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I was dozingly waking up from my sleep…… but I stiffened.

Somethings strange…… Theres something different compared to the previous times Ive woken up…… I mean, why is Kuro clinging on my clothes while sleeping with me!

W- Wait a moment, lets get the situation straight. I told Kuro how I felt about her last night, and we became lovers. Until that point, I was really happy.

The problem is that after that long talk, I found Kuro, who should have gone home, was under my covers when I woke up in the morning…… It just doesnt make any sense.

Kuro is sleeping peacefully while clinging on my clothes but…… Doesnt she look a bit too cute while sleeping

Along with her originally cherubic face, she looks so cute while sleeping that she looks like a fairy, and moreover, what shes wearing is only what seems to be an oversized t-shirt.

Her bare thighs peeking out of the oversized shirt are very beautiful, and if I have to be clear about it…… Shes totally in my strike zone.

She looks really cute and defenseless, turning my rational mind on the verge of breaking down in an instant.

W- Would it be alright…… if I touch it for a bit I mean, were already lovers and Kuros so cute…… No, no, wait right there! Even if were lovers, thats something you cant do without the consent of the other person! You must still keep your manners especially to those who you are close with, so chill out, will you!

[……K- Kuro, errr, its morning already……]

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[……Unnyyuuuu…… F- “Five months” more……]

[Isnt that too long!]

As if shes feeling ticklish, Kuro moves her body and said that while half-asleep…… Or rather, 5 months…… Are you sure youre not talking about 5 minutes Perhaps, its just me who find 5 months too long as a human being……

Gently shaking Kuros body again, she slowly turns to me, her eyes half-opened.

[……Nyaahhh ……Ahh~ Its Kaito-kun~~]

[ ! ]

Looking completely sleep-deprived and making mushy comments as she sluggishly directed her eyes towards me, Kuro reached out to me.

When I didnt immediately understand the intent of her action and didnt make any reaction, Kuros hand slithered around my neck and pulled me in with a force that was completely impossible to resist.



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[Whamfff…… Chuuuu…… Nchyuuu……]

[ ~ ~ ! ! ]

Kuros lips met mine, and she continues to kiss me again and again.

One minute, shes nibbling on my upper lip as if shes play-biting it, but in the next moment, I felt her soft tongue enter my mouth.

A sensation so sweet, so soft, filling me with so much happiness that it almost feels like Im going to melt from within the core of my head, takes over my entire body from my lips and my face turns red as if Im about to explode.

As I lost myself in the momentary, yet seemingly eternal act that feels so sensual that it throws off my sense of time, Kuros half-open eyes gradually opened and she slowly pulled away from me.

I felt that its quite a shame when our lips parted ways, but I think it cant be helped…… Im a young man too, and I cant resist it if Im being kissed by someone I love.

[……Arehh Kaito-kun Good morning~~]

[G- G- G- Good morning!]

[Hmm Arehh, you somehow look really happy……]

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[I- I- Is that so I- I- I dont r- r- really know what youre talking about……]

Kuro seemed to be fully awake and as she cutely tilted her head at me, but just seeing her do that made me quite agitated.

Its not that I have done anything wrong, but I cant calm down at all…… H- How should I say this, it makes me realize once again how low my relationship experience is.

Also, Kuro, stop tilting your head in that baggy shirt…… Theyre going to slip off your shoulder……

Anyway, I decided to change the subject, though somewhat forcefully, because I knew it wouldnt be good to continue like this.

[R- Rather than that…… Kuro, are you bad with mornings]

[Hmm~ Its been a while since I slept, so I dont really know.]

It seems that for a high-ranking Demon like Kuro, eating and sleeping isnt a necessity, but rather, a hobby.

In fact, Kuro said she hadnt slept for hundreds of years or something like that.

[Kaito-kuns arm feels so warm and makes me feel so happy…… so without realizing it, I fell asleep~~]

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Why are you blushing while saying those kinds of lines! Could you please cut that out! My reasoning is about to be obliterated here, you know! Im already pretty close to death, you know!

Feeling embarrassed and itchy as if my head was about to let out steam, Kuro clapped her hands as if she suddenly remembered something.

[Thats right! Were going to have our date today, right!]

[Eh Ahh, unnn.]

[I have to go home and get dressed up! Ill be back in a moment!]

[R- Roger that.]

Kuro hurriedly announced that she would return once to get ready for our date, and I thought she was going to go home…… but just as she activated her Teleportation Magic, she erased the magic circle and turned to me with a smile.

[I almost forgot……]


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[Kaito-kun, Kaito-kun, get close a bit more.]

[What is it]

Leaning my head close to Kuro, who beckoned me to come up to her, she grabbed my clothes and raised her small body by leaning on her toes, putting her lips on my cheek.


[I still didnt give you my good morning kiss yet.]

No, you just dont remember it, but you did it a while ago.

However, such comments didnt come out of my mouth as I look at Kuros shy, bashful smile, just feeling the heat gather on my face.

[Well then, Ill see you later!]

[……Y- Yeah.]

Thereupon, Kuro cutely waved her had and left with a really happy smile. Seeing her leave, I just blankly stared at where she disappeared, putting my hand on the cheek she kissed.

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Were going to have to meet up with each other again to start our date, so I came to the fountain plaza where I met up with Kuro.

Come to think of it, this is where I first met Kuro…… At that time, I felt really confused about suddenly being brought to another world, so I never thought I would have any room in my heart.

However, Ive made progress with Kuro, and were now lovers…… Were now…… lovers……

Wait a second here. Clearly thinking about it, doesnt that mean this is our first date since we started dating

Eh W- What should I do…… W- We are lovers now, so it really should be different from the last time we went on a date, right However, what the heck am I supposed to do today

It feels miserable for me to say this, but Im a virgin, and I obviously never dated a girl before.

That means Kuro is my first girlfriend…… B- But what do lovers exactly do Or rather, what in the heck does being lovers mean!

T- This is bad, Im getting absurdly nervous here…… H- How am I supposed to talk to Kuro now I- Im the guy, so I really should be properly taking the lead huh

However, shes much older than me and she knows this world inside and out. Is there anything for me to lead her to

I did think about a date course, but w- would this really be okay Would Kuro enjoy it Im starting to get absurdly anxious here…… All the riajuus of the world, cant you at least give me some hint!!!

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With a renewed awareness of the fact that we are lovers, I took a deep breath in an attempt to calm myself down, as Im gradually getting more nervous.

But unfortunately, my nervousness doesnt stop the flow of time and the situation didnt wait for me to calm down.

[Kaito-kun! Sorry to keep you waiting~~]

[ ! ! ]

Turning my head to her voice…… I see an angel descend.

Along with a frilly tunic that makes her more feminine than usual, Kuro is wearing her trademark sleeveless black jacket that shes usually wearing in the public but…… S- Shes even wearing a skirt……

Yes, instead of her usual half-pants style, Kuro is wearing a pleated skirt, which is much more girlish, making Kuro who is already bizarrely cute, even more dazzling.

Unable to take my eyes off her, I stared at Kuro as I felt my heart greatly leaping, and I was only able to open my mouth after shes in front of me.

[……N- No, I just got here too so…… also, errr, your clothes.]

[I tried wearing something a little different today…… Does it look weird on me]

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[I- I think it looks good on you…… You l- look cute.]

[Ahh…… Ehehe, thanks! Kaito-kun always looks cool…… but you look cooler than before!]

[A- Ahhh, thanks.]

Our exchange of compliments to each other makes me feel incredibly itchy and I cant calm down at all.

T- This is what a real date is huh…… A- Am I going to be alright

Dear Mom, Dad—— I finally have my first girlfriend, and today is our first date since we became lovers…… is how it was supposed to be, but I feel so nervous, it feels like my mouth isnt working properly, my heart is racing, and I cant calm down at all. Or rather, cant you please answer me instead—— What do lovers do on their date!

Serious-senpai: [Ubfuoohh!]

L- Lolicon! Officers, its that way!!!

And with that, she dealt a light jab as an opening. The affectionate Kuro looks really cute.

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T/N: Posting this early coz Im filled up with some things. No bonus chapter today.-

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