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My date with Shiro-san started, but the scene suddenly changed to the beach.

Yes, even I dont know what the heck Im talking about…… but since its the truth, it cant be helped.

[……The sea huh.]

[Yes. Its the sea.]

[……But you cant swim here, can you]

[Swim ……Ah, I see.]

Yes, the place where Shiro-san brought me isnt a place suitable for swimming, and even though its certainly near the sea…… The place we are in now isnt on a beach where there are white sands spread out, but on a tall cliff near the sea.

I thought when she mentioned the sea (umi), shes talking about wanting to swim near the beach (umi), but it seems that it was just an idea.

(T/N: umi could mean both beach and sea.)

And then, Shiro-san stared at me again. She was silent for a while, probably looking into my memory again, and as if she decided something, she nodded her head.

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With a wave of Shiro-sans finger, the earth trembled…… and the tall cliff suddenly turned into a sandy beach. Eeeehhhh!

[With this, there shouldnt be a problem, right]

[No, I think there would be lots of problems……]

[Ill return it the way it was before, so isnt this alright]

[Thats the problem you saw!

Reshaping the earth in just an instant, this person really is a cheat. Its so amazing that it feels like shes overshadowing all the outrageous people Ive seen so far.

With the scenery changing into a white sandy beach, Shiro-san turned towards the dumbfounded me and waved her finger in my direction.

Thereupon, I found myself only wearing trunks…… Lets just stop being surprised at anything this person can do. Seriously. Im ready for anything you throw at me now.

After being surprised by my outfit, I turn my gaze to Shiro-san……

[ ! ]

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And I was at a loss for words.

Before I knew it, Shiro-san had also changed her clothes into a swimsuit. She was wearing a white ruffled swimsuit, a blue patterned pareo, and even a neat straw hat on her head.

Her beautiful skin, that looks like its sculpted by the hands of God, which is usually hidden beneath the priests robe, was exposed, revealing her ample breasts, looking like haloes of divinity, just not on top of her head.

[With this, we can go swimming, right]

[Eh A- Ahh, yes, y- y- youre right!]

[Is something the matter]

[Ah. no! Its nothing……]

Being suddenly spoken to as Im lost in my thoughts, my nervousness could be clearly seen on my face.

I cant really say that Shiro-san was too beautiful, that I ended up staring at her in fascination.

[I guess I should say…… Thank you for the compliments]

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[……Please dont read my mind.]

Its so embarrassing. What the heck is this shame play

Just thinking about how all my thoughts were read by her makes me feel embarrassed…… W- Well, the other partys Shiro-san, so I guess it cant be helped……

In front of me, who is blushing in all sorts of meaning, Shiro-san doesnt seem to mind, and makes a parasol and a vinyl sheet appears in front of me.

Thereupon, she turned to me and spoke with a blank expression on her face.

[Well then, shall we go swimming]

[Ah, yes. Youre right.]

[Before that though……]

[Eh Ehhhhh!]

With the wave of Shiro-sans finger, a gigantic sea snake with the head of a fish with a length of several meters long emerged from the sea before it disappeared.

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[I only asked it to move away while we bathed.]

[……To where]

[To another sea that “Ive just created”.]

[……I- I see……]

Even though I just said I wouldnt be surprised, Im sorry, I still got surprised.

W- Well, lets just think of this in a positive way. Lets just think about how we can now safely swim in the sea.

Anyway, pulling myself together, I decided to go into the sea with Shiro-san.

I dont know where this sea were swimming in right now, but the water temperature is a little warm and comfortable.

Arehh Come to think of it, I think Shiro-sans hair is so long that its reaching below her knees, so wouldnt it get in the way when she swims

[Shiro-sa—– n!]

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[What is it]

[N- No……]

Turning to Shiro-san, I saw that her hair, thats originally gleaming silvery-white, is now wet and shining along with the suns rays reflecting all the seawater on her hair.

Even though we just went into the sea, she looks like an artistic painting that an artist put all of his heart and all the other peoples hearts into.

Seriously, her physical appearance is too unfair, its like each of her actions is something out of a painting……

Her long hair was spreading out in the water, but Shiro-san didnt seem bothered by it.

Without doing anything, Shiro-san just let herself be drifted along in the water.

Shiro-sans face is still expressionless, but the corners of her mouth are slightly upturned, so it seems like shes also enjoying it.

[By the way, Kaito-san]

[What is it]

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[Should I do that swimsuit malfunction stuff…… that thing where my breasts would be exposed]

She suddenly started saying outrageous stuff again! Please dont read all the strange memories I have in my memories, will you!

I mean, its true that there were such cliches back in my world…… but just because it exists, please dont do it yourself.

[……Thats no good.]

[That wont do! Shallow Vernal-sama! Please dont make such immoral acts!]

[……Why are you here, Chronois-san]

[……I searched all the worlds oceans…… I guess searching around the world would even make me tired huh……]

Chronois-san suddenly appears, standing on top of the sea, flusteredly talking out Shiro-san into doing it.

It seems that after Shiro-san announced that we were going to the sea and disappeared, she searched all the worlds oceans,and looking closely, I could see sweat on her forehead and her shoulders were moving up and down.

Its just, errr, it might be bad for me to say this…… If youre going to stand on top of the ocean, please dont stand in the waters in front of me. Ummm…… I can see it.

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With the appearance of Chronois-san, to which I dont know where to look at, my inner turmoils are growing, while Shiro-san spoke with the same inflectionless voice as usual.

[You came at the right time. God of Time and Space, its almost time for lunch, so theres something Id like you to prepare for me.]

[Hahh! By your command!]

[Well then, make me a “beach house”.]

[……Huh E- Errr, please excuse my ignorance. Shallow Vernal-sama, what exactly is this bichows dish]

[Its not a dish. Im talking about a beach house.]

[……H- Hahhh……]

She just started demanding something outrageous! Beach house is well, no, it certainly is a standard when someone goes to swim on a beach, but this is a different world, you know! Chronois-san even thought that youre asking for a dish, you know!

Isnt this power harassment in some sort of way…… Anyway, I feel like I should help her out with this, but how exactly do I explain what a beach house is

[Errr, Chronois-san. A beach house is something you can find in my world…… H- How should I say this… I guess its something like a small dining hall]

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[I- I see…… Well then, Shallow Vernal-sama, what appearance do you want for this dining hall]

[The appearance of a beach house.]

[……Miyama, Im begging you. Help me out here.]

[Ah, yes.]

Isnt Chronois-san too pitiable! Shiro-san, cant you read between the lines at all, how the heck is she going to know what it looks like!

Errr, what should I do…… It would be best if I could just tell her the scene Im picturing in my head…… Ahh, an option like that does exist.

[Shiro-san, can you convey the information about the beach house in my memories to Chronois-san]

[Its possible.]

[Then, please do so.]

[I understand.]

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At the same time Shiro-san nods, Chronois-san gives me a somewhat surprised look.

Perhaps, my memory was already transmitted, as after a moment of silence, she turns to Shiro-san and gets down on one knee.

It would have been fine if it were in solid ground, but as shes kneeling down on top of the ocean and bowing down to Shiro-san, who is immersed in the water, the scene looks somewhat surreal.

[I understand. I will certainly provide Shallow Vernal-sama with something that will satisfy you.]

[I leave it to you.]

[Hahh! By the way, Miyama……]

[Eh Ah, yes]

[This may not be my place to say this…… But I cant compliment you on not going out much since you were a child, its not good for your health.]

[……Ah, yes.]

Can you not transmit any unnecessary memories! Chronois-san just looked like a teacher worried about her loner student, you know!

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Even as Im feeling inexplicably uncomfortable being exposed to her slightly pitying gaze, I nodded.

Just as Chronois-san was about to move and prepare the beach house, Shiro-san opened her mouth.

[Wait right there, God of Time and Space.]

[Huh Yes! What is it]

[Your garments are no good.]

[Huh My garments, is it]

[Yes. Youre on the beach, you should wear a swimsuit.]

[……Huh What!]

With a wave of Shiro-sans finger, Chronois-sans long-sleeved priests robes that she always wears…… in clothing that doesnt expose her skin at all, turned into a sporty type of swimsuit that clearly shows off her slender figure.

Chronois-sans waist is that thin! It really feels like she could be a model……

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[Sha- Sha- Shallow Vernal-sama! W- W- Why did you suddenly do that!]

[Youre on a beach, so wear a swimsuit.]

[H- H- However! I- I- I dont think feminine clothing that shows off a lot of skin like this suits me……]

Hurriedly hiding her chest and the lower half of her swimsuit with her hands, Chronois-sans face turned bright red as she said those words.

However, shes talking to the airhead goddess, as she doesnt seem to mind her at all and looks back at me.

[What do you think Kaito-san]

[Ehh Ah, errr……]

[Y- You should also clearly say it, Miyama! For me to wear something like this……]

[No, Chronois-san is tall and slender, so that swimsuit looks good on you and I think you look beautiful, you know]

[Wha! Mi- Miyama! Even you are going to tease me here too! Y- You Immoral b*stard!]

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Arehh Could it be that Chronois-san…… isnt used to being treated like a woman

Shes obviously agitated by something, and she seems to be more embarrassed than I would normally expect her to be……

[Well then, I leave the preparations to you.]

[H- However, this appearance is……]

[I leave the preparations to you.]

[……I- I respectfully obey. At once.]

Receiving Shiro-sans words which she indifferently told her, Chronois-san shoulders slumped in resignation, with her face still bright red.

Yep, I can feel the power relationship between them, and how should I say this…… Chronois-san is pitiful.

Dear Mom, Dad—— Even at the beach, Shiro-san was still the same airheaded cheat she was, as she just made Chronois-san who just appeared, do something absurd. Well, seriously—— Chronois-san is a pitiful person.

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The unspoken shame play assaults Chronois.

These are the breast size of the women that appeared in the novel in order.

Life = Lillywood

~~~The E-Cup Wall (Hereafter, the D-Cups)~~~

Shallow Vernal > Hina

~~~The D-Cup Wall (Hereafter, the C-Cups)~~~

Fate > Anima > Lilia > Aoi = Lunamaria > Eta = Theta

~~~The C-Cup Wall (Hereafter, the B-Cups)~~~

Neun > Sieg > Chris > Isis

~~~The B-Cup Wall (Hereafter, the A-Cups)~~~

This content is taken from li_ghtnovelworld.c__om

Ein > Alice > Kuromueina

~~~Just Bulges in the Wall (Hereafter, the p*ttankos)~~~

Razelia > ……Chronois

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