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Its the third day since I came to visit Isis-sans castle…… Time sure flies, as Ill be already leaving in a few hours.

I think the reason I feel sad about that is that I really enjoyed spending time with Isis-san.

We read lots of books together and shared our thoughts. We went to the jewel mines together and acquired many jewels, including the one for Lilia-san.

On the second day, Isis-san came over while I was bathing again…… in the end, we bathed together again, making my reasoning on the verge of collapsing once again.

Truly, in these two days…… Im together with Isis-san the whole time.

Its not like I dont like it though, and in fact, those times were really calming and filled me with happiness.

Currently, Isis-san and I are standing side by side in the highest room of the castle, looking at the scenery, as if were making use of the time we have left together until Lillywood-san comes to pick me up.

Without rejecting Isis-san, whos holding my hand and gently leaning her body close to me, I gently squeeze her hand back.


[I will still be coming. As often as I can……. This place has been remembered by my Teleportation Magic after all.]

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With Isis-sans permission, Ive memorized the entrance of the castle as a Teleportation point with my magic tool.

From now on, I wont need to ask Lillywood-san to guide me, and I can just come and visit easily.

Isis-san was really happy about that, repeatedly nodding with a cute smile on her face.

[……Will you read…… together with me…… again]

[Of course.]

[……Will you eat…… together with me…… again]

[Isnt that obvious]

[……Will you take a bath…… together with me…… again]

[Uuuhhh….. O- Of course.]

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Only at her final question, I couldnt give an immediate answer.

Well, Im obviously still a healthy young man…… I would be rejoicing if a beautiful girl is taking a bath together with me but…… In Isis-sans case though, she is truly pure and defenseless, and I cant think any wicked thoughts for her.

Thats why I feel like my mind and reason are being slowly chipped off, making me feel burned out.



Even the silence that comes within our time is comfortable, while the warmth of Isis-sans body gently soothes my heart.

Even as I feel like passing through time like this forever, time still flows and the time for me to return is getting closer and closer.

Right around that time, Isis-san and I sensed that Lillywood-san appeared at the entrance of the castle, and just as we started walking towards her filled with reluctance to part ways……. Isis-san pulled my hand.



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Isis-sans body gently stepped forward and immediately afterwards, a soft, slightly damp feeling touched my cheek.

When I finally understood that it was Isis-sans lips, I felt my face heating up that it almost feels like Im boiling.

[……Ive grown to love Kaito…… much…… much more than…… before Kaito came.]

[…….I…… sis–san.]

[……Ill always…… be waiting…… Kaito…… I love you.]

Isis-sans smile as she told me that was many times more beautiful than the fleeting snows falling around us, drawing my eyes away from other things.

Meeting eyes with each other as Isis-san smiles, within the sweet and warm atmosphere…… A confused voice rang out.

“……Ummm…… Errr, should I come back later”

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[Uwaaahhh! Li- Lillywood-san!]

When I turned around, there was Lillywood-san who looked very awkward, and I hurriedly explained myself.

[Thank you for sending me off.]

“……No, Im the one who should be thanking you. This is the first time Ive seen Isis looking so happy. Its all thanks to Kaito-san.”

While we bought some souvenirs and other items along the way, Lillywood-san dropped me off at the gate, and we exchanged our thanks.

My first visit to the Demon Realm was full of surprises and happiness, but more importantly, I really enjoyed the time I spent with Isis-san and wanted to come back to visit.

Smiling at Lillywood-san who repeatedly thanks me, I slowly approach the gate and return to the Human Realm.

In an instant, the landscape around me changed…… but in that instant, I immediately noticed something out of place.

There were supposed to be so many people here when I came here before, but now, there wasnt a single person around the big gate.

As I put myself on guard before that uncanny scene, the sound of dry applause resounded.

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[……How terrific. Miyama Kaito.]

[……Phantasmal King.]

With her high-pitched voice, the scene in front of me distorted, and the Phantasmal King appears, dressed in a robe riddled with chains.

[I never thought that Magnawell would like you so easily…… Good gracious, I can no longer find any more words to praise you.]


[Dont stare at me that hard, youre making my heart skip a beat.]

[……What do you really want……]

Shes still the same uncanny fellow as always, even knowing my encounter with Magnawell-san in the Demon Realm like its obvious.

Seriously, shes the only person I dont know the reason why shes approaching me for.

Last time we met, shes saying that she wanted to ascertain something but…… Does that mean that it was also a part of the trial that this fellow is talking about

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[……Miyama Kaito…… Do you think theres power dwelling within your hearts]


[With the heart…… within that fragile body of yours, I want to find out if you can be the unique one who can stand in the same field as the Six Kings.]


While announcing this, the Phantasmal King slowly moves her feet and heads towards the huge gate.

Then, after she moved right before the gate, she began walking up the pillar as if to say gravity doesnt exist.

[Ah, yes, thats what Im here for, wasnt it What, its not that big of a deal…… All I want for you to do is “take down Kuromueina”.]


As she vertically walked along the pillar, sounding somewhat amused, the Phantasmal King declared with her uncanny voice.

She wants me to take down Kuro……

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[Whoa there, thats a bad way to say it. Its not like I want you to hurt Kuromueina or anything like that.]


[Lets see…… The most appropriate way to say it should be……. Yeah, lets go with that. “I want you to save Kuromueina.”]

[Save…… Kuro]

I seriously dont know what this persons talking about.

Shes telling me to save Kuro, but what exactly does she mean by that

[……I can understand your doubt. But Im sorry, I cant tell you everything right now…… However, this is the only thing I can say to you. I believe that you are the only person in this world right now who has a chance of dispelling Kuromueinas darkness.]

[……Dispelling Kuros darkness]

[However, there are still some hesitations within me. I can certainly say that youre a talent more outstanding than I ever imagined…… However, its still not enough to match against Kuromueina.]


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It doesnt feel like the Phantasmal King is speaking ill of me…… My Sympathy Magic cant read her emotions well, but I understand that shes speaking her true feelings.

The Phantasmal King then stops around the middle of the gate, she slowly turns toward me before she continues speaking.

[…….Thats why, show me that the wings youve gained arent vanity-painted falsehoods, but the real one that wont burn when you get close to the sun……]

[So…… You still want me to go through more trials, is what youre saying]

[Yes, that is so. However, you have already gone through three trials. You only have to pass “two more”…… I have high hopes for you. Overcome all my trials and stand before me……]

[……After I overcome all these trials…… Im going to hit you in the head once.]

In her high-pitched voice, the Phantasmal King announced that there are still two more trials.

The first trial is that attack, the second is Megiddo-sans invasion, and the third one is the encounter with Magnawell-san…… If this is the case, the Phantasmal King will probably appear once in front of me when I finish a trial.

Considering what has happened so far, Ive decided that those trials are something I can hardly escape from, so I just said those few words while glaring at the Phantasmal King.

[I dont mind. No, rather, Ill gladly accept it, you can hit me as much as you want.]

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[……Are you being serious]

[Of course. If you have overcome all my five trials…… As your reward, “I will pledge my allegiance to you.”]


[If you ask me to be beaten by you, then I will be beaten. Ask me to show you my face, and that, I will do, and if you ask me to hold you in my embrace, I will gladly give myself to you…… I promise to be yours.]

[……E- Errr…… what the heck are you……]

Did this guy just start saying incomprehensible things!

Eh If I survive all of her trials, the Phantasmal King will be mine The heck is that, thats scary.

Receiving my astonished gaze, the Phantasmal King disappears and immediately appears in front of me.

She should have been close by, but her face hidden beneath her hood seems to be covered with a black haze, so I cant see her face at all.

[ ! ]

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[But for now, I will give you your reward for overcoming your third trial.]

[……This is]

The bundle of paper held out to me that the Phantasmal King claimed to be my reward, what was written on them makes no sense to me, but I know that its information about something.

Seeing me tilting my head, the Phantasmal King said something unbelievable.

[……Its the information about the person who plotted against the Second Division that Lilia Albert once led four years ago.]


[Of course, that alone cant be used as proof of anything. However, if you show it to someone familiar with the underworld…… You might be able to find the culprits tail.]


Seriously, how much does this guy know For her to even know about the identity of the Lilia-sans target of revenge that she has been looking for……

It seems that the story about all information being gathered by the Phantasmal King isnt a lie.

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After confirming that I received the bundle of papers, the Phantasmal King quietly turns around.

[……Well then, Miyama Kaito. After you passed your fourth trial, lets meet again.]


With that, the Phantasmal King disappeared.

Leaving another mystery within my mind……

Dear Mom, Dad——- On the way back from Isis-sans castle, the Phantasmal King appeared in front of me for the third time. As usual, I didnt know what this persons thinking, and her true intentions were ultimately unknown to me. Seriously, of all the people I met——- Shes a being filled with mysteries.


Phantasmal King: “Magnawell liked him too! Amazing, amazing! For him to be liked this fast, as expected of he who exceeds my expectations! Ahh, if you stare at me that much, I will get embarrassed, you know As I thought, hes really dreamy…… but however, I still want you to show me even more of your potential, you know If its you, I think you can do it. If you work hard enough, I will be~~ come~~ yours~~.]

Isnt this person coming out just to say how much she likes Kaito

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