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Leaving the lawny hill we were in, illuminated only by the fireworks in the sky, Im currently walking barefoot down a wooden corridor illuminated by a gentle light.

It seems that they were setting off a lot of fireworks at the White God Festival, as although a good amount of time had already passed, I can still hear them going off.

Well, putting those fireworks aside…… As I took off my clothes and wrapped a towel around my waist, I wonder why Im in this situation.


[We have finished negotiations about this.]

[……That we did.]


Thats right, we certainly have talked about this before. When we went to the exhibition booth, the flow of the conversation somehow ended up with me promising to take a bath in the onsen together with Shiro-san.

She was wearing a bathing suit as I had requested, so I couldnt really say that I spoke wrongly.


Well, watching fireworks while bathing in an onsen is actually a luxury that is hard to come by, and to be honest, it sounds like it would be kinda fun.

As for nervousness…… I indeed am nervous. Even though she was wearing a bathing suit, the extent of exposure was so much greater than her usual clothes or the yukata that she had just worn, so I didnt know where to look.


[……That aside, doesnt the onsen feel like it got quite an improvement]

[Im adding improvements everyday. The onsen is also natural hot spring water flowing directly from its source.]

[Where the heck would  that water even come from……]


The three Supreme Gods, Shiro-san and I had taken a bath in this onsen when I came to the God Realm in the past, but it seems to have really improved compared to when I visited after a long time.

The onsen, which were unnecessarily large back then, have been made a little more compact, and the scenery is better than before, with more trees and flowers, as if she put more effort into the scenery.


[……The water seems to have changed as well.]

[It changes every day.]

[Eh It changes every day!]

[Yes. The water changes within a months rotation. All of them were natural hot spring water flowing directly from its source.]

[……Seriously, where the heck do you even……]


She kept on pushing on that natural hot spring idea on this onsen, so she probably built some kind of sub-space exclusively for this purpose. That being said, if it was just as Shiro-san said, that would mean she has 30 different kinds of hot spring water in this onsen…… Eh The heck, thats interesting.


[You can come here every day to take a bath, you know]

[……To be honest, Id be lying if I said I wasnt interested in the other types of hot spring water, so ummm, if theres an opportunity……]


Im rather fond of onsens…… Todays hot spring water looks clear, but has a slight bluish tinge to it, and even though it was a color of water I dont see very often, its very beautiful in its own way.

Theres also that slightly refreshing scent…… After lightly washing my body, I went in and felt good, the water being somewhat cool and refreshing.


[……By the way, the trees and flowers that grow here also change daily.]

[Even the scenery changes every day!]

[You can come here everyday to take a bath, you know]



An onsen with 30 different types of scenery and hot spring water W- What a fascinating onsen this is. I almost reflexively replied that I would come here every day.

Well, putting aside coming to take a bath everyday, my desire to come take a bath here again had certainly become extremely great. To be honest though, I feel like Im running at the palms of Shiro-sans hands……


[Well, putting that aside…… We can see the fireworks so beautifully.]

[Isnt it nice to watch the fireworks while bathing in the onsen]

[I feel like Im having a very extravagant time. Im glad Shiro-san suggested this.]

[Im also glad that you were pleased with my suggestion. By the way, Kaito-san…… If its now, your lover could pour you some sake, you know]

[Thats a very attractive offer.]


The corners of her lips raising a bit, Shiro-san brings forth a tray of hot sake on top of the onsen, hands me the sake cup and pours me some sake.

Thinking that this really is extravagant, I drank my sake……


[Its really delicious. To be honest, Ive never really liked sake that much, but this is really easy to drink.]


Lots of sake taste a little bitter, and Ive never really liked it, but this hot sake is really easy to drink.

I think its alcohol content is quite high, but its not nearly as bitter, and tastes sweet instead. The fruity aroma spreads in the mouth, and the aftertaste is very nice.


[I created it based on Kaito-sans taste, so if you liked it, Im glad.]

[……Thank you. Since were at it, can you create another sake cup Lets drink together, Shiro-san.]

[I suppose so. Well then, lets drink.]


This time, I poured some sake into the cup that Shiro-san held in her hand, and after a quick toast, we drank sake together. The sky is filled with beautiful fireworks, and the onsen gently warms my body.

I have my beloved lover next to me, and we enjoy pouring sake to each others cup…… This really is a wonderful and extravagant moment thats difficult for me to describe in words.






Doctor M : [So, what do you want me to do here]

: [Well~~ Serious-senpai has suffered tremendous mental injuries and apparently needs 5 chapters to fully recover. Right Serious-senpai]

Serious-senpai 【5 Chapters till Full Recovery】 : [U- Unnn, thats right……]

: [In other words, Serious-senpai requires mental healing…… “If she hears about your beloved child”, wont she recover]

Doctor M : [I see! I see!!!]

Serious-senpai 【5 Chapters till Full Recovery】 : [No way…… What the heck are you doing…… Think about the lines you shouldnt cross…… Indeed, it was my fault for feigning ill…… but you cant just do this for that…… Dont you have compassion! Dont you have any conscience! Dont you have anything like that!]

: [Doesnt seem like it.]

Serious-senpai 【5 Chapters till Full Recovery】 : [You demon! You devil! You Alice!!!]

: [You got the wrong person. Then, shes in your care, Doc.]

Doctor M : [You can count on me! Well then, lets start with something Serious-senpai probably already knows, a review of my beloved child. Dont worry, Ill wrap this up in about “86 hours”, and then well get the episode of my child that would heal Serious-senpais mentality……]

Serious-senpai : [Im recovered! Ive already recovered!!! STOOOOOOPPPPP!!]



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