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Makina-san's story was quite the surprise. For her to actually be Alice's acquaintance…… No, I was really surprised. In addition, the world created by Alice's best friend, who chose to become a God and parted ways with Alice, and me, who was born in that world, became the catalyst for Alice and Makina-san to meet again.

[……I'm omniscient and omnipotent. Because of that, you think I can do anything, right In fact, I think it is safe to say there's nothing I can't do…… Even so, "I can still make mistakes". I made one such mistake, and wasn't able to save Alicia…… Alice. Thank you for saving her.]


[I'm sure that my child will say that you only did it because you wanted to, but you still saved Alice. That's why I wanted to properly thank you at least once.]

The expression on Makina-san's face seemed as if she was regretting this matter. No, she probably doesn't repent for it anymore, but still…… I think she still has a little bit of that feeling, wishing that she had noticed Alice's distress back then.

Perhaps, if it's Makina-san, she should be able to alter the past but……

As I thought about this, Makina-san slightly shook her head.

[Even if I could, I wouldn't do it, nor do I need to. I think Alice is much happier now that she would be if I had done that.]

[I see……]

[Well, that's why I'm really grateful to my child. That's right! If you have a favor to ask, just say it. Even if I can't do it for you here, I will be able to do it for you later.]

When she said that with a bright smile on her face, I almost reflexively said that she didn't need to thank me…… but I suddenly thought of something. No, it really was just something that popped into my mind, so if it won't work, I wouldn't push it……

[……Makina-san, in that case…… What if I told you that I wanted to remember the you in real life, not just the Makina-san I meet here in my dream]

[……I see, so that's how it is huh~~. Hmmm, I'm a little hesitant since this would affect my dignity as a God but…… You'll forget about this when you wake up, you know]

[Yes, but even if it's only for now, I still want to know.]

[I see……]

It seems…… that Makina-san and I are acquaintances. No, she did use the phrase "the me over there", so it was possible that she had changed her appearance, but I still wanted to know who she was.

Makina-san looked a little distressed about what I said though, but after smiling slightly, she flicked her finger.

[ ! ]

Immediately after that, the things that I couldn't remember at all before came to my mind…… and I immediately realized who she was.

[……So Makina-san is Eden-san's real body huh.]

[Fufufu, unnn. That's right.]

[Then, the one who blurted out burgers back then……]

[Ahh~~ that was an accidental outburst. I have my own dignity as a God, so I usually try to act in a dignified manner, but I unconsciously let my guard down.]

……Act in a dignified manner Well, putting that aside, I was surprised to find out that Eden-san and Makina-san were the same person.

It's no wonder that I can sense danger with her every word and the atmosphere she had earlier…… I really understand now.

[……Well, now that I'm done with my business for bringing my child here, and I've heard your request, we can call it a night…… For the time being though, I still have "26 minutes and 38 seconds" until my child wakes up, so let's just relax and chat~~]

[……I- I guess so.]

I wonder why she naturally knows how long it will take me to wake up, down to the second…… As I thought, even though the atmosphere around her changed, she's still the same Eden-san inside……

[Ah~~ Even so, this place sure is nice. There's the matter of my contract with Shallow Vernal, but since I can damage my main body here, there's almost no worry about me going out of control.]

[Almost, was it…… I mean, since Makina-san knows that there's a possibility that you'd go out of control, why don't you do something about it]

[If I could do that, I wouldn't be struggling either. It's because my child is just too cute, you know In a way, isn't this my child's fault]

[You're being too unreasonable now……]

[Ahaha, sorry, sorry, I'm just kidding.]

The happily smiling Makina-san seemed more youthful than Eden-san, and somehow, I felt that she was a little easier to talk to than usual.

No, well, I could feel her madness seeping in here and there…… but well, I should think it's better that she's restraining herself to some extent.

[Ahh, that's right. If you want, it might be interesting to have a talk like this with Alice along with us.]

[That certainly sounds fun…… but I don't think Alice would like that.]

[She doesn't really like her past being dug out after all~~ However, the her back then isn't really that different to her right now. No, she may have been rather twisted over the years, but she's still the same inside.]

[Fumu, I am a little curious about Alice's past.]

[I knew you would~~ Other than the one I told you about earlier, we had gone on a trip together, and the way she asked me out was very pushy……]

Seeing Makina-san enjoying talking about Alice…… about her best friend, I felt my shoulders relax a bit and chatting with her with a smile, I enjoyed talking with Makina-san until I woke up.

: [Why the heck is the situation getting worse than the previous chapter!!! Seriously, can you stop with that terrifying conversation…… Isn't Kaito-san literally having a nightmare now]-

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