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“F*ck, what are you shouting for Its a Panamera, can I not block you for a while…

“Th-that is a Pagani!”

Upon seeing Lin Yis car, Brother Fei immediately shut his mouth and apologized profusely.


“Im sorry, Ill get out of the way now.”

“Brother F, that sports car driver is so arrogant,” the woman said.

“How can he not be arrogant Thats the Pagani Zonda.

The price is more than 20 million!”

“How… how can it be so expensive!”

The womans eyes lit up!

Such an expensive car cost enough to buy ten Panameras.

“Haha, finally, someone is here to take care of this pretentious criminal.”

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“If he drives a lousy Panamera, he thinks the sky is the limit.

However, compared to Pagani, he is just a pile of trash!”

“I look down on this kind of villain who has so much ambition.

They only have a little bit of money, but act like theyre a king.

Its **ing disgusting!” Fei and his girlfriend drove to the side to make way for Lin Yis car.

Many people took out their phones to take photos when they saw Lin Yis car approaching.

“Dont just look at the car, look at the driver.

Hes so handsome.”

“Handsome and rich.

God is too biased.”

“I want to ride in a sports car like this too.

Ill die without regrets!”

After the road was cleared, Lin Yi drove a few dozen meters ahead and arrived at the designated location.

At this time, a slender woman was making a phone call.

“Youre here so soon.”

“Dont worry baby, I just finished shopping.

Ill be there soon.”

“Dont worry, I didnt drive home.

I called for a Didi and Ill be there soon.

Wait for me at the hotel.

I bought a lot of new lingerie.

Ill show it to you if you do well.”

The woman looked around after hanging up.

Shed been waiting for a few minutes, so why wasnt the car here yet

At that moment, Lin Yi arrived in front of the woman in his Pagani.

“Are you Mrs.

Yang with the card number ending 3838”

“How did you know that”

“Im the driver you called for.

Get in.”

Tianxin was a little confused.

Was Didi really that awesome

The company was actually launching a luxury car plan

Moreover, the driver was quite handsome.

Unfortunately, his status was a little low-class, otherwise she would be able to chat with him.

Sitting in the passenger seat, Tianxin smiled.

“Your Didi company is pretty good.

To think that youd come up with such a creative marketing method.”

Lin Yi shook his head with a smile.

This woman was probably the same as Xu Yang from before.

They thought that this car was Didis.

“Why cant this car be mine”

“Yours” Tianxin smiled disdainfully.

“Little Bro, dont joke around.

Which second-generation rich kid would come back to drive a Didi Do you think Im one of those inexperienced girls”


Lin Yi smiled and didnt say anything else.

Hed better focus on driving.

He just needed to get another five-star rating and hed be able to complete the mission.

Thinking about it now, the full-career experience system was pretty good.

He had completed ten missions so far.

Xu Yangs mission had left behind a bad rating, which was not counted toward the mission.

As for the remaining nine five-star reviews, six of them were from Ji Qingyan, Wang Ying, Tian Yan, and Xia Xinyu.

In other words, eight of the five-star reviews were taken care of by acquaintances.

He had received a five-star review from Xia Xinyu based on his own ability.

Moreover, it was because she had asked him to pretend to be her boyfriend.

As for the other orders, the customers he met were not easy to get along with.

It seemed that modern society was still very hostile.

It was indeed very hard for Didi drivers who lived at the bottom level of society.

After all, not everyone could work the way he did without caring about others expressions.

“Hey, hey, hey, what are you doing Why did you change routes Are you trying to charge me more money Dont you know that Im in a hurry”

“Im not taking a detour, Im taking a shortcut.

The address on the map is too far away.”

The Peninsula Hotel was his territory, and Lin Yi knew the shortcut, so he decided not to follow the navigation on the app.

He did not think that he would be misunderstood.

“Bull**!” Tianxin said.

“I think youre going on a detour!”

Lin Yi was speechless.

He thought he was being kind.

“Fine, Ill follow the original route.

Is that good enough”

“What do you meanenough You took a detour just now, do you know how much time was wasted” Tianxin said.

“Do you think Im that easy to fool”

“You can believe whatever you want,” Lin Yi was speechless as he cursed in his heart.

“Why are you in such a hurry”

Lin Yi noticed that there seemed to be a brand logo of a sexy lingerie on Tianxins pocket.

Liu Sisi had also worn this brand before.

It did not seem to be cheap.

Lin Yi thought about it.

This woman had just bought lingerie, and now she was going to a hotel.

Was it not obvious what it was for

Lin Yi felt a chill at the thought of it.

It was not nice to think about such a shriveled body.

Compared to Ji Qingyans voluptuous body, this woman was lightyears away.

“Alright, theres no need to go any further.

Just park at the side entrance.”

‘Shes afraid of people seeing us! Lin Yi thought to himself.

The gullwing door opened, and Tianxin got out of the car.

Lin Yi sat in the car and thought about it.

It felt like his hopes for a five-star review was doomed.

These people were too hard to please.

Soon, a notification came from his phone, informing him that he had received a five-star review.


Lin Yi was very surprised to see this five-star review.

He had made such a scene, and he still got a five-star review

The Yang woman wasnt that good-looking, but she still had some redeeming qualities.

However, Lin Yi soon realized that something wasnt right.

Hed already received a five-star review, and the system mission shouldve been completed by now.

Why was there not any reaction at all

He looked at the system mission and found that it was still (9/10), the same as before.

“System, is there something wrong with you” Lin Yi asked.

“Ive already completed 10 5-star reviews, so why havent I completed the mission”

[The previous passenger gave the host a star, not a 5-star.]

“Bull**, I even got a 5-star review notification on my phone.”

[The hosts application has been tampered with.

Everything is based on the system.]

“Tampered with”

Lin Yi rolled his eyes as if he understood what was going on.

He picked up his phone and dialed Tian Yans number.

Tian Yan answered Lin Yis call again.

“Lin, you wanted to see me I havent left the station yet.

I can go back at anytime.”

“Theres no need to come back.

I just wanted to ask if you guys changed the evaluation system.” Lin Yi asked.

“Is it true that any of my passengers evaluation is now a five-star rating”

“Director Lin, how did you know about this”

“Theres no need to do that.

You guys should change it back to the way it was before, ” Lin Yi said.

“I want to experience the life of an ordinary person.

I dont want any privileges.”


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