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Thanks to Gluttony-sans Teleportation Magic, we arrived at the area where Jutia-san is in charge of in an instant, and it was, how should I say this…… An overwhelming sight.

The area was lined with trees and looked somewhat like a plaza in a forest, but what was most impressive was the overwhelming number of Spirits around.

The numbers of the Spirits flying around here and there was even greater than what I saw back at the Sacred Tree Festival, and this was likely a large gathering of Spirits from the Spirit Trees, not only from Rigforeshia, but also from those in the Demon Realm and other places.


[This is quite an amazing sight.]

[So many Fairies…… Its so sparkly and beautiful.]


As I was overwhelmed by the sight of the vast number of Spirits flying around, Hina-chans eyes lit up as well, seemingly moved.


[I wonder what theyre presenting here From what I see, it feels like the stage is more of an open space……]

[About that, about that, you see, were all going to sing!]

[ [ [ [ [ [ ! ] ] ] ] ] ]


Immediately after Sieg-sans muttering, a familiar voice came from behind us. It was so unexpected that everyone was surprised and turned around to see Jutia-san with a bright smile on her face.

[Sorry, sorry, did I startle you I knew someone was coming through Teleportation Magic, and I got curious and came to check it out. And then, and then, I saw that its people Im familiar with, so I called out to you. Welcome, welcome, Im happy to meet you again.]

[So thats how it is. Once again, hello, Jutia-san. I had been in your care back at the White God Festival.]


It seems that Jutia-san sensed our teleportation and came to talk to us. As usual, she was cheerful, kind and easy to talk to.


[J- Jutia-sama! T- Thank you very much for that time.]

[If I remember correctly, youre the High Elf Sieglinde, right Im glad to see youre doing well.]


Responding to the nervous Sieg-san with a bright smile, Jutia-san turned to me and spoke.


[Were almost ready to start, so have fun if youd like. Speaking of which, speaking of which, Im going a bit off-topic, but are you attending the tea party as well, Kaito]

[Ah, yes. I intend to.]

[I see, I see, Im looking forward to it then. I always look forward to the tea party every time the Harmonic Symphony is held, and Ive prepared some of my favorite teas for this year too.]

[Ive also prepared a very special tea.Its a really amazing item. I dont know if you already know about it, but it was a tea praised by Kuros…… the Underworld Kings camps Ein-san as one that revolutionizes tea.]

[…………………..Eh Really That Ein-sama said that]


Those were just casual remarks. To be honest, I cant really say Im not bragging about Nebula……

However, upon hearing my words, the smile Jutia-san had on her face a moment ago disappeared, and she looked truly astonished, which I can say was the first time I had ever seen such an expression on her face.


[Youre talking about that Ein-sama, right Ive met her a few times, and I can say that she has mastered all kinds of tea…… and that Ein-sama praised that tea as one that revolutionizes tea I- Is there really such an amazing tea K- Kaito, what in the world is that……]

[H- Hmmm, I could certainly tell you that here…… but since theres an opportunity for that anyway, why dont we save it for the tea party later]

[Uuuuu, indeed, I guess we really should save the fun for later. H- Hmmm, Im curious, Im curious, but Im going to hold back.]

[I will immediately show it to Jutia-san when the tea party starts, so please look forward to it.]

[Alright. Im extremely, extremely looking forward to it!]


I actually brought some cans as a souvenir for people asking about it like Jutia-san, and I could explain and give it to her here……but I think it would be better to have her actually drink it before giving it to her.


[Oops, well then, well then, its about time I get ready, so everyone, enjoy yourselves!]

[Ahh, Jutia-san, Im sorry for bothering you when youre busy, but would you mind giving Sieg-san your autograph]

[Oyo My autograph Its alright, its alright, thats not that big of a deal.]


It looked like Jutia-san was going to go back already, soI decided to ask for her autograph in Sieg-sans stead.

Hearing my words, Sieg-san happily took out a piece of colored paper and handed it to Jutia-san, who signed it without hesitation.


[Well then, well then, see you later~~]

[Yes. Thank you very much.]


After thanking Jutia-san, who left with a bright smile and a wave of her hand, we followed the Spirits lead and moved to the center of the plaza to wait for the performance to begin.









Serious-senpai : [Speaking of which, what happened to those extras that were supposedly for the popularity poll]

: [Ahh~~ The author has been updating it bit by bit in between the daily updates, but they currently have a progress of about 20,000 words for Isis-sans extra chapter, so I guess it will be a while before that gets posted.]

Serious-senpai : [I see, well, it cant be helped since the author had been updating every day…… Wait, the heck did you just say]

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: [They currently have a progress of about 20,000 words for Isis-sans extra chapter……]

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