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Chapter 1239 - Night Market ①

On a night a few days after I sent a letter to Mitsunaga-kun, I was checking the letter he sent that had arrived with other letters.

The content of the letter was simple, it was a response to my previous question asking if I could bring one companion, to which he said there would be no problem.

So, I wrote a reply letter again, indicating who I would take with me, and after finishing it, I got up.

Since its already nighttime, its no longer time to send a letter, so I would leave this with Anima tomorrow.

Yes, thats right. Im growing up every day. I know that if I dont properly inform Lilia-san about this, a severe sermon would be whats waiting for me. Fufufu…… No, Im not gonna skip it.

I left my room in high spirits and headed to Lilia-sans mansion…… and a few minutes later, I went back to my own home with slightly slumped shoulders.

Speaking of which, at breakfast this morning, Lotus-san and Dahlia-san…… her parents wedding anniversary, and she said that she was going to have dinner at the royal palace and stay there tonight. I mean, she wasnt even there for dinner, so I should have noticed it……

……Hmmm, it cant be helped. As for the report, lets just do it tomorrow.

As I was walking down the hallway with this in mind, I suddenly saw Illness-san walking ahead of me. No, that in itself was not strange, but Illness-san was currently dressed in casual clothes, with a white shirt, a long black skirt and an elegant cardigan.

[Good evening, Illness-san. Are you going somewhere]

[Good eveniiiiiiing, Kaito-samaaaaa. Yeeees, I was thinking of going shoppiiiiiiing.]

[S- Shopping At this hour]

Since she was wearing casual clothes, I asked her if she was going out, to which she affirmed my words……but it was already 8:00 pm.

Of course, there are no convenience stores in this world. The only places that are open at this time of the day are a few restaurants.

[Todaaaaay is the day of the “night markeeeeeet”, so I will be heading thereeeeee.]

[Night market]

[Yeeees. Its a market held in the Demon Reaaaaalm, where nocturnal species gatheeeeer, and its held about twice a moooooonth. They sell a variety of iteeeeems, many of which can only be purchased theeeeere.]

[I see……]

Such a thing exists huh…… Its true that there are many different species of Demons, and of course, there should be nocturnal species as well.

A slightly special market opened by such nocturnal species…… To be honest, Im a little curious about it. Its kinda like some sort of hidden event, a secret stage that if I hadnt asked illness-san at a certain time on a certain day, I probably wouldnt have had the chance to know about it, so I want to see it.

Perhaps sensing my thoughts, Illness-san spoke with a smile on her face.

[If Kaito-sama is interested about iiiiiit, would you like to go with meeeee]

[Eh Is that alright]


[Then, dont mind if I do…… I will get ready.]

[Well theeeen, I will be waiting for you at the entraaaaaance, so please come when youre readyyyyyy.]

[Alright. I will prepare as fast as I can.]

As I was interested in the night market, I was glad to be able to go with Illness-san, who was knowledgeable about it.

I feel bad about keeping Illness-san waiting, so I quickly returned to my room, dressed and prepared quickly, and headed for the front door. Illness-san was right outside the doorway, looking up at the moon in the night sky…… The sight of her under the moonlight was stunningly beautiful, taking my breath away.

Thereupon, Illness-san seemed to have noticed me as she looked my way.

[Have you finished prepariiiing]

[Ah, yes. Im ready.]

[Well theeeen, shall we goooo]

[Yes. Ahh, errr, its a bit late to say this, but even though I dont get to see you in your casual clothes very often, I always think you have a great sense of style. Todays outfit has a calm atmosphere which suits you very well.]

[Kuhihi, thank you very muuuuuch. Kaito-samaaaa also looks greaaaat.]

Hearing my words, Illness-sans characteristic smile appeared on her lips and she responded in a calm manner. Even though the short-statured Illness-san is one of the shortest people I know, her gestures and atmosphere were strangely very mature…… How should I say this…… I really feel like shes a capable adult woman.

Shopping with Illness-san at the night market…… To be honest, Im quite looking forward to it.

~ ~ An easy-to-understand outline for the last chapter ~ ~

Seigi-san : [Do you know…… how long its been since I appeared]

Serious-senpai : [Wha! Y- You……]

Seigi-san : [The only time I was clearly mentioned as being there is in Chapter 661, Festival of Heroes scene. Other than that, I may have been invited to Miyama-sans housewarming party, but theres no indication of my presence there. Well, in terms of series release time, about 2 years have passed.]

Serious-senpai : [……………….]

Seigi-san : [Then, do you know how long its been since I had any lines]

Serious-senpai : [T- That is…… Errr…..]

Seigi-san : [Alright, Ill tell you how long its been in series release time so that you can understand.]

Serious-senpai : [ ! ]

Seigi-san : [……5 and a half years.]

Serious-senpai : [……What…… in the…… (U- Unbelievable, what is this overwhelming misfortune…… I- I cant win against it.]-

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