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Okayama, the place where Kuro and I came to visit. After playing at the Brazilian Park Washuzan Highland, we decided to stay at a hotel for the night and just go sightseeing again.

Since we went to an amusement park yesterday with the focus of playing around, the main focus of today was sightseeing. I searched the internet and found that Okayama has a good number of sightseeing spots.

Korakuen Garden, one of the three most famous gardens in Japan, Kurashiki Bikan District, where the good old Japanese streets still remain, Kibitsu Shrine, where the legend of Kibitsuhiko-no-Mikoto, which is said to have been the basis for the story "Momotaro", remains, and Yubara Onsen, a little further away from where we are, are also options.

Among the many sightseeing spots though, the destination we chose today…… is the Bizen Osafune Sword Museum.

Even though this place is somewhat less popular than the other places I mentioned earlier, the reason why we chose this place is that Kuro wanted to go there. Neun-san, Kuro's family, is also someone from my world. So, she was interested in the swords used by the Japanese of the past, so we decided to go see them.

I vaguely remember Mom taking me to the sword museum back when I was a first or second grade-schooler, but I've forgotten most of it, so I was also pretty excited.

However, going to the sword museum…… isn't really that great. If we want to go there by train, the nearest station would be the Osafune Station along the Akō Line, but it is still quite a distance from the sword museum, and there is also no bus service going around that area.

We could have taken a cab from Osafune Station, but we just decided to rent a car so that we could stop by places that Kuro may be interested in on the way.

Even though I have a driver's license, I hadn't driven a car in a long time, so I was a bit worried…… but it seems like I still remembered everything, and was able to drive without any problems.

[Hey, hey, Kaito-kun. Where are we]

[Errr, we're almost at Saidai-ji Temple…… once we get there, the sword museum wouldn't be too far.]

[Fumufumu…… Even so, this kar thing is really interesting, isn't it I'd like to recreate it into a magic tool but…… I'm afraid it's going to be difficult since it's going against my promise to Earth God……]

[You promised something to Eden-san]

[Unnn, she said not to copy too much of this world's teknolojikal mashin…… I think that's also the same case for that Siense thing That's the technique developed in this world after all. It seems that there are various agreements that happened between Shiro and Earth God.]

Speaking of which, we were required to leave any kind of mechanical items we had when we were summoned, didn't we In my case, the first thing I had to entrust to them was my smartphone…… It's now back in my hands though, magically-modified by Eden-san to never run out of battery and signal……

[I see…… Speaking of which, it's almost lunchtime now. Should we get something to eat]

[Arehh It's lunchtime already]

[We've been making a lot of stops along the way after all.]

As I was thinking about what to eat, I suddenly caught sight of a restaurant displayed on the car's GPS.

[Kuro, you mind if we have burgers]


[Well then, we can buy it at the drive-through, but we're not really in a hurry, so let's go eat inside.]

[U- Unnn]

After smiling at Kuro, who tilted her head, looking as if she didn't understand what a drive-through was, we headed for the burger joint.

If it's possible, I would have liked to try some of Okayama's specialties, but I couldn't find any restaurants nearby that serve something like that, so it couldn't be helped. Well, I guess burger chain restaurants would be new for Kuro, right

There are three famous burger chain restaurants in Japan. The one that Kuro and I will visit this time is the most expensive one. They serve a bit slower than fast food joints, but they should be delicious.

No, all the restaurants looked like they serve very great food, but this restaurant seemed like they're more high-class than the others.


[Errr, I'll have this set and an iced coffee…… Kuro, what will you be having]

[Hmmm, all of them look good…… I wanna try all of them!]

[……Errr, I'll have one of each type of burger,  one of each side dishes, and a large orange juice……]

[Y- Yes…… Are you sure about this]

[It's alright.]

When the waitress asked again if we're really ordering all of them with a dumbfounded look on her face, I smiled and said it's alright.

It seems that powerful beings like Kuro and Alice can immediately absorb every piece of food they eat and turn it into magic power, so they can eat as much as they want.

Well, there are also those who don't eat at all, like Magnawell-san, and those who only consume alcohol, like Megiddo-san, but Kuro and Alice apparently like eating.

I don't think I have to talk about how much of a glutton Alice is, but Kuro also enjoys checking out various things to eat…… So, when she comes upon a new restaurant, she'd order everything.

Incidentally, even in that Okonomiyaki restaurant we went to yesterday…… she had eaten all of the things in their menu.

Even though I said that it was already lunchtime, it was only about 11:30, so there were still some seats available, and Kuro and I moved to a table by the window to wait for our order.

As Kuro had ordered all of the things in their menu, I just asked them to bring them to our seats when they finished making something.

[This is delicious! This is the first time I've had a burger made from okome rice before, but they're so good! I'll tell Neun about this when we get home.]

[Ahaha, well, I'm glad you like it.]

[……Kaito-kun, want a bite]


[Here, ahhn.]

[……A- Ahhhn.]

……This is embarrassing. Very embarrassing. Well, I'm really glad there aren't that many customers around us. Even though she has Recognition Inhibition Magic around her, worst case scenario, people would mark me as a lolicon.

Kuro also has a driver's license given to her by Eden-san, so we can get out of trouble if something like that happens but…… Unnn, receiving their painful stares still hurts.

[Kaito-kun! This is also very tasty! Here, come on, try it!]

[……U- Unnn.]

As I looked at Kuro feeding me a hamburger with a big smile on her face, within my heart…… I slightly regretted that we should have gone through the drive-through instead.

Serious-senpai : [……Gag character Me, the Seriousness Incarnate…… is a gag character That's nonsense! I don't accept that! I will never accept that!!!]

: [One more chapter for Part 1, and then Part 2 comes…… And after that, the Wedding Rehearsal huh…… That looks great. I also want…… Erhem, erhem. I'd like to see more flirting scenes for Alice-chan too.]-

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