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As we evacuated while Lilia-san is talking (physically) with Lunamaria-san, only us three people of the same homeworld unintentionally walked around the mansion.

Come to think of it, I hadnt really talked to Kusonoki-san or Yuzuki-san. Kusonoki-san and I talked for a bit last night, but our conversation didnt really mesh well. I guess I should apologize for that first.

[Ahh~ Errr, Kusonoki-san. Yesterday—- “Im sorry.” —-Arehh]

I wanted to apologize for the way I had unintentionally made her feel uneasy, but for some reason, she apologized first.

[It was Miyama-san who had a hard time because I suddenly asked a strange question last night……]

[Ah, no, I should be the one apologizing instead. I dont know why I said that. I may look calm for Kusonoki-san and the others even though Im pretty confused myself…… I wasnt able to explain what I thought that well.]

[No, I dont think what you said is unreasonable.]

[……Like, Im being left behind here. Aoi-senpai, Miyama-senpai, when did you talk with each other]

The atmosphere that had become a little stiff because of last nights conversation somehow seemed to ease up a little after we apologized to each other. Yuzuki-san, who doesnt know about the situation, asked us with a curious look on her face, but there was another thing that was bothering me. Or rather, Ive been wondering about it since yesterday.

[We just ran into each other in the hallway last night and talked for a bit. Rather than that, Ive been wondering…… Why are you calling me senpai, Yunoki-san]

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[Eh I mean, Miyama-senpai is an alumni from our High School, right]


[Eh Yuzuki-chan, is that true!]

[Ah, yes. I think……]

I was honestly surprised by Yuzuki-sans words, which she told me like it was obvious. Im indeed a graduate from the same high school theyre going to, but I graduated three years ago, and I didnt think that two of the current students would know about it.

[Its certainly true that I went to the same high school as the two of you, but I graduated three years ago……]

[Well, I wasnt really sure at first, but I thought it was because you matched the characteristics Id heard about from my brother.]

[Your brother]

Another strange word suddenly came out. Im not proud of it, but I should have been a student without any particular characteristics back in high school. I didnt take part in any club activities, my grades were going back and forth, there werent any big episodes that happened in my life and Im sad to say it myself, but I was lonely and didnt have a lot of friends.

In fact, Im still desperately searching my memory, trying to remember the person who could possibly be Yuzuki-sans brother, but I honestly cant think of anyone.

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[Yes. I heard that someone had a big scar from the right ear to his neck, so I thought that its you.]

[……That certainly is a recognizable trait, but I still dont have any idea who could Yuzuki-sans brother be……]

Its true that I had an accident a long time ago that left a huge scar from my right ear to my neck. It may be understandable for her to recognize based on outer appearance, but to have listened about it enough for her to remember it, Yuzukis brother may have been talking about me quite often. For someone like me who felt that dividing the class into groups is nothing but bullying, I honestly dont have any idea who that is.

[He used to complain that youre always falling asleep in class and that no matter how many times he warned you, you never stopped……]

[……Ah, I see. President huh……]

When I was in my second year of high school, I was hooked on MMO—- internet games, so to speak, and I was living a life where my nights and days were almost reversed. I was playing games all night while I slept at school. Looking back on it now, I may have been extremely unserious back then, in the time when I was treating lightly of the world, the so-called “rebellious period”. The teacher also gave up and didnt say anything to me when I went to bed, no matter how many times they warned me.

However, there are serious people in the world, only the Class President has been warning me every single day…… I was only feeling irritated at that time, but now that Ive mentally calmed down, I began to feel sorry for him. Looking back, the Class Presidents surname certainly is Yuzuki. I was only calling him chairman and Id never really had much conversation with him outside of that, so Id completely forgotten.

[Miyama-san…… What are you going to school for……]

[No, well, I have lots of things back then…… Yuzuki-san, please tell him my apologies when we come back to our world a year later.]


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Kusonoki-san, who probably has a serious character, was staring at me while Yuzuki-san bitterly smiled and returned an exaggerated salute.

Im afraid I wont be able to take the position of the dependable senpai, but thanks to my conversation with the two of them, I felt that the distance between us has shortened for a little bit.

When we returned to that room earlier after briefly strolling around the mansion, Lilia-san greeted us with a gentle smile on her face. Its a smile that really shows her elegance and the sweetness of a noble…… Lets just pretend we didnt see something lying around in the corner of the room like a worn-out rag.

As soon as the three of us were seated, Lilia-san nodded once and spoke.

[Today, as Im sure everyones probably wondering about…… Its about magic.]


As expected, I could feel my tension rising at those words. I mean, even though I only spent half a day in this mansion, I saw magic-like techniques everywhere, and I actually used some of them. The jewels in the bathroom that began showering with a touch, and the lights floating in the hallways. The worn-out rag—– Lunamaria-sans explained that all we have to do is touch it, but Im pretty sure those things were related to magic.

Kusonoki-san and Yuzuki-san seem like theyre also interested in the typical quality of the other world, magic, as they looked at Lilia-san with an expectant look in their eyes.

[I think the first thing everyone is concerned about is whether everyone can use magic as well or not. When it comes to the magic power that was the source of magic, otherworlders also have it without exception. Therefore, everyone should be able to use magic. However, being able to wield magic depends on a persons talent…… I cant say for sure that one can use it at a glance.]

As soon as she said that, Lunamaria-san who has been revived before I knew it, placed a book in front of us one by one. Ah, I just saw a glimpse filled with grudge just now. Well, what happened to her certainly is my fault……

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[Ive heard that the Heroes that were usually summoned were able to understand the language of our world. It seems that all of you were able to understand what were saying, so Im sure there should be any problem, but lets check it out just in case.]

This is a staple among staples, but this is very important for us to verify. I had a bad grade in English, and without the Language Comprehension ability, the whole year might quickly pass by just memorizing the letters of this world.

As I thought about this, I looked at the book in my hand and understood that it was called “Introduction to Magic”. Oh, I can read it properly.

[……There doesnt seem to be any problem. Now then, as for the actual magic exercise…… To be honest, its quite difficult to do so, and although it varies greatly from person to person, it does require a certain amount of time to learn.]

[There arent many people who can use magic to the extent that they can make a living in the profession of being a mage.]

I immediately understood the meaning of Lilia-sans explanation and Lunamaria-sans additional words. Im flipping through the book while listening to what shes saying, but it would certainly be difficult if its according to the theory written here.

[This is going to be difficult.]

[Ueehhh, I give up too.]

Kusonoki-san and Yuzuki-san seemed to feel the same way and looked at the introductory book with a difficult expression on their faces. This would certainly be difficult to do for today or tomorrow. Heck, I think its even impossible to do.

[Fufufu, it took me three months to be able to cast a simple spell as well.]

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[My Lady is considered fast among your group. The average would have been about a year.]

[……Thats going to be difficult.]

To be honest, Im a bit… no, Im quite shocked. Its not that I want to use magic to fight monsters, but Ive always wanted to use it.

[……However, thats only that case of “casting your own magic”.]

[ [ [ Eh ] ] ]

[After the Treaty of Friendship, the most innovative technology that was passed down from the magical world was the technology for storing magic formulas into the so-called “magic tools”. Theres a gemstone that can store magic and magic formulas called magic crystals and by storing magic formulas there beforehand, anyone can use the magic stored in it just by touching it.]

[By any chance…… Is that blue jewel in the bathroom something like that]

[Yes, thats right. There that thing in your world, right—- I think it was called “bateri” In the same way, if magic power is stored in the magic crystal beforehand, the user can use the stored magic with only a small amount of magic power for activation. Nowadays, the use of these magic crystals has become mainstream and the technicians who can make these tools are even called mages.]

[Just additional information, one would need to get permission to use powerful offensive magic tools and its should be obvious that its forbidden to use them in the city. Well, theres a restriction for the purchase of such items in the first place.]

Fumu, in short, maybe its better to think of the magic tools as something like a flashlight or a lighter from our world. In fact, we could use it in the bathroom or in our room just by touching it, and we dont need to study any difficult theories.

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[Therefore, you could even go as far as to say that…… Unless you want to be a mage, you dont need to study magic…… As I said earlier, the speed with which one learns magic varies greatly from person to person, it would be convenient if youre able to activate it yourself, and it might be good to study it for some time.]

While saying this, some kind of magic circle floated on Lilia-sans hand ,and a gentle breeze blew in the room.

[There are 8 types of magic: fire, water, wind, earth, lightning, light, dark and non-attribute magic. Each attribute of magic has their own strengths and weaknesses. Incidentally, my strongest attribute is wind while Lunas strongest attribute is water.]

[Its kind of impressive to see it in person.]

While Yuzuki-san look impressed at the magic that Lilia-san demonstrated to us for a bit, what came to my mind is something that looked like the magic that Kuro had used. Im sure that all-purpose coat she used is probably related to magic, but what kind of attributes does it have As expected, when it comes to Demons, it would probably be dark attribute, right Her coat was black…… but were the tatami mats that she rolled out green Ill ask her next time.

[Ill be giving all of you those books and you can read it when you have the time.]

Then, after some pause, we were dismissed after an hour of theoretical explanations about magic.

The second day in the other world passed without incident, and at night, I was reading the introductory book on magic given to me in my room, but I can honestly say that it only looked gibberish for me.

Each of the magic attributes has their own theory, and the basis of their techniques are complex and difficult to understand. It is said that if people in this world want to learn magic, they would go to a magic school to learn it. In fact, Lilia-san said she learned it in the Knight Corps and Lunamaria-san said she learned it at a magic school. Thats how difficult it is to learn on your own, and it seems that the presence of an expert instructor is important.

Lilia-san said she would arrange for an instructor if we were interested, but I felt awkward for receiving that much assistance from her, so I refused.

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And in a way, Id say its exactly as I imagined. Magic is something that the demons are far more skilled at than humans. Ive heard that most demons can use some kind of magic depending on their strength but most of the demons seem to be to intuitively use magic. Ive heard that a demon has to be at a level of at least a high-ranking demon who has a very high level of knowledge to be able to instruct others and thats why demon instructors are almost non-existent.

A demon of that level can activate magic even without any chanting or a magic circle—– Wait a sec Havent I seen someone do something like that I mean, didnt Kuro do that In that case, I can ask Kuro…… No, I dont even know when shell show up and—-

[I felt like Im being summoned!]


Just as I was thinking about her, a young demon girl—– gallantly appeared and trespassed into my room. With her black coat fluttering behind her back, I could see her white legs through the gaps in her coat. Her coat was so big that I couldnt see it until now, but she was wearing half-pants underneath huh…… No, thats not it! Hueeehh! Why did you appear just when Im thinking of you! As I thought, youre an esper, right!

[Its another good night, isnt it~]

[……Ah, yeah…… not that, since when are you here!]

[Now now, dont mind the trivial details. Here, baby castella. I put jam in it today!]

Isnt that a mini jam bread, not a baby castella anymore Whats the point of making it in the shape of a baby castella

Putting the baby castella in my mouth she offered to me as if its natural, Kuro spontaneously sat down on a chair she took out of nowhere and place a cup of coffee on the table.

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Kuro has the same innocent smile she had yesterday, but Im not sure if Im so used to it that I dont even have the energy to tsukkomi and just drank the coffee she offered. Then, I suddenly remembered something.

[Arehh Come to think of it…… I thought demons dont eat anything other than whats designated for them today]

[Thats right. But its alright since these are designated for me.]

[I- Is that so.]

Remembering what Id heard this morning about how the demons spend their New Year, I asked her but it seems that the baby castella and coffee were designated for her. Who the heck among the Six Kings would designate baby castella and coffee No, maybe its popular in the Demon Realm, the combination of these two.

Thereupon, Kuro notices the book I have in hand and exaggeratedly tilted her head as she spoke.

[Unnn Whats that book about]

[Ah, its an introduction to magic.]

[Heeehhh~ Youre trying to learn magic huh. Ah, is that why you wanted to meet me]

[Ah, well~ Something like that Ive been reading a bit, but there seem to be eight different types of magic and I dont know which one to start with……]

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[8 types Even though there are only “two” types of magic]


I was going to tell her how Im troubled with the different kind of theories each of the different attributes of magic, but I stiffened at the words that Kuro replied as if it was very obvious.

Only two types Its supposed to be seven with fire, water, wind, earth, lightning, light and dark, plus the eighth type being non-attributed……

[There are only two types]

[Unn, thats right. There are only two types of magic: “Non-Transmutation Magic”, which uses magic power as it is, and “Transmutation Magic”, which changes the magic power into something else like fire or water.]

[……Err…… Kuro, theres something Id like to ask…… How long does it usually take for a person to be able to invoke simple magic]

[Hmmmm. It will vary depending on your qualities, but it can be “as early as a day or as long as a month”]


Dear Mother, Father—– I have begun to learn about magic. But the Demon Race and the Human Race—- They were saying different things.

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