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After buying our clothes, we went to a place in the city to have lunch. We went to a place that Kuros guidebook said was “recommended for ladies”.

[……Mnhh, I feel like Ive only been receiving things from Kaito-san.]

[Dont worry about it. I bought it because I like it.]

[Thank you…… Ei.]

[Huh Wha!]

I reiterated to Sieg-san, who was still a little concerned about me buying her things, that I didnt mind. Then Sieg-san smiled happily and with a very cute shout, she hugged my left arm.

[S- Sieg! W- What in the world are you……]

[Lili, listen here, okay We are Kaito-sans lovers. Its natural for us to walk arm in arm like this.]

[……N- No, I think thats a bit of an exaggeration……]

[I see, t- thats right…… L- L- L- Like this……]

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[Lilia-san too!]

Believing Sieg-sans slightly exaggerated words, as if she had made up her mind, Lilia-san hugged my right arm with her face blushing red.

A fearsome pincer attack, where both of my arms are held in embrace…… In an instant, my body temperature rose and my face became hot.

The soft sensations I feel from both sides. Lilia-san was embarrassed, but she was pressing her body a little closer, capturing my arms between her frighteningly soft twin hills, putting me in a very dangerous situation.

Im not sure if Sieg-san was more composed than Lilia-san, but as she leaned her body while hugging me, she held my hand with our fingers interlocked.

T- This is dangerous…… I dont know how I suddenly found myself in this situation, but this feels really dangerous.

Lilia-san, Sieg-san…… Both of them were amazingly soft, warm and smelled good.

Sieg-sans tall and slender body was tightly wrapped around my body, not letting there be any space between us, and as her face rubbed against my shoulder, my face was extremely close to hers.

Lilia-san wasnt as tall as Sieg-san, but her breasts could already be considered as imposingly lethal weapons, holding my arm hostage and changing their shape upon contact.

The way she hid her face in my arm, as if she was embarrassed, looked adorable, but it also felt like it was whittling away my reason.

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The situation was one where both my arms were held by beautiful women, each with their own strong point, this truly is holding a flower in each hand…… I must completely look like a riajuu right now.

(T/N: riajuus are normies.)

However, I didnt have the composure to enjoy this situation. I was wrapped up in the scent and warmth that drifted from both of my sides, and all I could think about was how to keep my dizzy head calm.

With my reasoning suddenly receiving great damage, we made our way to the restaurant, while I felt conscious about the stares of the people on the street.

When we reached the target restaurant, Sieg-san and Lilia-san finally released my arms. That was a close call…… in all sorts of ways. This lover-like situation was surprisingly, very damaging to my reasoning.

The restaurant we arrived at was a little off the main street and not that spacious, but it was clean and stylish with nice tables and chairs.

What bothered me though was that there werent many customers even though it was lunchtime.

Sitting down at a table, I looked at the menu that the waitress brought over…… I see, as it was recommended for women, there were many dishes with eggs and vegetables, and a wide variety of salads.

I may be biased with my thoughts, but their lunch menu certainly felt like it was targeted towards ladies…… Unnn, I think it certainly fits Sieg-sans image.

Its just that Lilia-san……. how should I say this…… She feels more like a meat eater……

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[Kaito-san Were you thinking about something strange just now]

[N- Not at all!]

……That was a close call. I was almost about to get lectured.

I was panicking for a bit, but I managed to place my order and we waited while chatting with each other…… As there were no other customers, the food was immediately served.

I ordered the recommended set, which consists of an omelette on top of bread, salad, and soup. It felt like one of those simple, but tasty meals.

Well, for a guy like me, this lunch felt a bit lacking…… Well, if its not enough, we could always just order more, so lets just try them out.

Leisurely putting my hands together, I thought of starting with the salad, so I brought my fork towards it…… and immediately withdrew it.

……They added the vegetable I hate the most in there.

A bright green object, dazzlingly exemplifying its existence…… It was cut into thin strips and added to the salad, giving me an inexplicable sense of dread.

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……Theres bell pepper in it…… Ill say it again because its important. Theres bell pepper in it.

Theres nothing I can do. Unfortunately, Ill have to give up on this salad. Bell peppers really are impossible for me. Bell peppers are seriously scary. I wish all the bell peppers in the world would disappear……

Just as I was about to give up on the salad, a hand reached out from the side and grabbed the plate containing the salad.

[……Im sorry, Kaito-san. I actually “really wanted to eat this salad”, but I ordered the wrong one…… Im sorry to be so selfish, but Id appreciate it if we could swap.]

[Eh Yes……]

[Thank you.]

Then, with a smile, Sieg-san replaced my salad with her own. Sieg-san particularly ordered her salad, instead of just ordering the recommended set…… and what was put in front of me was a very ordinary caesar salad.

After we exchanged plates, I turned to Sieg-san and she gave me a quick wink. Then she started eating her salad as if nothing had happened.

Lilia-san also didnt mention the bell peppers in particular, and proceeded to eat while smiling and making idle chit-chat.

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They arent making fun of my childish taste buds, but rather gently caring for me…… It makes me once again realize how kind the two of them are.

……Unnn, Im falling in love with them all over again. Both Sieg-san and Lilia-san were really wonderful women, and I felt incredibly proud to think that Im their lover.

Strangely, the salad I ate that day…… tasted more delicious than usual.

Dear Mom, Dad———— Caring and being cared for…… Receiving goodwill and giving it back…… I realized once again how good having a lover is. Was it right to call it warmth As I felt at ease being with them———— We had a very enjoyable meal.

Sieg-san is the kind sister next door.

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