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The Central Cathedral and the Central Plaza, which both had the word Central in its name, are very close to each other…… I mean, when we left the Cathedral, were already in the Central Plaza.

Considering this, its fair to say that Olivias range of activities is really limited,  having only been to the Cathedral and Central Plaza.


[……I see, the atmosphere feels different from when the Festival of Heroes is held.]

[When the Festival of Heroes is being held, theres a main stage set up over there and its pretty crowded. Even when its not being held though, it still feels like a small festival, with many stalls and such around, so I guess this would make it the main tourist attraction of the Friendship City.]

[Yes. We draw lots every month to determine which stores were allowed to open their stalls in this plaza. Otherwise, there would be too many applicants.]

[I see, well, its a big tourist attraction so you could be assured with the sales, so there must be a lot of people who would want to put up their stalls here. Since were at it, lets have a quick look.]


The Central Plaza, the main venue of the Festival of Heroes, is so large that a small village could easily fit in it, and there are more stalls in this place than at most festivals.

It would be quite a challenge to visit all the stalls in a single day. Well, its the main venue of the worlds largest festival which is held once every decade, so perhaps this much space is necessary.


For the time being, I walked to a nearby stall with Olivia-san. Incidentally, they didnt realize Olivia-sans identity at all…… Of course, shes a beautiful woman, so she probably catches peoples attention, but I dont think they noticed that shes the Founder at all.

Thats just how much of an impression her normal outfit has…… Well, she has never changed from that outfit for 1000 years after all, so they probably dont think that shes the Founder.

Or perhaps, she may have been using Recognition Inhibition Magic or something like that, being mindful about the purpose of my invitation to her.


Olivia-san does hold some special abilities, and apparently, within the Friendship City, she has the power comparable to that of the Supreme Gods, so she should be able to easily use Recognition Inhibition Magic.

On the other hand, outside of the Friendship City, she apparently only has the power of an ordinary person. Even then, she could teleport to the Cathedral from anywhere if she wanted to, ignoring all Teleportation Inhibitors, and if she died outside the Friendship City, she could be automatically revived in the prayer room inside the Cathedral.

[……Stits It looks like some kind of food, is that a specialty product]

[Its a stick-shaped pastry. Ive read in books that it tastes similar to a donut.]


Cylindrical donuts…… Theyre stick donuts, so stits huh……

Incidentally, Olivia-san said that although she has rarely been outside the church, she has read and memorized various documents and books as the Founder, and is rather knowledgeable.


[It looks delicious. Should we try it out]

[As Miyama Kaito-sama wishes.]

[A- Ahaha.]


Her tone really is stiff normally huh…… Still, I could feel that she had opened up more than when we first met up today.

With this in mind, I bought two stits and handed one to Olivia-san…… Thereupon, Olivia-san looked astonished.


[Would it be alright if I were to serve this to you after Miyama Kaito-sama finishes the first one]

[What No, thats for you, Olivia-san.]


[Do you not like it]

[No, that was never my…… It was just a little unexpected. Im surprised, but I respectfully accept your kindness.]


After thanking me in a stiff tone and lightly bowing her head, Olivia-san began looking around.


[I dont see any tables.]

[No, I think this is something you eat while walking.]

[……Eat while walking A- Ahh, Ive read about that in books. This is that eating tour thing, right]

[……Well, close enough.]


Even though that doesnt have the exact same meaning, the nuance is right, so I nodded…… to which Olivia-san anxiously wiped some sweat on her forehead.


[……So that actually isnt just an exaggeration from a book huh……]


[Is that so…… People actually eat while walking huh.]


On the surface, theres no sense that her expression has changed that much, but the emotions conveyed by the Sympathy Magic were strong feelings of astonishment, so I get the sense that she is quite surprised by the idea of eating while walking.

Somehow feeling as if Im leading a young lady ignorant of the ways of the world, Olivia-san looked at me and the stits in her hand several times before speaking to me with a puzzled expression on her face.


[……T- This may be extremely rude of me, but could you please look away]


[No, when I eat this…… I have to, ummm, open my mouth a little bit wide, so being seen like that feels a bit awkward, or rather, it looks rather unsightly…… so……]

[Ahh, Im sorry, I wasnt really thinking.]

[I apologize for my rudeness.]


It seems like she was feeling embarrassed being seen with her mouth open and biting into it. When I looked away, after I heard something that sounded like something being swallowed a few moments later, I felt Olivia-san move.

Thinking that she had probably just taken a bite, I turned my gaze back to her and saw her with her eyes wide open, a surprised expression on her face.


[How did it taste]

[Its hard to describe.]

[What do you mean]


[……This is the first time Ive eaten something, so I think this feeling is probably more like “Is what I taste delicious”, so Im not really confident……]

[I see, well, thats just because this is your first time eating, isnt it You just have to get used to eating all sorts of food.]

I see, even eating in itself is new to her huh…… I guess shes probably never drunk anything too huh……









Serious-senpai : [Somehow, Im getting the impression that shes some saint thats ignorant of the ways of the world.]

: [Well, she actually is in such a situation thought.]


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