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12th day of the Earth month. Its a sunny afternoon and Im on top of Bell with a deck brush in hand.

Bell is nearly five meters in size, so I need to use a deck brush to wash him.

[Hey, Bell, stay still.]


Adding more force on scrubbing Bells back, he lets out a comfortable squeal. Yes, you look very cute and soothing, but dont twitch too much or Ill fall off.


[Unnn. Thank you, then, Lynn, please take care of the area around his tail.]


The one who came in with a small brush in her mouth is Lindwurm…… Lynn, the white dragon who joined the family on the 3rd day of the Earth month.

It looks like Lynn is going to help me, so I asked her to was Bells body around his tail.

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[……Fuuu, finally done.]



After I finished washing Bells large body and drying it with a magic tool that produces warm air, Bells fur became so fluffy and wonderful to touch.

Its soft enough that even I can feel that his fur is really fine, and when I lean my body against it, its so comfortable, as if Bells a walking soft comforter.

I lean against Bell, who is lying face down on the ground with Lynn on my chest and Bells tail laid on top of me like a blanket.

Staying like this feels so comfortable that it makes me want to take a nap…… Hmmm, washing Bells body is hard to wash because of his size, but I feel like fatigue is a necessary expense to experience this kind of fluffiness.

[……Kaito-san, good job. Here, a drink.]

[Thank you, Sieg-san.]

[No, no, I also brought some for Bell-chan and Lynn-chan.]

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While Im taking a break, Sieg-san comes in with a tray in one hand and a container that looks like its about two meters long in her other hand.

It seems like she has prepared a drink for me, so I thanked her for it.

The cold drink, which tastes almost like lemon juice, comfortable soaks into my tired body, and seeing Bell and Lynn drinking as well, I smiled.

Hmmm, its kind of relaxing and comfortable today…… Ive been pretty busy lately, so Im relieved to be able to put my mind at ease in days like this.

[Fufu, you look exhausted.]

[I guess I am huh I wasnt aware of it, but its been busy lately……]

[Even if you dont look at it, fatigue would still build up……]

[Unnn Ah, yes. Go ahead.]

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After saying a few words of concern with a smile, Sieg-san looks at me and moves her gaze towards me.

Since I had spoken with Sieg-san through exchanging eye contact and gestures before back when she couldnt speak, I immediately knew what she was thinking about.

“Can I sit with you” or so it feels like she wants to ask, so I nodded and shifted my body to give her some space, and Sieg-san beautifully sat down, leaning against Bell as I did.

[Leisurely passing through time like this is kind of nice……]

[Thats right. Times like this are a luxury.]

Sitting side by side with Sieg-san, I stare at the clear blue sky.

It certainly is as Sieg-san said, times where we can be laid-back like this feels like the most luxurious thing Ive ever had.

Before I knew it, Lynn, who had finished her drink, moved back to my lap and curled herself, and I dont know if shes tired as well or shes feeling sleepy, as a little while later, I could hear her quiet breathing.

Smiling at the sight, I abruptly asked the nearby Sieg-san a question.

[Speaking of which, I just overheard it before but…… Sieg-san, are you really taking a few days off from the day after tomorrow]

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[Yes, for about 4 days…… Im going to be in Rigforeshia to visit my parents.]

[Youre going to visit Rei-san and Fia-san]

[Yes, Ive written to them in a letter that my voice has returned, but I havent directly reported it to them yet.]

[I see.]

It seems that the rumor Ive heard from the servants was true, Sieg-san will be taking a few days off from the day after tomorrow to return to Rigforeshia.

Sieg-sans voice certainly returned only after we returned from the Sacred Tree Festival, and Im sure Rei-san and Fia-san would like to hear their daughters voice.

Especially since those two seemed to dote on Sieg-san……

[And since Im going back home, I thought Id go visit various places.]

[Heehh…… That sounds fun.]

[You think so]

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[Yes, I quite like the green scenery of Rigforeshia.]

It should have only been about two months ago at most since we last visited, but I feel very nostalgic for Rigforeshia.

Looking back, that was the first time I ever went to a place outside of the royal capital…… Rei-san and Fia-san were fun people, and I hope to see them again.

As I was thinking about this, I saw Sieg-san glancing at me. so I tilted my head.

Thereupon, Sieg-sans cheeks slightly blushed, and in a reserved manner, she spoke.

[……Errm, Kaito-san…… This might be an impolite suggestion but……]

[Yes What is it]

[……I- If its fine with you, Kaito-san, would you like…… to come together with me]

[Ehh Me too]

I was a little surprised by the unexpected words, but her suggestion itself was very appealing.

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[Y- Yes, ummm, Father and Mother also wanted to meet Kaito again…… a- a- and I also thought it would be more fun than going back home alone……]

[I see.]

[O- Of course, thats only if its fine with you, Kaito-san……]

Seeing Sieg-sans cheeks blushing as she quietly muttered that, she looked very cute and my heart reflexively skipped a beat.

Putting my hand to my chin to cover up the smile thats about to rise on my lips, I think about her suggestion for a bit.

[Its a tempting suggestion but…… Wouldnt I just be too intruding if I go with you too]

[Rather than be intruding, I think Father and Mother would be pleased instead. They used to mention wanting to meet Kaito-san in their letters.]

I didnt have any particular plans anyway, and since Ive been wanting to go back to Rigforeshia, I might as well.

I asked her if I wouldnt interfere too much with their family time, but it seems like Rei-san and Fia-san also want to meet me again as well.

[……Well then, Ill take you up on your offer, so would it be alright if I go with you]

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[Ahh, yes!]

[Since were going anyway, lets go invite Aoi-chan and Hina-chan as well. I think the two of them would like to go to Rigforeshia as well.]

[Ehh Y- Yes, youre right…… I guess youre right…… Yes…… I agree……]

I suggested since it would be more fun with more people anyway, but for some reason, Sieg-san looked disappointed as her shoulders slumped down.

Arehh I thought she would like it if we were more boisterous though……

[……Errr, did I say something wrong]

[No! Absolutely nothing! Lets invite the two of them to go with us! Lets go do that!]

[Ah, yes.]

When I asked her, Sieg-san vigorously shook her head, her face beet-red as she stood up.

What is this I dont really know why…… but did I say something wrong

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After that, along with Sieg-san, we tried inviting Aoi-chan and Hina-chan, but the two of them refused me as quickly as they could.

However, for some reason, both of them said something incomprehensible while looking at Sieg-san when they refused.

[……Ill have to refuse. I dont want to get kicked by a horse……]

[Im also going to refuse like Aoi-senpai, I dont want to receive a horses kick.]

[……A horse Do horses even exist here]

[……Sieg-san, please do your best. Im rooting for you.]

[Kaito-senpai would probably be a tough nut to crack. I know exactly how you feel. Fighting!]

[……Thank you very much. Ill do my best.]

(T/N: Theres apparently a saying that says about how a person who disturbs a persons path towards love would die after being kicked by a horse. It seems like Kaito doesnt know about this saying though.)

It was an exchange that didnt make sense to me at all, but Sieg-san seemed to have understood what the two of them were trying to say, and she clutched her hand, as if she made up her mind about something.

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Dear Mom, Dad——– Sieg-san invited me to go visit the city of Rigforeshia again. Its a shame that Aoi-chan and Hina-chan turned us down, but its nice to see Rei-san and Fia-san again—— and Im really looking forward to it.

Serious-senpai: [Ahh, this is no good…… Its just heartwarming…… I feel like my turn wont come…… Just wake me up after Siegs arc ends.]

Serious-senpai: [……Im awake…… Yes.]

T/N: 56/237-

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