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The 14th Day of the Tree month…… Today is Valentines Day and Im feeling somewhat restless.

I wonder if something like this is natural No matter how old I get, events like this would make me strangely fidgety.

Well, that doesnt mean that strange things happen out of the blue. This day is basically just a day like any other……

[And thus, here is when Alice-chan makes her entrance!]


……Something appeared. Making a strange pose, some idiot broke into my room.

[Whoa there, it seems like youre surprised. Fufufu, I can understand…… You were thinking “W- Why is Alice-chan in this place!” or something like that!]

[Ahh~~ unnn. Alice, good morning. Do you want some tea]

[Ahh, Ill have one. Please put two sugar blocks in it…… wait, thats not it!]


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However, Ive gotten used to it and while nonchalantly replying to Alice, I took out a cup of green tea from my magic box and placed it in front of her.

I personally prefer Japanese tea in the morning. Coffee is great in the mornings too, but I prefer thicker green tea, which is very good after waking up from the bed.

[Kaito-san Kaito-san Why are you relaxing all alone there Theres going to be a shocking development right now, you know You need to get yourself ready……]

[A shocking development]

[Yes, thats right! Thats a good pass! Fufufu, even though youve been secretly expecting it…… How hateful of you, Kaito-san!]

[……I also have cookies, would you like some]

[Ill definitely eat some! Wait, could you not cut me off!]

Alices expression changes from one to another…… shes as amusing as usual.

Speaking of which, she appeared without a mask today. I always ask her to take her mask off when were alone, so I guess shes starting to get used to it

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[……U- Unnn. So, whats this shocking development]

[Fufufu, thank you for waiting! Heres Alice-chans special Valentines Day chocolate! Well~~ To receive chocolate from a super beautiful girl like me, Kaito-san is one lucky guy~~]

[Ohh, thanks. Im glad.]

[Why are you that calm about it!]

[Eh Eeehhh……]

When I receive the slightly large box, Alice tsukkomis with her face bright red.

I kind of understand what she means. She was feeling so nervous when giving her chocolate to me…… so she was wondering why I was so calm about receiving it.

[……No, just so theres no misunderstanding, I was also pretty nervous.]

[Eh H- However, you just easily……]

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[……People, you see, “when they see someone more nervous and flustered than they are, they became calmer”.]

[……W- What are you trying to say]

Yes, in fact, I was quite nervous when Alice just appeared.

However, my nervousness soon disappeared, and the reason for it was Alice, who was right in front of me.

[Well…… I dont know if youre trying to deceive me or not, but “your eyes have been moving around” earlier. Moreover, “your face has been red” from the moment you appeared……]


I didnt dare point this out earlier, but since Alice asked me about it, I pointed it out to her, and in response, Alice lets out cat-like screams and her face blushes even more.

I guess its about time steam started coming out of her ears.

[……Errr, do you mind if I open it up]

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[Ah, y- y- yes! G- G- G- G- G- Go help yourself with my trash!]

[No matter how I look at it, youre way too nervous……]

Unexpectedly pointed out, Alices tension reaches its peak, and finally starts calling her chocolate, trash.

For the time being, pointing that out would only cause a ruckus, so well leave it at that…… and I just opened up the somewhat large chocolate box I received from Alice.

[……W- Whooaaa…… A- Amazing……]

I know how great Alices cooking skills are, so I opened it with pretty high expectations…… but the chocolate that came out of it was far more than I imagined.

A small cake wrapped in beautiful chocolate that even feels brilliant. On top of the sachertorte, are these candies Anyway, there were ornaments made of crystal on top of the sachertorte that looked like Bell, Lynn and I.

[W- Well, even I think…… that it was too elaborate of me to add those…… but it wouldnt feel the same when I skimp on something, so I got a little more serious.]

[No, its really great! This is me, Bell, and Lynn, right]

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[Y- Yes, well.]

[It looks really beautiful, and feels kind of a waste to eat it…… Anyway, Im really happy!]

[R- Really W- Well, Alice-chan made these chocolates with all of her love, s- so it would obviously be the best of the best……]

It really looks like a work of art. The candy sculptures have some parts where they change color, and Bells horns and Lynns wings are perfectly reproduced. Even the candy sculpture based on me has my necklace on it.

I guess I could say that its to be expected from Alice huh. Its an awesome looking dish, and its really a waste to eat it…… If I had my smartphone with me, I would have been taking a bunch of pictures of it now.

[……It really looks great…… but was this made of candy Anyway, how do I eat this]

[Ahh, errr, Im actually using a special kind of candy…… Please wait a moment, okay]


When I asked Alice about how to eat it, she took out a bottle of clear liquid from her pocket.

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Then, she opened the lid and poured the liquid inside over the candies.

[Hmm Whoaa!]

Thereupon, the liquid-covered candies began to move. Candy Bells head was rubbing against the candy mes hand, while candy Lynn was also trying to cling to the candy me as well.

Soon after, the candies emit a dazzling light, making me close my eyes involuntarily.

[……Whoooaaaa, a- amazing……]

When I opened my eyes a bit later……The candy sculptures were gone, and shattered candy pieces were scattered over the sachertorte, looking like stars in the night sky.

I- I cant find words to praise this anymore, or rather, I can only say its amazing.

I dont know how in the world she did it, but the pieces of candy are positioned like constellations…… Looking at it closely, the constellations seem to form in the shape of me, Bell, and Lynn.

Its as if the three-dimensional candies were painted directly onto the sachertorte……

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[Fufufu, what do you think! This candy has a special liquid reaction that causes it to shatter…… I even calculated the diffusion range and made it perfect!]

[No, I cant find any words to say anymore……]

[Fufufu, you bet! You can give it more compliments, you know]

[Seriously, Alice is amazing. Receiving such an elaborately decorated chocolate, Im really happy.]

[Auuu…… I- If you praise me that straightforwardly…… ummm…… Id get embarrassed.]

When I gave her my generous praise, Alice looked a little embarrassed with her cheeks blushing red, but she cuts the sachertorte into pieces while making sure that she wont break the images drawn in it.

Looking at the side of the sachertorte I received, it looked like it had three layers, with chocolate cream in the middle part, and a chocolate flake-like thing at the innermost part.

Hmmm, it seems like shes very particular about the inside too. Its really amazing…… I feel like the words are disappearing, but great things are great, so it cant be helped.

With rising expectations, I tried to take a bite with the fork that Alice had prepared for me but…… geez, its deliciousness is out of this world.

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Sweet, rich and certainly melts smoothly in the mouth, and the elasticity of the soft dough and the texture of the flakes feel pleasant to my mouth.

Theres no way I can describe it in words. It was so overwhelmingly delicious that I dont think any words I say can describe how it tastes like.

[……Alice. Its really delicious. Thanks.]

[Ahaha, Im glad you liked it! Eh You wanted to express your thanks Well~~ What a sinful man you are~~]

I havent even said anything yet, but Alice started to say something about me expressing gratitude.

[Then, how about a hot, passionate kiss filled with love…… wait, ehh Nghh!]

Maybe Alice was joking as usual, but I was so moved and overflowing with happiness that as soon as I heard Alices request, I reached out my hand and pulling her body to me, I kissed her.

[Hnnn…… nchuuu…… Hnnnnn! Pfhuaaa, wait a mo…… nchuuu!]

Moreover, Alices request was for a “passionate kiss”, so intending to tap into all of my overflowing affection, I took plenty of time to deeply kiss her.

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A minute…… No, it might have been about 10 minutes before I ended our kiss and brought my face away from Alice…… Leaving her staring into the void.

[……Ahh, sweet…… inside the mouth…… tastes sweet…… hauuu…… m- more—— Hah! N- No, thats not it! What happened just now was just unintentional because my mouth was…… Aaaahhhh! P- Please wait! E- Even more than this and Ill—— Myuuu!]

Since my beloved lover wanted more, its my responsibility as her man to respond.

In the middle of our kiss, I think I heard something like “wait” or “I- Im at my limit already”, but I dont think Ive fully expressed my love for Alice yet, so I didnt mind about it…… Our kiss continued until I found Alice passed out with her eyes rolled up.

This concludes the Valentines Day Extra Chapter, and I will now be returning for the next chapter.

During the next break, Ill write the other chapters of the 1 Million Page Views Commemoration Extra Chapters.

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