, my bad. Well then, once again, I thank you for accepting my invitation on such short notice and for the trouble Ive caused you. Lilia Albert, Miyama Kaito.]

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[N- No. Its a great honor for me to have this opportunity to speak with the Goddess of Time.]

[You need not be so stiff. Im the one who called you out, so you are, in a way, my guests. Make yourself comfortable.]

[Y- Yes!]

Despite her haughtiness, the Goddess of Times voice has no sharpness in it, and sounds somewhat gentle. However, thats only when shes talking to others aside from Ein-san……

In contrast to her, Lilia-san is already so stiff to the point that it was quite clear to see, as her back is stretched out and her shoulders are slightly trembling. Its similar to when she first met Kuro.

[Well, though I said that, Ive already solved most of the questions Ive wanted to ask you lot though.]

[ [ Eh ] ]

[The reason why I called out to you lot before was, Miyama…… I felt an unordinary pressure from you.]

[A pressure……]

[Umu. A pressure that shows indications of surpassing mine. As for its identity, I found out when “that” arrived. I see, theyre fragments of the Underworld Kings magic power huh…… If thats the case, I can understand why I felt that pressure.]

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The reason why the Goddess of Time was interested in me is that she sensed Kuros magic power from me when we encountered each other before.

However, what did she mean when she mentioned that fragment of Kuros magic power. What came to my mind was that necklace with the magic crystal that Kuro gave me before…… but I temporarily left that necklace with Lilia-san, and it wasnt returned until after Kuro formally visited Lilia-sans mansion. I at least dont think I have it in my possession at that point.

[However, that fellow really doesnt change huh…… I could see that shes still wandering around the world.]

[Well, thats just the way Kuromu-sama is.]

[……Fuuu, she didnt change.]

It seems like they remembered Kuro, who really fits the words “free-spirited”, as not to mention Lilia-san and I, Ein-san and the Goddess of Time lightly chuckled, and the air in the place became a little calmer.

The conversation continues, as the Goddess of Time asked Lilia-san about several things regarding the summoning of the heroes this time, while discussing with her about how this irregularity occurred.

[As I thought, the reason for this is because a large amount of residual magic has accumulated in the magic circle that has been used for a thousand years, and thats why it went out of control…… Well, I dont see any problem. Well make the necessary adjustments as we originally anticipated and repatriation shouldnt be a problem.]

[So thats why huh… In that case, thats a relief.]

I found myself getting lost in their conversation right around the middle, but it seems that Lilia-san and the Goddess of Times conversation has been settled, and both of them seemed to have a relieved expression on their faces.

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As Lilia-san and the Goddess of Time continued with their conversation, probably about the small details regarding the arrangements for the future or something like that, as I could only hear a conversation between them thats filled with technical terms flying out one after another, Ein-san occasionally interjects.

And before I knew it, Im completely left out of the conversation, or rather, I didnt know what theyre talking about anymore, leaving me completely left behind.

The atmosphere around is that, you know, that state where students were excited as they made their group work, while one of them could only just look lonely as he could only look at them. What Im feeling isnt just half as lonely as that.

However, even if I tried to participate in their conversation, unfortunately, I can say that its impossible for me with just the meager things I know. I dont even know what this magical performance of the magic circle and all these jargon theyre talking about right now.

Im begging you, can someone please tell me what theyre talking about

(The summoning magic circle were taking in magic power from the air over time, but since we may need to send home several people this time, they would need to replenish the magic power that they would need to use from other means, and they were concerned about that.)

Ah, I see—- geh, wait, wait…… What is that just now Why is some voice answering that question Ive been pondering in my mind

Dont tell me…… I am that lonely, that I have awakened some kind of new power!

No but, that voice I just heard sounds very familiar.

(Do people in other worlds awaken their abilities through loneliness)

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If thats the case, all the loners in the world would have gained supernatural powers.

Anyway, as I thought, that voice really sounds familiar. I mean, this unique way of speaking without any intonation…… Could it be, is that you, Shiro-san

(Thats right.)

Unn, its just as I thought huh. Putting that aside, whats with you talking directly into my mind as if its obvious! Or rather, you can do something like that!

(I can.)

Seriously, you can do anything if you want it huh…… Well, anyway, I cant really say “its been a while”, so I guess it should be “hello”, Shiro-san. Thank you for the very expensive tea you gave me before.

(Im glad to see that youre doing well too, Kaito-san. I remembered the word “loner” which you taught me before when I saw your sorrowful back.)

Why did you have to unnecessarily add in your thoughts! I mean, how come youre talking with me at this time!

(No, its just that something that has been supposed to be their subject that theyre talking about right from the start, and for some reason, before you knew it, you werent able to follow what theyre talking about, and since I saw that you were just drinking your tea while giving responses that you “understand” sometimes, you look like you got time to spare, so I thought of telling you a story.)

This absurd Goddess is gouging out a hole in my heart even though we just met again! I dont want to hear that kind of objective information……

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W- Well, anyway, if Shiro-san can explain it to me…… Then, I think I can follow this incomprehensible conversation for a bit—–

(It seems that youre planning to attend a festival. If were talking about a festival around this time, I guess it would be the festival of the elves huh.)

Unnn. I knew it…… I already knew that Shiro-san was a person who acts as she pleases differently from Kuro, and I would get sick if I keep on talking about things I knew from the past.

I felt like I had already deviated from the supposed conversation by the speed of light, and Ive already given up following it, so I just continued talking with Shiro-san huh Lets just keep on it.

Dear Mom, Dad—– Im certainly having trouble keeping up with the conversation, but despite that—— Shiro-san was still the same.-

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