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As she watched Tre being taken away by Ein and Zwei, Cento let out a small sigh. For the time being, they were relieved that they found Tre.

She was about to call out to Cien…… but saw her with a hand on her chin, looking like she was thinking about something.

[……Cien What's the matter]

[Errr, the people who contacted us about Elder Sister Tre…… I really think I'd seen them somewhere……]

[That couple The woman was an elf, wasn't she As for the man…… His magic power was rather unusual, so I'm not really sure what species he was. He looked rather human……]

Otherworlders have unique magic power, and are easily recognized by those who have seen them, just as Kuromueina and Isis recognized Kaito as an otherworlder when they first met him.

However, it was different for people who haven't met otherworlders before to immediately realize that someone is an otherworlder. As for Cento and Cien, they had participated in Festival of Heroes, but had never talked to otherworlders and only seen the people who hold the role of Hero from a distance, so they couldn't immediately come to the conclusion that Kaito was an otherworlder.

[……Speaking of which, Cento. I heard from Kuromu-sama before that otherworlders have unique magic powers.]

[Ahh, I remember hearing something like that…… I've never seen otherworlders up close, so I wasn't sure…… In that case, does that mean that the man is most likely an otherworlder]

[……An otherworlder…… A man with light brown hair…… Magic crystal necklace…… I feel like I heard about him somewhere…… A- Aaaaahhhhhhh!]

As if she realized something, the mumbling Cien's expression changed and she involuntarily shouted.

[C- Cien!]

[I- I- I- I remember now! It's him! I only saw him once from a distance in the God Realm, so I didn't remember right away!]

[……Saw him once from a distance in the God Realm…… W- W- W- Wait———– Aaaahhhh!]

Hearing Cien's flustered words, Cento exclaimed, realizing the same thing as Cien.

Cento and Cien are among those with the highest ability in the Underworld King's camp, and although they're a little inferior to the Six Kings' executives, they're among the top Count-ranks, and were even strong enough to win against Executives if the two of them were working together.

Therefore, they naturally participated in the battle in the God Realm two years ago as part of the Underworld King's camp. However, the two of them weren't acquainted with Kaito, and thus, they had only seen a glimpse of him from afar in the Sanctuary.

[……That guy is Miyama-sama……]

[Kuromu-sama's lover…… Awawawa, w- w- w- what should we do, Cien! Not only did we not greet him properly, we even troubled him!]

[C- C- Calm down, Cento…… T- That's right! If we contact him with a hummingbird……]

[T- That is…… I only registered my magic power in their magic tool to get them to contact me, but I didn't register the wavelength of Miyama Kaito-sama's magic power.]

They thought of contacting Kaito via hummingbird and greeting him again, but ironically, they hadn't registered the wavelength of Kaito's magic power.

[C- Cien, don't you remember the wavelength of Miyama Kaito-sama's magic power]

[……I'm sorry, I don't remember. My mind was so preoccupied with Esteemed Sister Tre that I didn't properly look at him.]

[I'm trying to remember his magic power's wavelength too…… but in the first place, the one who contacted us was the Elf woman…… as for the wavelength of the Elf woman's magic power…… No good, my mind was also too preoccupied with Esteemed Sister Tre to properly remember her magic power.]

With their abilities, they could easily read the wavelength of a person's magic power just by looking…… but it was only if they were trying to read it.

[……Should we search for them]

[I think that's a good idea. Most of all though…… I'm really worried if Esteemed Sister Tre made some sort of weird blunder.]

[……Hey, Cento Did you really think that Esteemed Sister Tre hadn't made any weird blunder today]

[……She definitely did. At the very least, she must have said something strange.]

The two of them know Tre's personality very well, and even though they couldn't have guessed that Tre told Kaito to "fall in love with her", they knew for sure that she had said something strange.

Silently nodding at each other, they quietly walked inside the castle, to the room where Tre was being scolded by Ein and Zwei.

[My apologies, Esteemed Sister Ein, Esteemed Sister Zwei, we have urgent business to attend to, so Cien and I will be going out for a bit.]

[Please take care of Esteemed Sister Tre…… If possible, it would be great if you could scold her hard for "about three hours".]

Telling the three of them that they were leaving and asking Ein and Zwei to give extra scolding to Tre, who they think definitely made some sort of blunder to Kaito, they hurriedly ran out of the castle.

~ ~ second mission ~ ~

【Search Miyama Kaito】

Victory Condition : Find Kaito before he returns to the Human Realm

Failure Condition : Kaito returns to the Human Realm

Note 1.) Because Kaito is blessed by Shallow Vernal, he can't be searched by Detection Magic

(※When one uses Wide-Area Detection Magic, the mission can be accomplished immediately via Kaito's Transcendentally Beautiful SECOM, Alice-chan, will notice their action first.)

(T/N: SECOM is a security company in Japan.)

Note 2.) Contact via hummingbird couldn't be made because the wavelength of Kaito's magic power is unknown

(※ If they ask Ein or Zwei, they can accomplish this mission, but at the cost of three times more scolding to Tre.)

Serious-senpai : [……The cost is exactly what the two of them wish, so why don't they just ask Ein or Zwei]-

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