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1042 - Letters and Travel Plans

In the morning, while I was having breakfast in the dining room of Lilia-sans mansion, Anima came into the dining room with a letter.

Now that I have a house of my own, letters are sent to my house instead of Lilia-sans, and Anima is mainly responsible for organizing them.

Though I say that, putting aside those letters back then, I dont receive any invitations to tea parties from random nobles anymore, so I only receive a few letters from people I personally knew such as Chris-san and Neun-san.

She normally should have left those standard letters in my room, but since she took the trouble to bring me a letter…… Does that mean that this letter is from somewhere else and is rather important


[Master, Im sorry to interrupt your meal. A letter that needs your immediate attention has arrived……]

[Errr, does that mean its important]

[Perhaps…… Its a letter from the Central Cathedral of Friendship City, Hikari.]

[U- Unnn]


What Anima presented to me was a beautiful envelope that I could tell at a glance was made of high-quality paper, sealed with some kind of luxurious seal.

Puzzled by that amazing-looking letter, I turned my gaze to Lilia-san, who was eating with me.


[……That seal can only be used by Founder-sama, so that letter was probably from Founder-sama. Isnt that letter regarding that matter where we encountered each other at the White God Festival the other day]

[Ahh~~ So thats how it is…… Lets see.]


With Lilia-sans explanation, I found out that the letter was from Founder-san, which somewhat answers my question. She probably thinks that she only made a simple greeting at that time, so she felt like sending me another letter like this.

With that in mind, I opened the envelope and read the letter…… but it was a very difficult to understand letter that was extremely packed with words and very stiff sentences.


[……H- Hmmm, some of the phrases were too difficult to understand, but to sum it up…… she wants to greet me again, and was wondering if I could come to the Cathedral when Im available.]

[I see, Founder-sama coming to the royal capital of Symphonia Kingdom would certainly cause a commotion, so Im sure shes taking that into consideration.]


It was probably just as Lilia-san guessed. The letter was written with an absurd number of words, apologizing for asking me to come visit her, which indicated that she was quite distressed when she made this decision.

……No, its not like theres any problem at all with me visiting her. I could easily get to the Friendship City because I registered in my Teleportation Magic Tool back in the Festival of Heroes, and I was also just thinking that Id like to go visit that place at a time other than the Festival of Heroes.

For the time being, after writing a reply to the letter and discussing the schedule, I will try to visit her.




After I finished writing a reply to the letter from Founder-san, I leisurely looked at the tourist magazine I had bought at a bookstore. I thought Id take a serious look at the trip that Fate-san and I had talked about during the White God Festival.

Were going to spend a few nights relaxing in a quiet place. Ive been rather busy lately, like greetings to the Six Kings executives and the White God Festival, so I personally feel like I need to relax a bit.


However, it was quite difficult to choose a place. Considering the Fate-sans wishes, a famous tourist spot would be a no-go, but even so, going to an empty place would be boring.

I imagine a place that wouldnt be very popular, but has a nice view and a peaceful place to have a leisurely stroll.

It would be nice to have a cottage by the lakeside or something like that…… but finding such a place isnt easy. In the first place, most of the tourist spots listed in these magazines are somewhat popular, so I think it would be difficult to find a place in this magazine that isnt popular.



As I was flipping through the pages, an article titled “Super-Luxury Spots Special” caught my attention. The reason being that the tourist spot I went with Sieg-san was also featured on the page.

It was introduced as a phantom luxury resort, and just as I was feeling deeply moved by the fact that I had visited such an amazing place…… I saw a tourist spot that was in the same article.

The beautiful lakeside and a cottage are available for reservation, and although the area is remote and lush, its thoroughly managed so theres no need to worry about monsters.

Its very expensive because its only available for private use, but you can still have a relaxing and private time in it.

The difference between this resort and that one I had been to before was that this one didnt have as many places to go to, but it was exactly what I was looking for, a place where we could just relax and enjoy our vacation.


……The place looks nice, but I wonder if its as popular as that resort For the time being, I think Ill just send a letter to the company managing it to see if they have any openings.

I just wrote a response to Founder-san, so I still have my letter-writing set out…… And besides, if that place doesnt have any openings, I can just think of another place, so I suppose Ill just send them a letter.


——or so I thought, but two days after I wrote that letter and sent it…… I received a reply telling me “Its always available”…… “from Chris-san”.

Arehh When I checked the place in the magazine again, I found out that this tourist spot was in the Archlesia Empire, and the letter said that they would make the scheduled date available as soon as I contacted them.

……H- Hmmm, I feel a little apologetic about this, but since its such a good opportunity, Ill ask Fate-san about her schedule, and if it works for her, I guess Ill accept Chris-sans offer……









Serious-senpai : [I could totally imagine Chris making a guts pose right now.]

: [Just when she thought she was falling behind Hydra Kingdom, their country gaining credibility when it comes to sightseeing spots, in comes Kaito-san, planning a trip with one of the Supreme Gods. Of course, shed make sure they will get reservations…… I bet shell even leave it open if she has to.]


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