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A room in the Imperial Castle, in the royal capital of Archlesia Empire. In the Emperors office, Chris, the Emperor of Archlesia Empire, was working alone.

She had finished checking some documents and reports, and was taking a break when she heard a voice.


[Ah, you done over there]

[ ! ]


It was understandable that Chris would be surprised by the voice that suddenly called out to her. The room Chris was currently in was her private office as the Emperor, and because this is the room where she handled a lot of confidential information, it had the worlds strictest measures against intruders, including Teleportation Inhibitors.

Not many people would be able to get in there without Chris noticing.


Chris hurriedly looked towards the source of the voice, but when she saw the person sitting on the sofa, she let out a sigh and let her guard down. If its the person in front of her, she thinks that it would be easy to come to this room unnoticed.


[Ill be intruding, okay~~]

[Welcome, God of Fate-sama. I apologize for not being able to greet you properly.]

[Dont worry about it, Im the one who suddenly showed up here anyway. Well, I dont really feel like having a leisurely chat right now, so Ill get straight to the point.]


Fate, who had been sitting on the sofa before she knew it, leisurely spoke to Chris and started to tell her the reason why she had come here today.


[I heard from Kai-chan that you wanted to use our visit to that tourist spot as an advertisement]

[……If it isnt convenient or you have conditions, please let me know……]


Theyre making use of Kaitos visit to the tourist spot with Fate…… the God of Fate as an advertisement, and they had confirmed this with Kaito beforehand and also received permission from Fate.

Thinking that Fate may have changed her mind, Chris asked her, to which Fate lightly shook her head.


[No, no, I dont really mind…… but frankly, isnt it weak]

[What do you mean]

[No, Risris wants this place to be a tourist attraction for the country, a foil that improves the outlook towards your country, yes]

[R- Risris…… Y- Yes, it was indeed as you said.]

[But you see, compared to the floating castle in Symphonia Kingdom, which was built by every Gods with special materials, or that beach in Hydra Kingdom, which was visited by not only me, but some of the Six Kings and Shallow Vernal-sama herself, this would be a weak foil.]

[……That is indeed true, but we dont have such luxury.]


It was certainly just as Fate said, as even if they were to exclude Symphonia, if one tells them that they were just rehashing Hydra Kingdoms idea, they wont be able to refute them.

But from Chris point of view, Fates trip to their tourist spot with Kaito was already a blessing in disguise…… a good fortune that just happened to fall into her lap, so she knew that she shouldnt hope too much.


[I had a lot of fun on our trip over there. It was really the best memory of my life. Since I was so satisfied with the outcome of our trip, I thought Id give you a little service. This would have just been easily settled with my Blessing, but putting aside if youre just a normal noble, youre the Emperor of your country…… I also have to respect God of Lifes authority over this place, so I cant just do as I please, so I thought Id do something else.]

[Something else]

[Unnn. Lets see…… I guess a radius of 5km should do The area within a 5km radius of that tourist spot…… would be under my “Providence”.]

[God of Fate-samas Providence!]


At Fates words, Chris involuntarily sat up with astonishment.

Unlike the Blessings that were given to people, the Providence is granted towards the land…… a place. Although the Archlesia Empire is a region where crops dont grow well, its still able to secure a certain amount of harvest because Archlesia Empire had a territory under the Providence of the God of Fertility.

Providences may not be as effective as Blessings, but they are extremely important to the country because they benefit the land itself and the many people who live there.


However, Providences are basically given by low-ranking Gods who have temples in their respective countries, and there have never been stories of them being given by a high-ranking God.

This would be the first time in the world that a Supreme God, Fate, has given her Providence to a specific land.


[Well, I cant really give your place a strong Providence though. At best, it will just make the visitors feel lucky for a while, or something like that…… But unlike the Providences of the low-ranking Gods that needed to be reapplied at regular intervals, my Providence towards that place would be permanent once applied. That would be enough of an advertisement, wouldnt it]

[T- Thats something we couldnt even hope to desire…… but would that be really alright]


Fate speaks lightly of it, but this was a tremendous situation. Just the fact that its a place that was under the Providence of a Supreme God has a tremendous effect on publicity, but if its also a power spot with a clear effect of increasing ones luck, there will be no end to the number of people who would want to utilize it, even if its expensive.

For the Archlesia Empire, which lags behind the Symphonia Kingdom and Hydra Kingdom, this would be the best reward of all.


[My trip today really was the best. Ahh, of course, Ive already talked about this to God of Life, so theres no problem…… Well, I could just give my Providence and call it a day, but what you wanted was a foil for your country, right So, Ill give you 15 minutes of my time at noon on the 30th Day of Heaven month, where Ill give my Providence on the site, so if you want to advertise that as well, be my guest~~ or something like that! End of story!]

[T- Thank you very much!]


When Fate had finished what she wanted to say, she ended the conversation and left on her floating cushion.

Meanwhile, Chris, who had kept her head deeply bowed for a while after Fate left, looked up and immediately started making arrangements for that day.









Serious-senpai : [Is this what I think it is! Did what I think really happen! Shes obviously in too good of a mood, saying it was the best…… Aaaaahhhhh, , I- I dont feel so good……]

: [You alright there Want me to call that strange doctor]

Serious-senpai : [Seriously, please kindly go frick yourself.]


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