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1073 - Mission ③ : Head Towards the Designated Restaurant!

Anyhow, it looks like the play is about to start as more and more people are coming in.


[……Errr, well then, should we hold hands How do you want to hold hands]

[Well, Miyama-kun, you put your palm up, while Ill put my hand on top of yours.]

[Alright then.]


For the time being, I decided to follow Dr. Viers request here, and when I turned my palm up as she requested, Dr. Vier put her hand on top of mine.

I felt my heart skip a beat by the feel of her hand, which was smoother than I expected, but I decided to concentrate on the play for now. Fortunately, thanks to Tre-sans warning, I can rest assured that there will be no aggressive moves from her during the performance, where she cant move.


And so, the play began…… It was a pretty firm play about love. To be honest, this is a genre I dont really like very much, something Id avoid even in a movie…… but the actors were very good and the story was easy to understand, so I was quite taken in when it started.


Thereupon, I suddenly felt curious and invoked my Sympathy Magic…… but Dr. Vier doesnt seem to be enjoying the play much, or rather, from the emotions I could feel from her, she seemed to be feeling frustrated.

Well, Dr. Vier is the type who pushes forward even when it comes to stuff like romance…… Or perhaps, its because shes quick to act when she thinks of something other than romance that she feels frustrated with a romance like this.


After the play, which lasted a little over an hour, I called out to Dr. Vier as I watched the people leave the theater.


[Dr. Vier, how was it]

[A- Ahaha, love sure is difficult. For my part, I was thinking right from the start of the play that they should just go up to them and confess their feelings.]

[That would have ended the play in an instant though……Well, for the time being, lets just quickly check the next envelope.]

[Ahh, youre right. We cant just stay here after all.]


Leaving the discussion of our impressions later, we first opened the 4th envelope and checked the contents. This time, the contents of my envelope and Dr. Viers envelope were the same.


『Head towards the designated restaurant and eat the Couples-only Menu for lunch!

*Open Envelope 5 after lunch』


Inside the envelope was a map, and exchanging looks with Dr. Vier, we nodded and headed for the designated restaurant.

I dont frequent the Northern Area that much, so Ive never been to the restaurant in the location she described and have no idea what its like.

Well, its getting close to noon and Im getting hungry, so I guess the timing is about right……




And so, I moved to the designated restaurant with Dr. Vier, and we were currently standing in front of the store with puzzled expressions on our faces.

At the end of our gaze, we saw the sign on the door of the restaurant…… saying “closed today”……

[……Ummm, Dr. Vier]

[Ill tell you something now, Miyama-kun. Theres no such thing as “preliminary investigation” in Sister Tres dictionary, so basically 90% of her actions were either a hit or a miss.]


[……I see…… However, what would you do]

[H- Hmmm, I dont really need to eat, but Miyama-kun would get hungry, right Im sure well be able to find a place to eat somewhere nearby. If its not open, theres nothing we can do.]


Well, I guess so. The one planning this is Tre-san after all…… It would be more unnatural if everything went perfectly as planned. Unnn, Dr. Vier seemed to have a look on her face like she was saying “it cant be helped since its Sister Tre”, so I guess this happens all the time.


[I suppose so. Please wait a moment, Ill see if I can find a good restaurant nearby.]

[Ahh, thats Kuromu-samas book.]

[This book is really useful, isnt it]


I took out the Eating Tour in its Entirety Guide…… This book is really more useful than I imagined, as it really covers all areas, so its just right when youre on the go and want to find a good restaurant.

Moreover, if you were to exclude her obsession with baby castellas, Kuros taste ratings are pretty accurate, and restaurants with the most stars are basically all good.

Also, since she comes to my place every day, if theres a restaurant thats closed, shell correct it on the spot, so her information is pretty up-to-date.


[Dr. Vier, do you have a favorite food]

[H- Hmmm, its hard to say. I dont really eat much…… Ahh, but I do like dishes that that use herbs, like basil sautéed or herb-flavored grilled dishes……]

[I see, as for restaurants that recommend such dishes…… Ahh, how about this place I heard they are famous for their herb-roasted chicken.]

[That sounds delicious. That place also seemed to be nearby…… If Miyama-kun is okay with it, lets go there.]


Since Kuro rated it with 7 stars, it seemed to be a good store, so I decided to go there but as I was about to walk there, Dr. Vier spoke to me.


[Hey, hey, Miyama-kun]


[Lets hold hands!]

[Eh N- No, I thought the instructions were to hold hands while we watch the play though]

[Unnn. You see, regardless of those instructions, I want to hold hands with Miyama-kun…… Is that no good]

[N- No, it isnt really no good, but I was just surprised by the suddenness.]

[Is that right Its just, this is a date with someone I like, so I want to at least hold hands.]



As expected of Dr. Vier, who finds romance plays too sluggish, shes so straightforward, or rather, shes showering me with so much affection that I cant help but feel embarrassed.

At any rate, having no reason to refuse, I offered my hand, to which Dr. Vier happily walked off holding my hand with a smile on her lips.


[Alright! Then, lets go~~!]

[I under…… Wait, Dr. Vier! Signboard!]

[Fuehh…… Fugyaaahhh!]

Thereupon, her natural clumsiness appeared again and she smashed her face onto a protruding signboard…… Well, how should I say this…… This certainly was like Dr. Vier.










Serious-senpai : [This is that, isnt it That pattern where the situation would eventually get sweeter and sweeter…… I know it! Im already well-versed with situations like this!!!]

: [Well, that situation had been beaten up too many times to you after all.]


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