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Brought by Chronois-san to visit the God Realm…… I didnt notice when I came before, but theres a building behind the temple where we were blessed, and it seems that theres a gate inside it that leads you to the God Realm.

The God Realm…… is literally the place where the Gods live, an absolute vertical society where Shiro-san stands at the top.

I wonder what kind of place the God Realm is Hmmm, I imagined it would as if the lands are on top of the clouds but…… since the Demon Realm was kind of similar to the Human Realm, so I guess I shouldnt be surprised if it was normal……

[……Hey…… Eh]

[This is the God Realm, our home.]

[W- Were above…… the skies!]

[Ahh, Im sorry. I guess I forgot to mention it…… The entire lands of the God Realm “exists in the air”…… but it doesnt shake because the lands we walk were created by Shallow Vernal-samas power.]

Passing through the gate, the scene in front of me…… feels straight out of fantasy.

Large and small lands are connected to each other by beautifully decorated bridges, and underneath the bridges, I can see the blue sky…… A- Amazing.

[The small islands you see are all gates that lead to various parts of the Human Realm and Demon Realm…… This area dotted with floating islands is called the “Divine Gates”.]

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[……Whoaa, how should I say this… I feel overwhelmed and speechless…… Its a really fantastic sight.]

[Its good that you like it. Well then, lets get moving…… Though I say that, it will take longer if the human you were to move on foot, so I will carry you.]

[Eh Ah, yes.]

[I could take you to the upper levels in just a single breath but…… Since its your first time here in the God Realm, Ill show you around. Dont worry, Ive been given permission by Shallow Vernal-sama.]

[Yes. Ill be in your care!]


Chronois-san nodded and lightly flicked her finger, and after multiple golden rings of magical power floated around my body, my body began floating.

Chronois-sans body was also surrounded by the same light, and in the next moment, we began moving at a fairly fast speed.

Though I said that, we arent moving in a speed that makes the landscape quickly pass by our eyes, just a little faster than a car.

[First of all, this is the lower level I described earlier. Look over there, you can see the land floating in the distance over there, right Thats the middle level.]

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[Indeed…… With your explanation earlier, I had the impression that the entire God Realm was like a big mountain, but its actually a smaller circle of earth floating around huh.]

[Umu…… To ascend to the middle level, if youre not a high-ranking God, you can use the gate in the lower levels central city. Well, its rarely used in the first place.]

Listening to Chronois-sans explanation as we moved, when I moved my gaze, I certainly saw something like the earth floating quite high above where we are now.

Hmmm, the God Realm really is amazing…… Just looking at it for a moment, it makes me feel like Im really in a fantasy world.

It isnt just the floating earth, but theres also the fountains in the sky and the strange trees whose balance is against the law of physics…… Just looking at them really wont make me bored.

[As I recall…… Unless youre among the ranks of the Kings of various countries, didnt you say we wouldnt be able to enter]

[Yeah, to be precise, its those whose trust from the God Realm is above a certain standard…… Besides the kings, those who have received the “True Blessings” rather than the “Provisional Blessing” may also enter.]

[P- Provisional Blessing True Blessing]

[Unnn What, you dont know about them]

[Yes. Im sorry for my lack of knowledge.]

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Another unfamiliar term came up, so I asked…… And apparently, seeing Chronois-sans response, it seems to be common knowledge……

Seeing me reflexively apologize, Chronois-sans tense expression broken, and kindly smiling, she shook her head.

[No, dont worry about it. Thinking about it, it isnt surprising that you, an otherworlder, dont know about it. I lack consideration…… I apologize.]

[N- No!]

[Let me briefly explain. Usually, provisional blessings are the ones that the Human nobles receive ever year. We also sometimes call them informal blessings.]

[Informal…… If I remember correctly, isnt that what you granted to Lilia-san……]

Hearing the word “informal”, it reminded me of how Chronois-san said “This might be informal.” when she blessed Lilia-san in front of the temple before.

[Umu. As you have guessed, the one I performed on Lilia is a Provisional Blessing. These blessings can be simply granted to others, but the effect isnt very strong and lasts only for a year…… Therefore, the Humans receive their blessings every year.]

[I see…… What about the True Blessings]

[As for the True Blessings…… Theyre “Blessings that are done by the Gods name. Unlike the Provisional Blessings, this blessing remains in effect as long as the God who blessed said person lives, and its effects are in a different league.]

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In short, the True Blessings are superior to the usual Blessings, which normally expire in a year, and are said to be permanent.

When she saw me nodding my head in acknowledgment, Chronois-sans expression changed to a serious one as she continued.

[Granting her True Blessing is the greatest act of trust for the Gods…… thats because, the recipient of this Blessing is a being blessed by the God who has blessed said person, and they were allowed to “speak in the name of the God”.]

[Speak in the name of the God]

[……Umu, for example, Miyama. You have received Shallow Vernal-samas True Blessing, right You should have been permitted to use Shallow Vernal-samas name at that time.]


Did she mention that to me No, I dont think she did……

(I forgot. I give you permission to speak in my name.)

You forgot! Isnt that a bit too irresponsible……

W- Well, Shiro-san doesnt seem to have blessed anyone before, so I guess I couldnt blame her huh

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[……Whats the matter]

[Ah, no…… Errr, Ive just been approved.]

[Unnn I- I see…… Anyway, being allowed to speak in Shallow Vernal-samas name….. means that you already have her authority.]

[……Eh W- What does in the world does that mean……]

I dont really know what she meant when she said I could speak in the name of God…… But is it that That “In the name of God!” shout they do in movies

[If you make a statement in the name of Shallow Vernal-samas name…… Its also equivalent to Shallow Vernal-sama speaking those words herself. The act of disagreeing with that statement, in other words, is seen as an act of pointing their blade to Shallow Vernal-sama…… and is the most foolish act anyone could do in the world.]

[……E- Eeeehhhh……]

[Thats not all. If you use Shallow Vernal-samas name to give orders, every Gods will obey your words. You can say that you have absolute command authority over the Gods.]


The heck is that, thats scary…… I- In short, when someone speaks in the name of God, that means that their statement is equivalent to when the God herself speaks of the same thing…… Thats especially the case when it comes to Shiro-san, who is undoubtedly the top of the world. You could say that the power of her words is in a whole different league.

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……Its decided then, lets go seal this tight.

[Incidentally, its a serious crime for anyone who hasnt received the True Blessing to speak in the name of said God. The God of Life would give her judgment to such sinners.]

[……I- I see.]

Thanks to Chronois-sans explanation, I can also somewhat understand why the Gods dont call each other by name.

For the Gods, their names are for performing the True Blessing, and that would also mean their names hold definite power…… To make sure that no one abuses it, they are making sure that their names arent well-known.

And the one who supervises this information…… the information that Alice of the Six Kings gathers, is Life-san.

[Thank you. I clearly understand now.]

[I see…… I know this is unnecessary, but let me remind you that the authority you have been given is powerful. Dont abuse it…… Well, its you were talking about anyway. I know that you wouldnt do that.]

Chronois-san gently smiled at me as she said that, looking like a true Goddess…… Seeing the gap between her current appearance and her usual cool look, I felt my face heat up a bit.

Just as we continued moving, as if she suddenly remembered something, Chronois-san spoke.

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[……While were at it, Id like to thank you again. Miyama, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for going on a date with Shallow Vernal-sama before. Shallow Vernal-sama seemed to be enjoying herself very much. Seeing her joy makes me more than happy.]

[N- No, that is……]

[However…… What you saw at that time…… Forget about that.]

[……What I saw at that time]

After thanking me in regards to my previous date with Shiro-san, she told me to forget about something, but I cant think of what shes talking about right away.

Thereupon, Chronois-san looks troubled for some reason, and then, as she averted her gaze, she softly muttered.

[……L- Like I said, that…… m- my…… s- shameless appearance before……]

[……Are you talking about when you were in a swimsuit]

[……Yeah…… I know! Youre probably going to say it doesnt look good on me!!! I am aware of that much. Laugh all you want, but forget it!!!]

Desperately telling me that with a blush on her face…… I dont know if I should say I expected it or not, but it seems like Chronois-san cares about the fact that she was forced into a swimsuit at that time.

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She certainly was acting strangely at that time, and she also adamantly refused to stand within my range of vision……

[No, its not like I would laugh though…… Or rather, didnt it look good on you]

[Whaa! Y- You!!! Youre making fun of me like that again!!!]

[N- No, Im not making fun of you…… It really looked good on you. Chronois-san looked slender and beautiful so……]

[Wha! Wha…… Whaa……]

Hearing my words, Chronois-san opened and closed her mouth just like a fish on land, and her face was growing redder and redder.

And after a little while, she drew closer to me with more vigor than before.

[S- S- S- Stop messing around!!! T- Telling me such cajolery…… W- W- What are you planning! Youre shameless!!!]

[N- No, Im not planning anything…… I was just saying my real thoughts. I think Chronois-san is an incredibly beautiful woman.]

[……I- I wont be deceived…… H- How many times did you think I have been told I look like a man……]

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Isnt that mainly what Fate-san said Fate-sans face, holding a peace sign, popped out of my mind just now.

H- Hmmm. I guess Chronois-san isnt used to being treated like a woman huh…… Its quite unusual for her to lose her bearings about matters other than Shiro-san.

[Hmmm. I dont really know what other people think, and I also dont think my standards are absolute but…… I think Chronois-san is a beautiful woman.]

[ ~ ~ ~ ~ ! ! ]

When I told her that, Chronois-sans mouth opened and closed again, and she looked down, the redness of her face reaching her ears.

Unnn, such thoughts may have been rather deep-rooted in her mind…… so lets not say anything more.

As I thought about this, I returned my gaze to the sceneries of the God Realm, I heard a whisper.

[……Ill give you…… my thanks.]

[Eh Ah, yes.]

Chronois-san fell silent once again, but after she glanced at me for a moment, with a somewhat warm expression on her face, she chuckled.

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Dear Mom, Dad——- I dont know if I should say that the God Realm is just as I expected or not, but it was a fantasy-esque place that far exceeds my imagination, and what I saw in my vision felt very refreshing. And after a while, Chronois-san returned to how she usually acts, and as she showed me around the God Realm——- we headed towards the upper levels of the God Realm.

Serious-senpai: [Y- You liaaaaarrrrrr!!! Didnt you say that there would be seriousness in this chapter!!! Why the heck is the protagonist so quick in making his moves!!! No mooooorrreeee, I wanna go hooooommmmeeee!!!]

Serious-senpai: [……Bfuaahhh.]

Next Chapter, the lazy Supreme God reappears.-

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