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“Cant you wear something that doesnt have a zipper on”

Lin Yi walked into the bathroom,

He saw that Ji Qingyan was all dressed up.

She was wearing a white suit, not a very formal one, but a relatively casual one.

“Isnt it something that men like to do Why are you complaining”Ji Qingyan said proudly.

“Youre wrong.

Men like to take off womens skirts because that means the start of a big battle.

On the other hand, if you put on a skirt, it means that its over.”

“What is this Cant you be more serious” As adults, Ji Qingyan naturally understood what Lin Yi was talking about.

“Be realistic.”

Lin Yi walked to her side and pulled the zipper up.

He noticed that it wasnt moving at all.

There was indeed something wrong.

“Wait a minute, Ill get the scissors.”

“Huh What for I only brought one set of clothes.

If I cut it, I wont be able to wear it.”

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“Dont worry, I wont cut your skirt.” Lin Yi said.

“Theres a part of your pants thats out of place.

Its caught in the zipper.

Ill just cut it off for you.”

Ji Qingyan blushed.

She didnt expect such an embarrassing thing to happen.


I just bought it a few days ago.

How could it be out of place”

“Its easy for things with lace to get disturbed.

Its common sense.”

“Alright, stop talking.

Go get the scissors.” Ji Qingyan said with a red face.

Lin Yi cut off the thread on her panties and pulled it a few more times before finally tidying up Ji Qingyans skirt.

“The style you bought is amazing.

Not only did it say hello kitty, but it even has lace on it.

This kind of mixed style is really unique.”

“Shut up, stop talking.”Ji Qingyan said shyly.

“Lets go eat, Im hungry.”

Seeing the shy Ji Qingyan, Lin Yi was delighted.

He did not realize that this cold and aloof female CEO had such a cute side.

After tidying up, the two of them went to the hotel restaurant and had a simple bite.

Then, they drove toward the Yangcheng branch office.

Chaoyang Group, Yangcheng branch office.

“Okay, okay, okay.

I got it.

Thank you, President Zhao.”

In the office, the general manager of the branch office, Ding Guanjie, hung up the phone with a solemn expression.

He casually lit a Zhong Hua cigarette, took a few deep puffs, and then put out the remaining half of the cigarette.

“Secretary Li, call financial director Deng over.”

“Got it, President Ding,” someone replied from outside the door.

Soon, a woman in her thirties arrived at the office.

The womans name was Deng Shuang.

She had long hair that fell over her shoulders and wore a red one-step skirt.

Her butt was almost sticking up into the sky.

“President Ding.”

“Do you know why you are here I have something important to ask you,” Ding Guanjie said.

“How much money is left in the account now”

“Theres still more than 10 million.

If the head office doesnt allocate the money, the project will be stopped in another week,” Deng Shuang said truthfully.

“If you want the money, you have to do it quickly.

You even promised to buy me a car.

When the money arrives, you cant go back on your word.”

“Dont mention the car first,” Ding Guanjie said.

“How much of the deficit is left in the account”

Hearing this, Deng Shuang realized that something was wrong.

“I have already made more than 30 million fake accounts, but there is still more than 20 million left.”

“What the f*ck!” Ding Guanjie cursed.

“What on Earth happened” Deng Shuang said, “Dont worry.

Give me another week.

I will definitely be able to prepare the accounts.

There wont be any problems.”

“Its too late.

The president already arrived at Yangcheng three days ago.

Its very likely that he will come to our place conduct an inspection.

As long as she checks the accounts, she will definitely find the accounting error.

At that time, we will all be finished!”

“No way.

She came to Yangcheng three days ago” Deng Shuang said in surprise.

“Why didnt anyone inform me of this”

“This time, she came secretly.

She may be conducting a surprise inspection,” Ding Guanjie said.

“President Ji is really amazing.

She was far away in Zhonghai, but she can actually detect the problems on our side.

Her insight is too strong.”

“That cant be the case.

The dignified president actually launched a surprise attack from way over that Could it be that you got the wrong information”

“No way.

Just now, President Zhao of the head office called me.

He said that the companys finance team received the airlines invoice.

President Zhao went to take a look and found that the president had come to Yangcheng.”

“Then what should we do now There are still more than 20 million accounts that havent been reconciled,” Deng Shuang said anxiously.

“Its too late to say anything now.

Hurry up and pack your things and leave,” Ding Guanjie said.

“Lets leave before she comes.”

“We cant leave either.

Wang Zhengyi knows about the embezzlement of public funds.

If the two of us run away, he will expose us.”

“With the presidents ability, she will definitely find out about the accounting problem.

Since we cant run away, its meaningless even if she reports us,” Ding Guanjie said.

“Dont talk so much.

Go pack your things and leave now.

Oh right, quickly inform your men to transfer the ten million yuan from the account and leave a single cent behind!”


“Okay, Ill go now.”

Ten minutes later, Ding Guanjie and Deng Shuang finished packing their things and walked out of the office building.

They got into the BMW 7 series parked outside.

Lin Yi and Ji Qingyan arrived at the company building as soon as the two drove away.

“Look, President Ding, President Ji just got out of the sports car.

Theres a young man beside her.”

“I understand now.

President Ji is probably here for fun with his boyfriend, so he came to the company as well.”


Ding Guanjie slammed the steering wheel.

“Why did she have to come at this time If she was even a few days late, things wouldnt be like this.”

“Alright, lets not talk about this.

Lets go to the airport first and go abroad to hide.”

“We cant go abroad yet,” Ding Guanjie said.

“If CEO Ji reports us, we will be caught as soon as we get off the plane.

So for now, lets get out of the city first and then discuss where to go.”

“Alright, Ill listen to you.

Lets just leave this place first.”

When they reached the ground floor of the office and saw Ji Qingyan coming over, the security guard at the door immediately ran over.

“Nice to meet you, President Ji!”

Ji Qingyan nodded and walked straight into the office building.

Before Ji Qingyan could go upstairs, all the executives who had heard the news came out one after another and walked in front of Ji Qingyan.

The leader was a man in his fifties, whose appearance was anywhere between three to seven points out of ten.

He was wearing a suit and looked quite decent.

Lin Yi still had some impression of this person.

He seemed to be called Wang Zhengyi, the vice president of the branch in Yangcheng.

“President Ji, why didnt you inform us that you were here so that we could pick you up” Wang Zhengyi pretended to be calm.

“Theres no need for that.

Inform the executives above the manager level to have a meeting.

Tell the finance department to bring this years accounts to the meeting room as well.

Im going to take a look at them.”


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