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After the singing battle…… No, I kinda dont want to call this music showdown a singing battle…… After the “SINGING battle” was over, I decided to say hello to Megiddo-san and congratulate him on his victory.

……Well, Im not going with everyone for this. Im just going to go and say a quick hello……


[Megiddo-san, hello. Congratulations on your victory.]

[Ohh, if it isnt Kaito! Thanks……. Even so, I didnt expect Shalltear would show up here. Thanks to that, it was a fun battle…… Well, I do have some reservations about the fact that she gave away the win.]

[She gave away the win]


When I called out to him, Megiddo-san smiled brightly and responded. It seemed he was happy that he got to fight Alice, but it feels like he was a bit dissatisfied.

Hes saying she gave away the win, does that mean Alice lost on purpose Well, Alice certainly wouldnt care about winning or losing in a tournament like this.


[Yeah, she sang in a way that complemented my singing, even though she had a voice and presence opposite mine. Thats why, my singing sounded more like the main center of the performance, you know]

[I did feel that Megiddo-sans singing was better than hers in terms of volume…… but I didnt realize that she was losing on purpose.]

[That Shalltear fellow did it really well. Not just Kaito, I dont think most people wouldnt realize it. The only one among the judges who noticed it was Blossom. See, thats why she gave her full marks to Shalltear and not me.]

[I see.]

When Megiddo-san explained it to me, I understood. Indeed, their voices were beautifully harmonized, and Megiddo-sans voice left a stronger impression on me.

It was because Alice sang that way…… that only Blossom-san noticed it and gave Alice a perfect score for her technique.


[Well, even so, she really is skillful in that battle. She was even thinking about how the song would sound from a distance, and I cant help but feel impressed by that.]

[Heehhh…… Well, Im glad you had fun.]

[Yeah! However, the other world sure has some interesting stuff! Singing while fighting might sound simple in words, but when I actually tried it, there are a lot of tactics at play and its a very deep subject. Maybe I should build an arena dedicated for this back in my city……]


……Theyre having a huge misconception, but just like Megiddo-san, it seems like most people, including the audience, seem to think that SINGING battles exist in my world.

I guess RINGTOSS and other stuff like that were spread along through misconceptions like this……


[Speaking of which, Kaito, what are you going to do now Im not going to participate any more, but Im going to watch more of this SINGING battle for a while longer.]


Well, this was clearly a performance that Megiddo-san would like, so Megiddo-san staying here and watching this performance for a while more certainly was like him.

I mean, hes probably seriously planning to build a dedicated facility for SINGING battle in his city.


[Were planning to visit Fairy Princess Tirtania-san next.]

[Hoohhh, so youre going to listen to the Fairy Orchestra huh.]


I heard about it from Eingana-san, but the musical group made up of fairies led by Tir-san…… the Fairy Orchestra seems to be a group famous in the world, so their performance here in the Harmonic Symphony was popular.


[The Fairies are also famous for the musical instruments they make. The instruments made by fairies are especially beautiful, with clear high notes. Their performances in the Harmonic Symphony were basically conducted with instruments made by Fairies, so if you pay attention to their high notes, you will enjoy the performance.]

[……I- I see.]

[What The heck is with that strange expression of yours]


No, I already knew this. I knew in my head that Megiddo-san is really knowledgeable about music and art, and that he knows enough to talk about things like this.

However, with Megiddo-sans appearance…… Im sorry, but knowing stuff like that doesnt really suit him……

While I was thinking like this, Alice suddenly appeared beside me and spoke with an astounded expression on her face.


[No, Megiddo-san. Ive said this many times before, but look in the mirror. That aint the face of someone who should talk about music. Youre like, 80% gorilla.]

[……Why 80%]

[Its because the 100% gorilla became your subordinate…… Well, putting him aside, even if you say that with that musclehead max of a face of yours, it really feels out of place. Thats why Kaito-san had that complicated look on his face, you know]

[……You b*stard, youve been at it since earlier, you picking a fight]

[If its a fight you want, Ill give it to you…… is what Id like to say, but lets not do it here, okay]

[……Youre right…… I certainly am having this bad feeling.]


Whats with that Thats a strange conversation theyre having. I thought they were going to start a fight like they did at the Six Kings Festival, but they both settled their differences.

I tried looking in the direction they glanced earlier, but was there something over there








Serious-senpai : [……Why didnt they fight]

: [Well…… I felt Kuros magic power nearby, so if we started fighting, wed immediately be beaten to a pulp.]

Serious-senpai : [……Ahh, I see.]


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