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The 1st day of the Earth month. Its still a little early in the morning for breakfast, but theres something…… worrying about.


Kuro, who has been sitting on my lap with a bag of baby castellas (cream-flavored today) in her hand, notices my troubles and asks.

Meeting Kuros gaze, even though Im somewhat nervous, I spoke.

[……Kuro, theres actually something I have to tell you.]


What Im thinking about at this moment is…… Yes, its Isis-san.

I have received Isis-sans confession, but my reply to her was put on hold.

For the Japanese mes mind, since I have a girlfriend named Kuro, Ill have to decline Isis-sans confession…… However, rejecting Isis-san who is so wholehearted in love with me…… isnt something I want to do.

This is where the common sense of this world comes into play. In this world, polygamy is just the norm, and men are supposed to marry more than one woman.

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However, even if that is so, that doesnt mean I can just get used to it, and thats why Im troubled right now.

And most importantly, if I accepted polygamy and responded to Isis-sans feelings…… Im more concerned about what Kuro would think.

I would need lots of courage to talk to her about it, however, not talking about it to her isnt an option.

So now, while Im alone with Kuro like this, the confession Ive received from Isis-san, and that Im still withholding my response…… and the fact that Im beginning to be attracted to Isis-san as well, Ive decided to talk about it to her without hiding anything at all.

I was quite nervous explaining to her about the situation, but Kuro didnt interrupt me and continued to silently listen.

When I finished explaining everything, I slowly let out a sigh.

[……And thats the situation…… Errr, Kuro…… Ummm, what do you think]

Feeling like a defendant waiting for the judges sentence, I wrung that question out of my mouth, and in response, Kuro turned towards me…… and brightly smiled.

[Isnt that good! For Isis to like you that much, as expected of Kaito-kun!]


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Arehh Her reaction is kinda different from what I was expecting.

How should I say this, I was expecting that she would scold me for being unfaithful or ask me if I even have the ability to cheat with two people or something like that…… Rather than that, doesnt she sound kind of happy

[K- Kuro…… Is that really fine with you]

[Eh What is]

[I- I mean, I- Im now Kuros boyfriend…… but dont you feel that me liking Isis-san is being unfaithful……]

[Why Id be happy if Kaito-kun and Isis became lovers…… Ahh, I see……. Speaking of which……]

Kuro, who has been tilting her head as if shes really wondering, seems to have gotten some idea and started thinking with her hand on her chin.

After a few moments of silence, Kuro returns her gaze to me and opens her mouth.

[……As I recall, in Kaito-kuns world, its normal to have only one marriage partner, right]

[Y- Yeah.]

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Of course, there are also some cases of people getting remarried, and I heard that there is polygamy in some other countries but…… At least, in modern Japan, monogamy is the norm.

When she saw me nod, Kuro crossed her arms and tilted her head in contemplation.

[Hmmm…… I see, so thats what troubles you……]

[……So, I thought Id ask Kuros opinion on that.]

[……Ive only heard about Kaito-kuns world from Shiro and the children who played the role of Hero in the past, so I dont know much about it but…… Hmmm. This is quite difficult. Kaito-kun, did you know that boys in this world marry more than one girl]


[Ive been living in this world my entire life. So, I cant help but think in terms of the common sense of this world, and since Kaito-kun is my first ever boyfriend, I dont think I can even say anything that would be very helpful. Sorry.]

Kuro knows a certain amount of things about my world, and she seems to have figured out what my problems are right away.

However, Kuro is still a resident of this world, so she cant help but think in a way that is closer to the common sense of this world.

I certainly feel like my thoughts are more drawn by the common sense of my original world at the moment, so I know how she feels…… It really seems like our ideas of love and marriage are different.

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[……For arguments sake though…… if I already have my lover named Kuro, but I also fell in love with Isis and went out with her…… No, if I marry a lot more, and not just you two…… What would Kuro think]

[I would obviously be happy.]

[Y- Youd be happy]

[Unnn. I mean, look, wouldnt that show that my beloved Kaito-kun is a fantastic boy who is liked by lots of girls]


Its like we have a very different way of thinking.

What I think was that dating more than one woman is being unfaithful, but when it comes to the people of this world, it seems to be a factor for a persons status, and something that isnt an object of jealousy.

I dont know if Kuro is the only one who thinks this way or if its also the same way for other people, but I think its best if I ask a few peoples opinion first.

[……And so, thats why I was consulting you……]

[E- Errr, Kaito-san Since when are you dating Underworld King-sama]

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[……Just the other day.]

[I- Is that so, congratulations. (The first one to make her move really is Underworld King-sama huh, well, I had some guesses seeing how Kaito-san is acting now but……. Mnngghh, small-statured women like her really must be Kaito-sans taste huh)]

Im currently standing before Sieg-san, who had a puzzled expression on her face.

I thought Id like to hear other peoples opinions as well, so after Kuro went home, I thought Id visit Sieg-san, explaining the situation to her and asked her about her opinion.

[So, if its alright with you, I was wondering if youd be willing to share your opinion……]

[E- Errr…… Why me (Are you sure youre not asking the wrong person)]

[Errr, Sieg-san kind of looks like a mature woman, so I thought you would be able to give me some good answers if I consult you about it……]

[I- I see. (Im sorry, thats impossible! Ive never been in a relationship before!)]

Im not sure if my question was too abrupt or not, but Sieg-san looks kind of troubled.

Of course, I dont intend to force her to answer about all sorts of stuff, but the first person who came to my mind when I thought of someone I can talk to was Sieg-san.

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[Of course, I still intend to figure it out on my own in the end, but if possible, Id like to discuss it with you for a bit…… Id like to have some advice……]

[L- Lets see. Errr… (Can you please not look at me with eyes full of expectations! Something, I need to say something……)]


[N- No, errr…… The difference in common sense between your world and Kaito-sans world, it may have been partly due to the fact that there are many women in this world, but I think its also due to the fact that there are many long-lived species existing here, just like my kin.]

I see, there certainly are many people in this world like the elves who are long-lived…… and even those who didnt have the concept of life span at all.

Thats also probably why other than the Humans in this world, the people of this world are quite calm in regards to the flow of time.

Even if youre married to many women, they must have some kind of wider range of senses in terms like how long they havent talked for a long time and how they havent seen each other lately.

[There certainly are some exceptions. For example, my father was only married to my mother…… but people like him are quite rare. In fact, people even call my father an eccentric for it.]

[……I see.]

[I also greatly feel like men are supposed to marry lots of women.]

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I guess thats really something that is obvious for the people in this world huh.

Hmmm, I wonder if its okay to like Isis-san too, without worrying about it No, it would be like putting the cart before the horse if I just decided to be ambiguous about it and end up making Kuro and Isis-san sad, so lets not slacken and properly think about it.

[……Theres something Id like to ask, just for reference though……]

[Yes, what is it]

[If, for example…… This is just for example, but if Sieg-san and I were lovers……]

[ ! (B- Being lovers with Kaito-san ……I- Im glad…… wait, stop thinking about that!)]

I decided to ask Sieg-san the same question I had asked Kuro.

[And even though were lovers, I was loved by another woman, and I also love that woman, how would Sieg-san feel]

[I would be very delighted to see that Kaito-san is liked by a lot of women…… (Or rather, thats pretty much the situation at the moment, isnt it)]

It seems that is really what she would think huh.

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The idea that its pleasing for a man to be liked by a lot of women isnt just Kuros, as Sieg-san also seems to have the same thoughts, and I felt a little bit comforted after hearing that.

[Thank you very much. Hearing your thoughts really helps me.]

[No, no…… Its just if you want to ask for advice for that, wouldnt it be better for Kaito-san to ask for the opinion of the same gender]

[I see! Youre right, thank you very much! As I thought, Im glad I talked to Sieg-san about it.]

[Thats something you dont really have to be that thankful though. (Im sorry. I just digressed and threw the conversation to other people. Im a coward…… So, could you please not look at me with glittering eyes! Im starting to feel like running away here, you know!)]

Indeed, if youre going to talk about these kinds of problems, its easier to talk about various things in depth with someone of the same gender.

And just as I heard about her mention it, I thought of the best person to talk to.

Thats right. Im going to consult with Orchid…… Orchid is married, has a gentle demeanor and is easy to talk to.

Dear Mom, Dad——- Ive started to think about my reply to Isis-san, but as someone who had a different common sense that Im accustomed to, its difficult for me to change it and Im quite confused. However, thanks to Sieg-san——– I now know who I should be talking to.

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And with that, Isis arc begins. Hey, Serious-senpai, its your turn.

Serious-senpai: [……No matter how I look at it, I dont see anything that will lead to anything serious…… It would turn into something like “Jealousy The heck is that”…… This is a gentle world afterall……]-

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