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Thanks to Lunamaria-san, I got tired early on when I got home, but then, I reported to Lilia-san about various things…… I also properly made sure to tell her that Eden-sans true identity is that shes the God of the world I was in.

This should prevent Lilia-san from getting mad at me for not telling her who Eden-san is…… I finally learned my lesson.

Well, after all the things that happened, night has already fallen and I came back to my room……

[……Uuuu…… Im so tired……]

Entering my room, I found Kuro lying on my bed, as if my bed was hers.

I was surprised at the sight, but the most unusual thing is that Kuro looks really tired…… It goes without saying that Kuro is an overwhelmingly powerful being, and her endurance is just as monstrous.

At least, Ive never seen Kuro being visibly fatigued before.

[……Kuro Are you alright]

[Uuuuuu~~ Kaito-kun~~ Its been a long time since Ive been this exhausted. Im already busy with the Six Kings Festival, and to add up to that, theres also Earth God…… the God of Kaito-kuns world. Shes really strong, so fighting her is quite nasty.]

[A- Ahhh…… Youre tired because of Eden-san huh……]

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[……Unnn. Seriously, good grief, that God…… She said she would go sightseeing, but immediately goes to where Kaito-kun is…… So, I even scolded her for bothering Kaito-kun…… And yet, not even much time has passed and she started doing strange things again……]

It seems that most of Kuros fatigue is caused by Eden-san.

Well, Eden-san certainly had power comparable to Shiro-sans, and fighting such a powerful opponent can really be exhausting, even for Kuro.

It would have been fine if she only had to fight her, but Kuro also had to make preparations for the Six Kings Festival. Having to go back and forth with these two things…… She would really be tired.

[……I see, good work out there.]

[Uuuuu~~ Kaito-kun. “Heal me”.]


Whoa there, just when I was saying words of thanks for her hard work, but an outrageous killer pass returned my way “Heal me” Whats with that abstract request…… Isnt that too high of a hurdle

Ahh~~ but of course, I want to respond to the tired Kuros expectations, so~~ errr…… Heal. Heal her huh……

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After a few moments of thought, glancing at Kuro who is looking at me with expectant eyes…… I couldnt think of any particular way to do this, so to hide my cluelessness, I just spread my arms wide with a smile.

It was just a last resort move for me, but Kuros eyes sparkled and she jumped into my chest like a speeding bullet.

[Fuuaaahhhh…… Kaito-kun, it feels warm~~]

[U- Unnn. It was really hard, wasnt it…… Errr, there, there.]

[Fumyuuu….. Haahhh~~ Pat me more~~]

[Yes, yes.]

As she rubbed her cheek against my cheek, clinging unto me with an enchanted look on her face, I patted her head as gently as possible.

As I stroke her silky, soft silver hair, I felt my heart warmed up, looking at Kuro who was acting spoiled.

I think Kuros charm is that she has an adult-like embracing power, but I also think that the times when shes acting spoiled like a child is just as attractive.

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Savoring this moment of happiness for a while, I held her warmth that snugly fits in my arms.

I continued stroking her head for a while, and when Kuro was satisfied, we started chatting.

Well, even though Kuro is satisfied, saying “Ive replenished my fill of Kaitokunium!”, shes still snugly being held in my embrace……

[Speaking of which, Kuro……]

[What~~ is it~~]

[Ive been wanting to ask you, but I never really had the opportunity to…… What in the world is with those memorabilia……]


The thing that came to mind was the memorabilia that would be given to me during the Six Kings Festival.

I think it was a state-of-the-art magic ship Just hearing its name makes me think that it was one outrageous item.

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No, well, all of the Six Kings have prepared outrageous things but…… theres no sea near the royal capital of Symphonia Kingdom, so even if I received such a thing, I decided to ask Kuro, the person who sent me that ship, what her intentions were.

[Also, why a ship….. Even if I receive such a thing, I dont even know when I would use it……]

[By the way, that magic ship is “bigger than this house”, you know!]


A ship bigger than Lilia-sans mansion Do you want me to go into the trading business

[However, its alright. Ill also add a “magic box” that can properly fit the ship in.]

[…….Huh A magic box]

[Unnn, I actually asked Shiro to create a magic crystal with an incomparably high magic capacity…… And with that, Ive prepared a magic box that Ive carved with all my magic power.]

In front of the bewildered me, Kuro makes a cute smug face but…… Eh A magic box made by Kuro with all of her magic power That obviously sounds dangerous, doesnt it

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[……I- Incidentally, how wide is that magic boxs capacity]

[Hmmm. I havent really checked…… but I guess around the size of around “three or four islands”]

[No, no, isnt that strange! Whats with that stupidly wide capacity!]

[Its wide enough that you could even hide Magnawell in it!!!]

[Isnt that too big!]

Able to fit three or four islands she said, whats with that monstrously-wide capacity…… I still even havent used up half of the space within the magic box Im using now, and shes giving me a magic box that is incomparably wider than that……

Moreover, most of the things that eat up the space of my magic box are just the scales that Magnawell-san gives me every time I meet him…… Thats definitely too much for me.

I think Kuro should know at least that much…… so why is it that shes giving me a magic box with a really abnormal size……

———-Muuu~~ Even though I thought I would make Kaito-kuns magic box myself~~

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Could it be…… she was still unto that Theres no way…… that she gave me that ship just for that magic box, right

[……Kuro, this is just a guess but…… you were still upset about what happened in that barbecue before Thats why you purposely chose a ship that is so big that it wouldnt fit in my current magic box as a gift……]

[……I- I wonder what youre talking about~~]

[How about you look at me when you say that]

I was wondering why she was giving me a ship…… To think that the reality was that…… The ship was actually just a bonus, and she really just wants to give me a magic box!

If thats the case, she should have just said that her gift was the magic box from the start…… No, magic boxes normally arent such a luxury item huh. Even though this magic box supposedly has tremendous performance, writing “magic box” on the invitation might be a matter of keeping her reputation.

[……I mean…… I wanted Kaito-kun…… to use a magic box that I made.]


[……Do you not like it]

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Eh Youre going to look so meek at this moment! Theres no way I can complain when you look at me like that……

[No, Im glad Kuro made a magic box for me! Unnn, Ill definitely be using that as my main magic box when I get it!]


[Y- Yeah, of course, theres no way I could not like what my cute girlfriend made for me, you know……]

[C- Cute girlfriend…… Ehehe, Im glad.]

Ah, sh*t, shes so cute. Geez, I dont care about the boat or the stuff anymore.

Anyway, Kuro looks so adorable, so I hugged the spoiled Kuro even tighter…… and forgetting about the future, we just flirted a lot with each other.

Dear Mom, Dad———- It seems like Kuros gift for me at the Six Kings Festival, the ship, was actually an excuse to give me a new magic box. But well, I was surprised, but all she wanted was for me to use what she had created——— Receiving such feelings from Kuro, Im honestly happy.

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