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A girl with a strange atmosphere that I met on the way back…… Fate-san spoke to me with a languid look on her face.

[So~~ Kai-chan. Ive got something I want to ask you……]

[Something you want to ask What is it]

[Unnn. I heard that theres a saying in the other world that “working means defeat” or something like that, right]

Lazily turning over on her airborne cushion, Fate asked in a carefree tone.

Working means defeat Errr, whats that…… if shes talking about a saying that has a close meaning to what she said, could she be talking about that

[……Did you mean working is losing]

[Thats the one! Thats what Im talking about. Hmm~~ I knew that the other world is prety advanced~~ Those words make up a terrific saying! And not only that, there are even a profession in the other world for those who dont work, right]]

[…… dont think its a profession, but are you talking about the NEETs]

[NEET…… Thats good, that sounds cool! I, for one, entirely respect the NEETs! Im also going to become a NEET too!!!]

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Her excitement suddenly increased, Fate-san started praising NEETs.

I wonder what that is… That disappointing feeling wafting in the air…… She just declared that she wants to be a NEET, and the always languid look on her face…… I see, shes “that type” of person huh……



[Huh Ah, yes.]

[Weve already had a conversation like this, so were now “Soul Friends”, right!]

[Huh Soul Friends]

[Thats right! Were friends whose souls are bound with each other! Were already best friends! A pair whose fate is connected with each other! Right!]

[……H- Huhh……]

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She became vigorous all of a sudden, and it kinda feels like shes a person who cant read the tension.

I dont really know how it happened, all I remember is that weve exchanged a couple of words, and now, shes saying something about us, being soul friends.

How should I say this…… I feel like she has some ulterior motive.

[So, Kai-chan, if I, your best friend, is in trouble, youre going to help me! Right!]

[……T- That is, well…… If its something I can do……]

As I thought, it finally came. I almost feel like Ive been caught by the trap of a salesman, but for the time being, Ill ask her what shes talking about.

What should I do if she suddenly asks something like “Go buy this vase” If I could somehow run away to the main street……

[Hide me!]


However, what she told me was far from what I expected.

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[I was being pursued by a bad person……]

[W- What do you mean What in the world is going on……]

[Explaining is a pain in the—– No, I dont have the time, so Ill skip it, but anyway, I need your help!]

[……I- I understand. For now, lets talk to the person who Im under the care of. It will be alright, shes a really reliable person……]

I feel like she was about to utter “pain in the ass” earlier, but its probably just my imagination.

In fact, I still feel like Im being cornered, but I may just be confused after being met with a serious situation.

For the time being, lets talk about this to Lilia-san.

Even though this is the first time we met, if she really is in that kind of situation, I cant just leave her alone.

Lilia-san is a noble, and shes a very level-headed and reliable person, so Im sure shell be able to help her out.

Since shes being pursued, we should get to the mansion as fast as possible……

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[Alright, were settled with that, right Well then, Kai-chan…… Pull me.]

[……Pull you]

[Moving is a pain in the ass so……]


Seriously, are you being pursued

After giving me a smile, Fate-san looked like a balloon who lost its air, the energy in her body disappearing, she laid down on her cushion while reaching out her hand to me.

I felt like the trust I had when she said she was being pursued disappeared, but for the time being, I decided to take Fate-sans hand and pull her to the mansion.

In the God Realm, a section of the world which is smaller than the Human Realm and the Demon Realm, there exist several levels in its hierarchy.

The God Realm, an absolute vertical society, is a doughnut-shaped land, with the outer perimeters as the area where the low-ranking Gods and the ordinary deities live, while the inner perimeters is the area where only the high-ranking Gods and their subordinates can live.

In the center of that doughnut-shaped land is a garden in the sky…… The dwelling place of the God of Creation, Shallow Vernal, and place closest to the center…… In the innermost part of the land of the inner perimeter, there are three huge temples.

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The pinnacle of the Gods who are qualified to build temples near the God of Creation, and they who are allowed access to the floating garden…… Theyre the temples of the three Supreme Gods.

In the corridor of one of those temples, the God of Time and Space Chronois was walking down the corridor of the temple.

This wasnt the temple where she lived, but the temple of another Supreme God…… the God of Fate, she who controls fate.

Chronois walked down the corridor of the large temple and after reaching the room at the far end, she lightly knocked on the door before entering.

[I will be intruding, God of Fate…… Its about time for the New Years Blessing, so about the achievements of those youre in charge of——What!]

Chronois entered the room, but the God of Fate wasnt there…… and in the innermost wall, there was a large piece of paper.

On that paper, which seemed to be a note, there was only one phrase written on it: “I will not succumb to work”.

After being dumbfounded looking at that paper, Chronois slowly approached the wall and tore the paper off the wall, a vein appearing on her forehead.

[……That fool…… She ran away “again”!!!]

Shouting in anger, Chronois immediately walked out of the temple, she pressed for answers from a nearby high-ranking God.

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[Oi! Where did the God of Fate go!]

[G- God of Time and Space-sama! W- Well, shes…… she was shouting “I am the wind of freedom!” while heading towards the Human Realm……]

[T- That freaking slacker…… I will also go to the Human Realm. It might waste some of your time, but go to my temple and tell that to my subordinates.]

[I- I respectfully obey.]

Quickly giving instructions to the high-ranking God, Chronois immediately headed to the Human Realm.

To capture her troublesome colleague who regularly escapes……

[Ah, I forgot to ask…… but hows the God of Life doing now]

[I dont know…… Shes probably still “sleeping” like always……]

[……Why…… Why is neither of them acting like a Supreme God!!!]

On that day…… Or should I say, even on that day, the cries of the struggling Supreme God echoed in the God Realm.

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When I returned to Lilia-sans mansion with Fate-san, I was lucky enough to find Lilia-san who I was looking for in the garden.

Sieg-san and Lunamaria-san are also there, so maybe they were training together Anyway, its just fine, Fate-san seems to be in a pretty difficult situation, and we can now explain the situation to her as soon as possible.


[Oya Kaito-san, Welco…… me…… back]

[Lilia-san Whats the matter]

I thought Lilia-san would just greet me with a smile when she noticed me, but her words trailed off, looking dumbfounded with her eyes wide open.

Lunamaria-san and Sieg-san also have similar reactions, with their eyes and mouth opened wide as they stared at me…… or rather, at Fate-san, who Im pulling.

I suddenly have a bad feeling about this, and as if to affirm it, Lilia-sans trembling finger pointed at Fate-san.

[……G- G- Goddess…… of Fate-sama]

[Yahhooo~~ Nice to meet you, I will be under your “support” for a long time!]

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[……Why is she…… suddenly…… my hearts still not ready yet…… Kyyuuu~~]

[My Lady!]

As soon as she sees Fate, Lilia-sans face turns pale and after a few moments, her eyes rolled up and she falls on the spot.

Eh Arehh What did Lilia-san just say The Goddess of Fate

[……Fate-san, theres something Id like to ask you……]

[What is it, Kai-chan]

[……Is Fate-san a God]

[Thats right.]

[……And youre one of the Supreme Gods]

[Yep~~ Im the one in charge of fate.]

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Stunned by their reactions, I asked Fate-san for confirmation, while Fate-san carefreely replied.

Dear Mom, Dad—— Fate-san, who I suddenly met, said she respect NEETs. I didnt expect it from a girl like that—– but she was the God of Fate.


Its a celebration, we finally reached 100 Chapters!

Kaito is basically a kind and caring person, so hes like a manwhore for no-good women. He would always end up taking care of them.

And thus, the God of Fate makes her entrance…… The God who declared she doesnt want to work.

The God of Fate…… doesnt want to work, so she escaped.

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The God of Life…… is generally always sleeping.

The God of Time and Space…… is troubled.

Pitiful Chronois.-

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