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When I walked out of the front door to go on a date with Shiro-san, I found a whole army of Gods outside…… I dont know why.

As I was standing there stunned, Chronois-san noticed me and turned around.

[Ahh, Miyama huh. Youre early.]

[Eh Ahh, errr, good morning. I cant keep Shiro-san waiting after all.]

[Umu, thats a good dedication you have there. Ill leave Shallow Vernal-sama to you for today.]

[Ah, yes.]

Chronois-san! The conversation itself sounds pretty normal but…… All the Gods eyes are focused on me now, you know!

Theyre looking at me with eyes that seem to ask “Who the heck is that guy”, you know!

When I replied to her while cold sweat dripped behind my back, Chronois-san nodded in satisfaction.

[Kai-chan, yaahhoo~~]

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[Good morning. Fate-san.]

[Do you want to go on a date with me next time And then, after we combine our bodies with each other, support me!]

[……Do you want me to call Kuro]

[Im sorry.]

Returning Fate-sans greeting, who spoke to me in the same lax tone as usual.

Thereupon, the woman with green hair approached me.

Shes a woman of about 160cm wearing a priests robe that clearly shows her body line, her green hair bundled up and flowing in front of her, and a gentle expression on her face…… And most importantly, a chest that I think is as large as Lillywood-sans .

N- No, its extremely rude to look at someones breast right when we first met but…… I guess Im still a young adolescent man, and when theyre that big, I cant help but look at them.

[Youre Miyama-san, arent you Introducing myself again, Im Life, and I have to role of being the God of Life. I wasnt able to give my greetings to you before due to some circumstances, but I am honored to meet you today.]

[Ah, yes. Its my pleasure…… Im Miyama Kaito. Its nice to meet you.]

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[……I guess thats one way to describe what happened before huh]

[……Even though youre just asleep……]

Life-san has a very calm voice and her gentle expression gives me the impression of the holy mother.

Her tone of voice is also polite and I get the impression that shes somehow able to do something if she puts her mind into something but…… Why do Fate-san and Chronois-san look amazed at her

[Please just call me by my name, Life, just like how you call the God of Time and Space and the God of Fate.]

[Ah, yes. Ill be in your care.]

[Yes, Ill also be in your care. May this day be a good one.]

[……Thats amazing, God of Time and Space. The God of Life looks like a proper God just now.]

[……If shes always like this, it will be a whole lot better……]

Holding the hand that Life-san offered me, we shook hands.

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For some reason though, Fate-san and Chronois-san looked dumbfounded, but I decided not to care about their reactions.

[Miyama, we will be around the perimeter today…… Ahh, dont worry. We will be in an appropriate distance away from you two, so as not to disturb you and Shallow Vernal-sama.]

[……H- Huhhh……]

[Alright, well then, go to Shallow Vernal-sama as soon as possible.]

[Ah, yes.]

Overwhelmed by that atmosphere of somehow not knowing whether Im given consent or not, I reflexively nodded and walked towards the gate.

Thereupon, the Gods who have gathered around the garden split off to the left and right, creating a path for me to walk on…… This doesnt make me calm at all though!

S- Seriously…… Is this day going to be okay

I had already expected that this would happen to some extent based on what Chronois-san and the others said, but when I arrived at the fountain plaza, our meeting place…… There wasnt even a shadow of a person around us.

Its as if the entire city is reserved for our private use, which made me dumbfounded, b- but anyway, Ill just have to think about making sure Shiro-san enjoys our date.

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By the way, as for why were meeting up here like this right now…… Its because Shiro-san said she wanted to do that “custom of a date” about saying the words “Sorry, did you wait” and “No, I came here just now.”.

Well, I still have 30 minutes before we meet up…… but Im already here, so its fine if she can already show up if she wants……

As I was thinking about this, light gathers in front of me, and from behind the light, Shiro-san appears.

[Im sorry. Did you wait]

[……N- No, I just got here.]

Shiro-san spoke to me with her usual inflectionless voice, to which I replied to her while a drop of sweat dripped on my forehead.

……Is it fine if I were to throw my tsukkomi at her

If she can move using that method, theres no way youre going to be late, right! This is the part where, even if its a lie, you can just walk towards our meeting place.

[……I see.]


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As if she heard my inner thoughts, Shiro-san clapped her hands and disappeared immediately afterwards.

And soon after, I heard small footsteps coming from behind me.

[Im sorry. Did you wait]

You started over! Eh Take two Are we going to have a take two

[N- No, Ive just arrived.]

[Good morning, Kaito-san.]

Thats one swift way to switch conversation! Geez, its like you just want to do that event, and now that you finished it, you immediately switched topics.

A- As expected of Shiro-san…… I cant predict her actions at all.

[Ah, yes. Good morning. I will be in your care for today.]


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Come to think of it, Shiro-san is dressed in her usual priests robe.

I was expecting her to wear something different than usual, so Im certainly surprised…… though Im also a bit disappointed.

With Shiro-sans appearance, it seems like other clothing would also look good on her, and Id like to see them……



Arehh Why do I feel like Shiro-san is intensely staring at me What is she doing

Tilting my head at the way Shiro-san quietly stared at me, she lightly shook her fingers…… and in an instant, the clothes shes wearing changed.

An elegant white dress and a short coat with a chic hue…… I think it was called a duffle coat Her clothes changed into those.

[Well then, this should do.]

[Ah, yes. Errr, they really look good on you.]

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[Thank you.]

Rather, arent those clothes from my world Was the reason she was staring at me earlier was to find out what to wear among the clothings in my memory and make it herself! S- Seriously, this person is like a cheat incarnate.

No, but even so…… Shiro-sans unfair. Her appearance is too perfect.

Her proportions and face are perfect, so shell definitely look good in anything she wears…… If Im being honest, shes really beautiful, and looking at her beauty in front of her makes me embarrassed.

[Now then, Kaito-san. Before we begin our date, Id like to ask you something.]

[Eh Ah, yes. What is it]

[What do you do on a date]

[Were starting from there!]

I cant help but tsukkomi at Shiro-san, who nonchalantly told me with an unchanging expression.

You just went with the date without knowing what it is! Asking me what youre supposed to do on a date right on the very same day of the date is too unexpected, you know!

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[Yes, I only know that it starts with the meeting and it ends in a “hotel”.]

[Please immediately discard that perception of yours.]


With a straight face, Shiro-san started to say something outrageous…… Yep, I should have expected that this would happen to some extent.

Anyway, it seems like I would be the one leading the date today.

However, Ive only been on a single date before…… that time when I went out with Kuro, so I cant really call myself experienced, and leading the date might be tough for me.

Ah, thats right! Shiro-san can read my memory, so she can get a vague idea of what I think our date should look like……

[Anyway, Shiro-san. Do you have somewhere you want to go If theres a place you want to go, Shiro-san, well go there first.]

[I see…… then, lets go to the “beach”.]


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At that moment, I think I heard the sound of someone tumbling down behind me, and when I glanced back, I saw Chronois-san lying on the ground in the distance.

A- As expected of Shiro-san…… What a frightening airhead, she is.

For her to render all the preparations Chronois-san and the others useless right from the start……

[E- Errr, I dont really mind but…… I- Isnt the beach far from here]

[That wont be any problem.]

Theres no sea around the royal capital of Symphonia Kingdom, and from what I saw on the map, it seemed to be pretty far away, so even though I knew it would be useless and thinking about the stuff Chronois-san and the others did for this day, I asked her about it.

However, thats where Shiro-san, the God of Creation, lightly waved her finger, and in an instant, the landscape around us changed and the blue sea and the scent of saltwater spread out in front of me.

Dear Mom, Dad——- My date with Shiro-san has begun, though I guess its to be expected from the airhead goddess, she started saying outrageous things right from the start. A- Anyway, our date started—— and we went to the beach.

Serious-senpai: “Its impossible!!! Against her, its impossible!!! She would pulverize everything, she would break everything to pieces…… The God of Creation is scary……”

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Still the same airhead Goddess as always…… Chronoiss stomach just died at that moment.

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