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Chapter 1228 - A Moment with Dr. Vier - Part 1

The day after my meeting with Akane-san, I visited Dr. Vier. Even though it was an after-the-fact agreement, the reason for my visit was that I had told Akane-san that I would introduce her to Dr. Vier, so I came to tell her about it.

[Heehhh…… A trading company run by an otherworlder child huh, that sounds kind of interesting.]

[Yes, Akane-san herself was quite an interesting person…… Ah, regarding the injury of Akane-sans subordinate……]

[Its hard to say without seeing it in person, but well, I think it should be alright. It would be tricky if there was some kind of Recovery Obstruction or Causality Fixation mixed in, but if not, it should be a quick fix.]

[Im glad to hear that…… Well then, Ill ask Akane-san when shes available and guide her here, okay]


Nodding with a smile, Dr. Vier placed herb tea and cookies in front of me. Taking a sip of the delicious herb tea, I casually glanced over and suddenly saw a stack of papers on a different table from the one where Im drinking tea.

For a moment, I thought they were medical records…… but the shape of the paragraphs makes it look more like an essay or a thesis.

[Dr. Vier…… what are those]

[Unnn Ahhh, theyre my medical research…… Unnn, well, when I said research…… Its like, one of those that I eventually would like to publicize to others. Thats why, I was writing a thesis.]

[Like a new method of treatment]

[No, its not that. How should I say this…… Its thanks to Miyama-kun and Noir-san, or rather, I guess you could say its a byproduct of Noir-sans treatment]

Saying that, Dr. Vier moved to the shelf instead of the desk, took out some bottles and laid them out in front of me.

[You see, Noir-sans anemia may have improved dramatically, but she has become even pickier with her food than before…… To be honest, shes already at the point where she wont drink blood unless its mixed with Miyama-kuns blood. For a vampire, finding blood that has the best affinity with them was quite the blessing…… but well, if we just let them drink normally, no matter how much stock of blood there is, it will never be enough.]

[……Fumu fumu.]

[And so, while I was trying to figure out how to work around that…… Ive created a potion that, when added to a drop of blood, reproduces the taste of that blood while also providing the patient magic power, so I thought Id present it and share the information…… Even though someone being bad at drinking blood like Noir-san is rare, if theres a vampire in a situation where they cant get a lot of blood compatible with them, they could use this, and with its pretty low cost, they can save blood.]

[I see.]

Its true that the number of people who would need it is limited, but its still a medicine that would be helpful to have. If she publicizes it, it will help people who have symptoms like Noir-sans.

[How should I say this…… Thats quite admirable…… That kinda reaffirms that Dr. Vier is an excellent doctor.]

[Ahaha, thats an exaggeration. But, thanks…… Well, putting that aside……]

[Unnn Why did you move your chair next to me]

I tilted my head when Dr. Vier suddenly placed a chair next to me for some reason. Shes already sitting in her own chair, and the newly placed chair isnt really in a position where she could drink tea…… or rather, its right next to me.

As I was wondering what was going on, a smiling Dr. Vier sat down in the chair and leaned her body over me, holding my arm in a tight hug.

[D- Dr. Vier W- What are you suddenly doing……]

[Unnn What is]

[No, why are you suddenly hugging me and leaning on my shoulder]

[Eh ……Is there any other reason other than wanting to be lovey-dovey with my lover who came to see me]

[……I- I dont think theres any other reason.]

Rather than her doing a surprise attack, Im more surprised that she did such a thing as if its the most obvious thing in the world.

Dr. Vier doesnt seem to be particularly bothered by this, and acting pampered, she pressed her head against me like a cat marking me her own. To be honest though, she looked very cute and my heart is beating fast upon the series of surprise attacks from her.

She also smells insanely good, and from the arm being hugged by her, I could feel her warm and soft……

[Unfortunately, I still have an appointment this afternoon, so I wont be able to relax that much.]

[Ah, youre right. Youre quite busy, arent you]

[Unnn, unnn, so…… How about it As for me, Id like to get some energy from Miyama-kun to get through the afternoons work!]

[What do you mean]

[……Do you want me to say it]


I felt my face heat up when I saw Dr. Vier caressing her own lips in a gesture that felt a little bewitching. Seriously, Dr. Vier really is the kind to charge forward…… Or rather, shes a very active type of person in matters related to love, so these abrupt gestures and words are making my heart skip a beat.

Anyhow, I couldnt betray the expectations of Dr. Vier as she looked at me with an upward glance, so I gently brought my face close to Dr. Vier and kissed her on her lips.

Serious-senpai : [Guaaaahhh! A- A Sweetness Feint…… D- Did they see through my actions……]

: [Senpai, Senpai….. See the “Part 1” over there]

Serious-senpai : [Noooooooooooo!]-

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