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After I promised to cooperate with them in the future and finish the IV drip for Noir-san, Dr. Fear kindly offered us tea, and the three of us are now sitting around the table in the room next to the examination room, chatting.

There seemed to be fewer patients today and she had more time, and when I noticed that, Dr. Fear laughed and said “Its good that the doctor isnt busy.” as she prepared tea for us.

[……This tea is delicious, isnt it It also makes my body feel kinda warm……]

[Ahh, you can tell It has medicinal herbs in it. It has a relaxing effect.]

[I see…… By the way, Dr. Fear, can I help you with that]

[I- Its fine……]

The tea that Dr. Fear prepared for me isnt only delicious, but also relieving and soothing, and thats apparently because it contains medicinal herbs.

While telling her my thoughts, I asked Dr. Fear, who was wiping up the “tea on the floor” if I could help, but Dr. Fear smiled and said it was fine.

I guess shes really as she described herself or something…… as just like a klutz, Dr. Fear had accidentally knocked over her own cup.

[Fufu, Dr. Fear is still the same as always. Shes reliable when shes treating someone but……]

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[Ahaha, good gracious, Im feeling ashamed.]

Apparently, Dr. Fear has already got this kind of impression from before, as Noir-san is smiling as if shes looking at something shes used to seeing.

Well, putting aside her clumsiness, this tea is really good…… I see, so this is what she meant by it having a relaxing effect huh…….

The first thing that came to mind when I heard that was Lilia-san, who is always troubled.

One cup of tea wont help solve her troubles, but if it can relax Lilia-sans mind at least a little bit……

[……Ummm, Dr. Fear, if you dont mind me asking, can I ask where this tea is sold]

[Ahhh, thats my blend, so they dont sell it anywhere, you know I can give you some tea leaves if you want]

[Eh Is that alright]

[Unnn. Ive made some unreasonable requests to Miyama-kun after all. Hold on a bit, Ill wrap it up now……]

Apparently, this tea was Dr. Fears specially-made blend and isnt something that is bought from others, but thankfully, Dr. Fear offered to share some tea leaves with me.

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Just as Dr. Fear stood up and was about to go get the tea leaves, I heard a loud shout.

[Doctor!!! Please help us!!!]

[ ! ]

Hearing a desperate cry, Dr. Fear quickly runs off in the direction of the voice…… opposite of this room, towards the entrance of the church that leads to the examination room.

Curious about the situation, Noir-san and I also quickly followed Dr. Fear out of the room.

When I ran into the church, I found two men near the entrance door.

One of them seemed to be the person who had just screamed, and had a look of crisis on his face as he held another man in his arms.

And the man he was holding……

[ ! ]

[What in the world happened!]

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In the other mans leg, something like a wooden stake pierced out of his thigh, and the blood flowing out looked impossibly painful, making me reflexively look away.

Noir-san was just as astonished as I was, and stepped back with her hand over her mouth.

As expected of a doctor, Dr. Fear didnt seem to be shaken, as she ran up to them and called out to them.

[H- He…… fell down while working…… and on the place where he fell down, there was a scrap wood……]

[……Uuuu…… Uuuuu……]

[……Let me see!]

Hearing the words of the uninjured man, Dr. Fear immediately senses whats going on and touches the injured man who is moaning in pain.

The man who was holding him decided that she shouldnt be disturbed, and as soon as Dr. Fear came near, he moved away from the injured man and just looked with a worried expression on his face.

[……Its been deeply pierced. If I just use Recovery Magic like this, some splinters may stay in your leg…… Keep a bit more distance away!]

[! Y- Yes!]

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After a quick visual check of the injured mans condition, Dr. Fear told the other man to step back, before she snapped her fingers.

Thereupon, a translucent membrane of some sort spread out in a dome around Dr. Fear and the injured man.

[Im going to temporarily paralyze your leg.]

[……Y- Yes.]

Perhaps, that dome is acting like a sterile room, and while theyre enclosed within it, Dr. Fear starts removing the wood stuck in the mans leg.

Telling the injured man that she is going to paralyze his leg, she held her hand over the injured mans thigh…… and in the next moment, Dr. Fear unhesitantly pulled out the wood stuck in the injured mans leg.

For a moment, I thought blood would spurt out from his wound…… but it seems that shes using magic with her free hand, and no new blood was flowing from the injured mans leg.

[……Ill get rid of the remaining splinters inside first before applying Recovery Magic. Dont worry, you will be healed.]

[Y- Yes…… Thank you very much.]

[……With this…… Alright! Well then, Ill start casting Recovery Magic.]

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Dr. Fears hands were moving so quickly that I had no idea what she was doing, but before I knew it, something that looked like tweezers was in her hand and several splinters were placed next to the sitting Dr. Fear.

After a few seconds of removing the splinters, Dr. Fear calmly announced and held her hand on the injured mans leg.

The mans leg, which had looked like a bloody mess, quickly healed as powerful magic power flowed out of Dr. Fears body.

Seeing a scene that looked like a true miracle, I couldnt help but forget how to speak as I watched.

[……Here. With that, you should be alright……]

[T- Thank you very much!]

[Unnn. However, the blood you lost wont just magically come back…… so lets go get you an IV drip.]

[Yes…… Ahh, d- doctor, the treatment cost……]

It seems the treatment is over and the injured man thanks her with tears welling up in his eyes, and the man who was accompanying him also looked relieved.

And then, just as the injured man reached into his pocket to pay for his treatment…… Dr. Fear shook her head.

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[You dont have to for this time.]

[Eh! B- But……]

Hearing Dr. Fears words telling him that he doesnt need to pay for the treatment, the man has a puzzled look on his face.

While I look at them, Noir-san walks up beside and whispers.

[……People who can use healing magic are really rare.]

[……Come to think of it, I remembered hearing something like that.]

In a world like this where magic exists, Recovery Magic that heals wounds in an instant also exists but…… Not everyone is able to use it.

In the first place, there arent many people who can firmly use magic in the Human Realm and can rightly be called mages.

Its for this reason that magic tools have become so widespread…… And within such a realm where magic is difficult to learn, healing magic seems to be a very difficult magic.

Moreover, since it was basically a magic that you control based on the targets wounds, it isnt something that can be replicated by magic tools.

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Ive seen Kuro use healing magic frequently, so I didnt get the impression that theyre rare, but thats just because Kuro is powerful.

In fact, Lilia-san, Lunamaria-san and Sieg-san who should have high positions among the Humans, couldnt use healing magic either, and among the Humans Ive ever met…… The only one who can use it was Rei-san, who is a former court mage.

[So, essentially, having your wounds healed by using Recovery Magic is very expensive.

[……I think I can somehow understand.]

Because of how few the users of Recovery Magic is, where only a handful of so-called geniuses are able to use it…… Just as advanced methods of treatment are expensive in my previous world, treatment with Recovery Magic is probably very expensive in this world.

And perhaps, the man who was injured seemed to know that as common sense, and thats why he took out his purse to pay with the money he had, but Dr. Fear smiled and shook her head.]

[……Its fine, youre expecting a baby soon, right Dont part with your money here, spend it for your children.]

[……H- However……]

[Youre persistent, arent you In the first place…… Putting aside your injury, youre still very tired, right You havent been sleeping much, have you]

[ ! ]

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[Its all well and good to try to make money for your wife and kids, but it wont do you any good if you get hurt because of it…… You should take care of yourself.]


Dr. Fears face was so compassionate as she gently admonished him, making her seem to look like the Holy Mother.

[Anyway, I wont take money from a person who is already like that. Now go, put your purse away.]


[If youre grateful to me, you need to get well and make your wife and unborn child happy…… Come see me something when you three are all well. Thats the best remuneration you can pay with.]

[! Y- Yes……]

Hearing Dr. Fears words, the man is overcome with emotion, large tears flowing from his eyes, bowing his head to Dr. Fear again and again.

As she gazes at the scene with a small smile on her face, Noir-san, who was standing next to me, smiled.

[……Dr. Fear is always like that. For her medical treatment, she would be happy with what the people can pay…… With renumerations that are almost free, she treats lots of people without any discrimination.]

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[Thats amazing.]

[Yes, thats why Dr. Fear is so popular around here. Everyone says shes the best doctor in the Symphonia Kingdom.]

Not asking for remunerations, not sparing in her use of the rare Recovery Magic, and saves a lot of lives…… How should I say this… Its like shes the very definition of a doctor.

Ive only known her for a short time, but I feel lots of respect for Dr. Fear.

[Okay, well then, lets go to the examination room and give you some I—– Vgyuuaaaahhh!]

Saying that, Dr. Fear was about to get up, but she slipped on the bloody floor and loudly crashed down…… Just as Noir-san said, theres really a huge gap between when she looked really reliable when she was treating someone, and when she wasnt.

[O- Ouch…… I slipped again.]

[H- Hahaha……]

Seeing Dr. Fear, who looked different from the dignified expression she had earlier, a smile appeared on the injured mans face as well.

[Ahaha, why cant I just cleanly settle the situation like normal…… Well, anyway, your treatment. You can quickly return back to your work, but you should rest for one day. Understood]

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As Dr. Fear stood up with a wry smile that somehow looked friendly, and yet, still looked dazzling as if the Holy Mother was smiling at us.

Dear Mom, Dad—— Dr. Fear is a bit clumsy, somewhat laid-back of a person, but I think shes a very splendid doctor who is very good at her craft and beliefs. From the bottom of my heart, I really respect her——— as shes a splendid doctor.

Serious-senpai: [What the heck is that Demon King, doesnt she look more like a saint…… Unnn, with the atmosphere around here, I think it should be OK. I think my turn is about to……]

Serious-senpai: [……Im just…… going home……]

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