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I was going to finish this in a single chapter, but Im a little busy, so Ill divide it into multiple parts. Im sorry that the chapters a little short this time.






While Kaito went on a trip with Fate, a person went to visit the castle of the Death King, Isis, in the Land of Death, located in the northernmost part of the Demon Realm.

The visitor was an Insectoid Demon with six swords on her hips, three on each side. The magic power she was clad in was quite strong, showing how high level her ability is.


The Insectoid Swordswoman…… Peak Count-rank Sirius, with a slightly nervous look on her face, touched the Tocsin Magic Tool.

A few moments later, the huge gate opened and a witch wearing a white triangular hat…… Polaris appeared.


[Oh my I never heard a visitor would arrive…… but you didnt just get lost and ended up near the center of the Land of Death, right]

[Apologies for the sudden visit. My name is Sirius…… Ive come to request one of the Six Kings, the Death King Isis Remnant-sama for a bout. Im sorry for being selfish, but would it be alright if you send the word to Death King-sama]

[……Youre here to…… challenge Isis-sama]


Hearing Sirius say that she had come to challenge Isis, Polaris expression turned a little grim.


[Ill ask this just in case, but you arent acquainted with Isis-sama, are you]

[Yes, we arent acquainted.]

[And you hadnt made any appointment for this challenge of yours]


[……I see.]


At that moment, the magic power around Polaris sharpened, and Sirius magic power became greater to match it. With the clash of their magic powers, cracks began appearing on the ground around them.


[Do you seriously think that the name of the Six Kings are so light…… that just some random riffraff can just come and challenge them for a bout]

[I was told that she had no subordinates, but it seems I miscalculated…… However, I have no objection.]

As Polaris clenched her fist, Sirius brought her hands on the hilt of her swords.


[Isis-samas subordinate, Polaris…… If you desire to challenge Isis-sama, youll have to defeat me first!]

[I will say my name again. My name is Sirius…… and I will push my way through!]


They are both Peak Count-ranks, and if they were to face each other, ready for battle, its easy for them to estimate the others strength. At the moment when both sides saw themselves in a fierce battle, a voice calmly called out.


[……Wait…… Polaris.]



When Polaris and Sirius saw the Death King, Isis appearing, the both of them released their stances almost simultaneously.


[……I heard…… whats going on……]


Seeing Isis, Sirius sheathed her katanas and got down on one knee.


[Its a pleasure to meet you, Death King-sama. My name is Sirius. I understand that it was rude of me to request this, but I was wondering if you would agree for a bout in order for me to test my strength]

[…….Unnn…… I understand…… Its alright.]

[You have my gratitude.]

[If Isis-sama insists…… Ill prepare a Barrier.]

[……Im counting on you.]


Isis accepted Sirius challenge, and within the barrier prepared by Polaris, Swordswoman Sirius challenge to the King began.


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