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[ Congratulations, host, for completing the auction process.

Tier 31 Dragon Transformation Realm servant.


[ This auction has triggered a 9,000-times-rebate.

Due to the hosts malicious damage to the auction item during the auction process, the return treasure will also be damaged.


[ Congratulations, host, for obtaining an incomplete origin spirit puppet with the strength of a fifth sky of the Nirvana Realm.


Lin Mo curled his lips.

He still felt a little regretful when he heard the systems voice.

If he had known earlier, he wouldnt have been so ruthless.

He also didnt know what kind of flaw this incomplete puppet had.

It would definitely be destroyed after being used once…

His consciousness entered the system space and Lin Mo looked at the origin spirit puppet that he had just obtained.

However, he discovered that it was only a ball of faint golden light.

The spiritual energy within it wasnt small, but it was a little turbid.

“System, thisincomplete of yours is too serious…”

Lin Mo was speechless.

He recognized that this was the origin of the origin soulspirit puppet.

However, this ball of origin energy before his eyes had no effect at all.

Because without a carrier, no matter how powerful the origin energy was, it would lose its effect.

“Wait, I already have a origin spirit puppet…”

Lin Mo suddenly recalled that he still had a Tier 31 of the Dragon Transformation Realm origin spirit puppet.

The two of them were of the same origin, so he might be able to withstand it…

With the mentality of giving it a try, Lin Mo kept the origin soul puppet into the system space and allowed the two to fuse.


The fusion had just begun when a crisp sound was heard.

One could see that the indestructible body of the origin spirit puppet had actually cracked open a crack due to this ball of powerful origin energy.

“It cant be…”

Lin Mo frowned.

If that was really the case, then he really didnt know what he would do.


The crack continued to expand.

In the end, Lin Mo lost his confidence and didnt want to look at it anymore.

This time, he had lost both his wife and his soldiers.

He didnt get any benefits and even destroyed the origin spirit puppet…

When he thought about having a fifth sky of the Nirvana stage puppet, Lin Mo felt a wave of regret in his heart…

“Im really… Regretful…”

At this moment, the surrounding people were still looking at Lin Mo.

when they saw the complicated expression on his face, they were at a loss.

“Lin Mo, why arent you letting go of fellow Daoist Zhao Ming” The crown prince said.

Putting aside Lin Mos expression, it was better to save Zhao Ming first.

“Alright.” Lin Mo nodded and looked at Zhao Ming.

“Who did you receive benefits from Who wants to kill me Tell me and Ill let you off.”

He couldnt count on the puppet anymore.

Right now, he wanted to know who wanted to kill him in the dark.

It would be easier for him to determine.

“Thats impossible, dont even think about it…”

Zhao Ming laughed coldly.

The crown prince was here, and Li Long was present.

He was certain that Lin Mo wouldnt dare to go overboard.


Just as he finished speaking, Zhao Ming let out a blood-curdling scream.

Everyone present was shocked.

Even the crown prince and Li Long didnt dare to believe it.

“You talk too much nonsense.

I cant kill you, but I can still cripple you…”

Lin Mo slowly pulled out the Ancient Sword of Desolation from Zhao Mings Dantian.

However, Zhao Mings powerful cultivation had also completely dissipated.

His Dantian had been destroyed.

Even if he relied on elixirs to recover in the future, it would still leave a huge wound.

This kind of injury would be difficult to recover unless one encountered a rare treasure.

“You… How dare you…”

Zhao Ming said with a trembling voice.

He didnt dare to imagine that the spiritual energy that he had painstakingly cultivated would be destroyed just like that…

“Dont talk to me about not stopping until one of us is dead.

You people who think that you have a high position, when you accepted the mission to kill me, wouldnt we have already started fighting until one of us is dead”

Lin Mo sneered.

Since they were already enemies, there was no need to show mercy.

If he could kill them, he would definitely kill them.

Ignoring the gazes of Li Long and the crown prince, Lin Mo kicked Zhao Ming away and found a pergola to sit in.

The reason why he dared to do this was because the systems voice sounded in his mind…

“The damaged origin spirit puppet has lost its battle consciousness and is damaged internally.

However, its soul can enter and control it, and its strength can be raised to the third sky of the Nirvana stage.”

Thats right.

Just now, this sentence echoed in Lin Mos mind.

This was the reason why he dared to destroy Zhao Mings confidence.

Although the origin spirit puppet was destroyed, it had fused with the origin energy.

Although it seemed like a failure, it had succeeded.

Moreover, to him, this wasnt just raising his strength to the third sky of the Nirvana realm.

Dont forget, the trump card he had in his possession, the heaven-withering pill, and the incomplete technique of an ancient divine beast.

Once he used these, he wouldnt be afraid even if he met someone at the fifth sky of the Nirvana Realm, and he could even counter-attack.

With such a trump card, although he wouldnt be able to run amok in the Imperial Palace, he wouldnt be afraid.

If he couldnt win, he could still escape.

Moreover, now that the origin spirit puppet was destroyed beyond recognition, no one would be able to recognize his identity…

“Lin Mo, do you know how hard it is to break through If you dont leave a trace, it will make things difficult for many people.

Even geniuses will die young.”

Li long looked at Zhao Mings injuries and said with a cold expression.

His voice wasnt loud, but it carried a hint of threat.

“Youre right.

Its common for geniuses to die young.” Lin Mo said with a smile.

There wasnt the slightest bit of fear in his voice.

“Enough, dont discuss this matter anymore…”

The crown prince roared angrily.

Although his face was expressionless, his eyes were filled with killing intent.

Right now, he was feeling a little regretful.

Why did he have to hold this youth gathering Not only was his relationship with Lin Mo on the verge of collapse, there would also be elders from the Divine Secrets Holy Land who would have objections towards him…

“Since the crown prince has said so, then I wont mention it.” Lin Mo said with a smile.

He raised the wine cup at the side and calmly drank the wine…

The crown prince had arrived, and the gathering had already begun.

However, after such a commotion, the gathering had obviously changed.

Everyone was secretly discussing Lin Mos matter.

As they were all secretly transmitting their voices, this also caused the gathering to become much quieter.

“Hey, you dare to offend the Divine Secrets Sacred Land like this.

Do you really have a trump card, or are you just acting like a brave man”

Lin Mo drank alone, and no one dared to come over and sit at the same table with him.

However, a woman quickly walked over and sat opposite Lin Mo as she asked.

This person was Ji Hong.

She had met Lin Mo a few times before.

They were not enemies, but they could not be considered close either.

“Others fear me like tigers, leopards, and wolves.

How dare you come here” Lin Mo asked with a smile.

“Tch, forget it if you dont want to say it.

Im here to challenge you.”

Ji Hong pursed her lips and dismissed the idea of asking for more information.

“Challenge” Lin Mo was stunned.

Could it be that Ji Hong wanted to challenge him

It didnt make sense.

The gap between the two was very obvious, be it in terms of ranking or strength level.

“Its not me.

Its my brother, the Thunder Sacred Lands holy son, Ji Zixiao.”

Ji Hong spoke in a low voice, but all the cultivators present could hear their conversation.

When they heard that Ji Zixiao had asked his sister to challenge Lin Mo, they were all extremely curious and looked over.

“Dont misunderstand.

My brother is a battle maniac.

After hearing about your deeds, he longed for a fight, a simple fight.”

Ji Hong waved her hand and explained.

Everyone understood.

They had long heard of Ji Zixiaos title of battle maniac and cultivation maniac.

“Alright, Ill accept it.

Ill accept the challenge when your brother comes to the imperial city.” Lin Mo nodded his head.

He also wanted to see Ji Zixiaos strength.

After saying this, he got up and prepared to leave.

Since the gathering had come to this point, it was about time to end.

After all, no one had expected the main event to appear at the beginning…


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