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Ring, Ring, Ring…

Lin Yi received a call from Ji Qingyan when he was not too far away from the car.


“You kissed me first! What right do you have to call me a hooligan”

“That was a reward for you, who told you to touch me like that!”

“Kissing is so boring, you have to do the whole thing.

Thats the way its supposed to be.”

“Tsk, what a load of nonsense,” Qingyan said.

“Come pick me up at work tomorrow.”

“No problem, just wait for me at home.”

The next morning, when Lin Yi drove over, he found that Qingyan was already ready.

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A white pencil dress and a blue shirt made her look like a big sister.

The two of them understood what had happened the night before, but they did not mention it to each other, instead pretending that nothing had happened.

“Watch your phone, Im going to place my order,” Ji Qingyan said.

“Im watching.”

Lin Yi drove his broken Shari to the office after the order was taken.

Although the Shari was on the verge of destruction, it was very comfortable to ride in.

Even though the Zonda was more expensive, it wasnt as comfortable as this broken Shari.

It was more pretentious than comfortable.

After arriving at the company, Ji Qingyan picked up her handbag and prepared to get out of the car.

“Take care, President Ji.

Dont forget to give five stars and a good review.”

“I havent gotten even with you for bullying me last night.

Dont even think about getting a five-star review.”

“Strawberry-flavored lipstick doesnt smell good.

I havent given you a bad review either.”

“Youre still talking!”J i Qingyan said with a red face.

“Dont mention it again.”

“Then, are you thinking of switching to a mango-flavored lipstick”

She rolled her eyes at Lin Yi.

“Got it.

Ill see if theres any for sale.”

She spat and got out of the car while carrying her handbag before entering the elevator in the parking lot.

A few seconds later, Lin Yi received a five-star review from her on his phone.

At the same time, the system notification rang in his mind.

[System mission: Travel 5000 kilometers safely (1089/5000).

Reward: 150,000 experience points.]

“Damn, this mission is difficult!”

Looking at the progress of the mission, Lin Yi realized that over the previous week, he had driven nearly 1100 kilometers, and still had 3900 kilometers left to go.

According to his personality as a Buddhist…

He would need at least a month to complete the mission.

Lin Yi thought about it.

He was not one of those experienced drivers who specialized in driving Didi.

Otherwise, he would need at least half a month to complete the mission even if he had to take orders day and night.

Moreover, there might be other hidden conditions.

It was very likely that not all orders could be counted as part of the mission.

Only orders that received 5-star reviews could be counted as part of the mission.

The mission itself was not difficult at all, but it was a waste of time.

It would take at least half a month.

If that was the case, the mission could be put aside for now since the new job had already started.

There was still time to complete the mission after the old job finished cooling down a week later.

Lin Yi rubbed his chin.

Compared to the mission before him, the previous mission was not difficult at all.

However, Lin Yi could understand this.

He would be rewarded with 150,000 experience points.

With 150,000 experience points, his job completion would reach 100%, and he would receive the ultimate reward.

The ultimate reward would obviously be better than the other rewards, and it was only natural that the difficulty would increase.

Thinking of this, Lin Yi was relieved.

He drove home first and quietly started his new job, but he did not know which school the system would assign him to be a lecturer in.

Tsk, tsk, tsk.

Lin Yis lips curled into a smile as he muttered to himself,

“I never thought that I would be able to sneak into a school to be a teacher.

How exciting.”

Thinking of this, Lin Yi turned his car around and prepared to leave.

However, he was surprised to find a police car parked in the parking lot of Area C!

Lin Yi frowned slightly.

If nothing else had happened, the police car should be here to arrest someone.

Moreover, the person they should be here to arrest should be Zhao Nanping.

He picked up his phone and dialled Ji Qingyans number.

“I saw a police car in the parking lot.

You should be the one who called it over, right”

“Thats right, its a comrade from the financial crime department.

Hes in my office right now.

After I explain the problem, well be making our move.”

“Alright then, I wont bother you anymore.

Ill leave you to deal with your matters first.”

Lin Yi cut to the chase and hung up after understanding the situation.

He had to admit that this little Missy Ji Qingyan was pretty tough.

Zhao Nanping probably would not have thought that Ji Qingyan would act so quickly.

After understanding the situation, Lin Yi prepared to leave.

However, at that moment, he heard the clatter of high heels.

He looked in the rearview mirror and saw a curvy woman walking over from behind.

She was wearing a gray business suit, flesh-colored stockings, and high heels.

She was very eye-catching.

This person was Lin Yis former colleague, Wang Ying.

At the same time, Wang Ying saw Xia Li in front of her and recognized Lin Yis car at a glance.

Her face lit up, and she subconsciously quickened her steps.

Lin Yi unbuckled his seatbelt and got out of the car when he saw Wang Ying coming over.

“Yi, why are you here”

“I had a colleague from another department call my car, so I came.” Lin Yi said

Lin Yi wasnt lying.

Ji Qingyan was the president of the company, so she was technically one of Wang Yings colleagues.

It was just that the level of this personnel was a little high.

“Sister Ying, are you going out” Lin Yi asked

Wang Ying shook the briefcase in her hand.

“Kang Jings house, Phase 3, is ready for sale.

Ill go talk to my colleagues over there and work out a sales plan for the future.

Ill have to show it to the President after that.”

“Sure, Ying Jie.

This job should be for the sales director, right From the looks of it, you should have been internally appointed .

When will the appointment letter be issued” Lin Yi asked.

Wang Ying Smiled embarrassedly after hearing what Lin Yi said.

“Dont laugh at me, okay Its all thanks to you that I got to where I am today.

If it wasnt for your relationship with the president, I wouldnt have been promoted to this position.

The appointment letter should be coming soon, but I dont know exactly when .”

“It doesnt matter.

Its just a matter of time.”

“Thats true.” Wang Ying looked at Lin Yi.

“When are you free Ill be treating you to a meal.

Since youve helped me so much in secret, you have to give me a chance to thank you.”

“I have more time these few days.

Sister Ying will get the chance to do it.” Lin Yi smiled.

He was about to live a nine-to-five life as a university lecturer.

His spare time had also become more regular, so there was no problem with this at all.

Wang Ying frowned slightly.

“Not in the next few days.

My husband is back from a business trip.

In a few more days, hell be going to the northeast for about half a month.

Ill ask you out then.”


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