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Chapter 0.13 - Volume 13 Illustrations (may contain spoilers)

Heres Volume 13. Spoiler Alert! This illustration page may contain spoilers that the readers havent read about yet.

Alice and Iris.

The War Kings Five Generals

Kaito: For me owo

Anima vs Epsilon

Kaito on a date with a furry

……Imma be honest with you, if the people back in the discord server didnt say shes Funf, I would have thought shes Neun. I still cant tell the difference between the two of them if theyre not colored images.

Vier: Dafuq Neun, I know men loves gundam, but that doesnt mean you gotta use that to reduce Miyama-kun

Lilia seeing anything dragon-related: SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!


One of the War Kings Five Generals, also known as the “Ironblooded”. A unique species of Demon. Hes a muscular, old heavy warrior who fights with a battle-axe…… or so he looks like, but in fact, hes the second youngest of the War Kings Five Generals, with Kong younger than him. Eta and Thetas former superior.


One of the War Kings Five Generals, also known as the “Gallant”. His species is called Imperial Kong. He is a musclehead who doesnt think too deeply about things. He looks up to Ozma, who trained him, calling him “Aniki”. Hes the youngest of the Five Generals.


One of the War Kings Five Generals, also known as the “Absolute Ice”. Her species is called Ice Oni. She has a quiet and calm personality, but even though she appears cool on the surface, she holds quite the fire in her heart. Like the other subordinates of the War King, she loves fighting and training. She wields a large naginata as a weapon, and her technique is one of the best in the Demon Realm.


One of the War Kings Five Generals and their Head Subordinate, also known as the “Hell Fire”. A unique species of Demon. Shes the close friend of Nidzveld, one of Dragon Kings Executives, and they sometimes train together. She fights barehanded, attacking with strikes that are covered with flames.

Kaito and Anima

Design for their outfit in the Six Kings Festival-

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