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After deciding to stay overnight, I continued fishing with Anima, and in the evening, we cooked and ate fish together in the kitchen inside the log house.

Afterwards, on Anima's recommendation, I went to the bath first, and am now soaking in the warm water.

The bathtub of this log house, which is similar to a cypress bath, had greatness different than an onsen. There's no scenery to look at, but the wooden walls and bathtub have a warm atmosphere, and the smell of wood wafting in the air is pleasant.

Moreover, as expected of a very expensive log house, the bathtub is spacious enough that it could even hold several people, so I can take a relaxing soak.

As I was relaxing, thinking that baths really are nice, my peace was broken by a loud voice.

[Master! Excuse me!]


[I'm sorry that I'm a little slow in making up my mind and to have kept you waiting!]


When I turned towards the direction of the voice, I saw Anima with a towel wrapped around her body, looking like she was ready to take a bath. No, no, wait! What the heck is going on! I tried looking back at her just to make sure, but seriously, why in the world is this happening!

[A- Anima! Eh W- Why]

[Hahh! I've heard that there's a rule that those who become Master's lover must bathe together with Master to deepen our relationship!]

I almost reflexively shouted that there was no such rule but…… What came to my mind was the many mixed bathing experiences I've had. I- Indeed, I had taken mixed baths with my lovers…… No, wait, I haven't taken a mixed bath with Sieg-san. I didn't, right Rei-san tried to get me to bathe together with Sieg-san, but it just ended up being an attempt, so no, I didn't.

[……Anima, who in the world told you such a ridiculous story]

[Alice-dono did. In Master's world, naked socializing was apparently a traditional practice between lovers……]


I'm definitely going to smack that woman later.

While I was burning with anger at Alice for putting strange things in Anima's mind, Anima somehow came near the bathtub, scooped some of the hot water in the tub and poured it over herself…… She then brought her hand on the towel wrapped around her body……

[Anima, stop! What are you doing!]

[Hahh! Because one shouldn't soak in the bath while wrapped in a towel, I was trying to remove it…… Mhmm, should I have removed the towel first before pouring hot water onto my body My apologies, I don't usually wrap a towel around me when I bathe……]

She is a former Black Bear, so it's no wonder she isn't familiar with proper bathing etiquette. When she's a Black Bear, she would probably have just bathed herself in water as she was.

Well, this isn't really an onsen, so she can just wash her body afterwards, and doesn't have to worry too much about towel etiquettes…… but this isn't about etiquettes!

[……Anima, you can just leave the towel on.]

[H- Hahh…… Understood.]

The situation got troublesome. What was even more troubling was that Anima had already poured hot water over her body, so it became difficult to clear up the misunderstanding and ask her to leave.

No, I'm sure Anima will listen to me if I properly explain it to her, but I don't feel comfortable asking her to get out of the tub when her body is already halfway wet.

[……I mean, Anima. Aren't you feeling embarrassed]

[I've had plenty of time to prepare myself, and the entirety of this body originally belongs to Master! So, there's no problem!]

[……I- I see…… Unnn. For now, just leave the towel on……]


Even as she said this, Anima was blushing red, so she must be feeling quite embarrassed. However, Anima has the drive, or rather, the determination to pull things through.

Once she decides to do something, she doesn't hesitate, and if I hadn't stopped her earlier, she would definitely have removed her towel.

[Well then, once again, please excuse me.]

[……U- Unnn.]

Since the situation is already like this, let's just make up my mind. It's alright, the water may not be clear, but she got a towel properly wrapped around her body, and since it's Anima, she would definitely not do anything outrageous.

All that's left is for me to not be too conscious of her…… s- so it should be fine.

As I was thinking about this, I glanced at Anima, who has come into the bathtub with a towel wrapped around her…… and she sure has big breasts huh. With her wearing only a towel around her, it felt like they're standing out even more…… No, wait, wait, let's calm down. What the heck am I suddenly thinking about now!

[The water is just the right temperature, isn't it]

[U- Unnn. That's right.]

[I never imagined I'd be soaking in warm water when I was a Black Bear, but now that I got used to it, it feels quite pleasant.]

Anima sure looks calm. How should I say this…… It's like she's filled with confidence. Her cheeks were red, but her answers were calm and she seemed to be more relaxed than I was.

Well, even so, with her like that, this situation should end without any problems……

[……Master, may I ask you a question]

[U- Unnn]

[……A- A- A- After getting into the bathtub, what should I do now!]


Let me retract my previous statement. I think the reason why she looked so relaxed was that she had simulated the situation beforehand, up to the point where she said she was ready to get in the bathtub with me. That's why, she was able to act without hesitation, and why she was filled with confidence.

However, she hadn't thought about what to do from there, and Anima was becoming visibly flustered.

Her gaze was shifting restlessly, and her face was getting redder than before. And most of all, my intuition, which has been tempered by all the troubles I've faced in bathrooms, is screaming at me right now.

……"That the troubles I'd be facing in this mixed bath are just getting started"……

: [I suggest that idea out of spite. No regrets, will do it again.]-

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