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Wang Ying was enraged.

“How old are you, yet youre already going to a place like that Is that a place for decent people”

“Cough cough cough…”

Lin Yi coughed lightly, and it was only then that Wang Ying realized that her words were a little inappropriate.

She and Lin Yi had been to a nightclub before.

“Look, Brother-In-Law is unhappy with how youre treating me,” Wang Lu said proudly.

Lin Yi, “”

Am I unhappy about this

Wang Lu went to the sofa and held Lin Yis arm.

“Brother-In-Law, Ive already said that my sister-in-law is your little pet.

Why Cant you control my sister Were just going to take a look around, and we wont do anything bad.

Whats wrong with that”


“Boohoo… Brother-In-Law ~ ~”

“The main thing is…”


sob sob sob!”

“Let her go take a look around.”


Lin Yi couldnt stand this kind of moaning at all.

If he let her moan for a while longer, shed start rubbing against his arm.

“Why are you speaking up for her”

Wang Ying didnt dare to disobey Lin Yis words.

She only felt a little resentful, having previously thought that Lin Yi would stand firmly on her side.

Lin Yi rubbed his chin.

Why did this scene look like a pair of sisters fighting over a lover

“Shes just going to experience the clubbing atmosphere.” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“Going to a nightclub at eighteen and going to a nightclub at thirty-eight are two different things.

If young people blindly stick to the rules, they will never be able to look back and say they had a life worth living.”

“Alright then.”

“Oh yeah!” Wang Lu cheered and said, “Brother-In-Law, youre great.

In this world, only you can subdue my sister.”

“Dont be happy so fast.” Wang Ying said, “Im going with you.”

“Ah You want to follow”

Wang Lu was a little reluctant.

If there were adults following, the whole trip would be meaningless.

“Dont worry.

I wont go in with you guys to play.

Ill stay outside.

If anything happens, I can take care of you.”

“Really Thats not necessary, is it”

“Whats not necessary” Wang Ying said.

“Either I go with you or you dont go, at all.

Pick one.”

“Alright then, lets go together.”

Wang Ying went to the bedroom to change, but Lin Yi didnt stay idle either.

He got up and prepared to go with her.

“Dont go.

Youve been tired after working all day.

Rest at home,” Wang Ying said.

“Theres no point in me staying at home after youre gone.

Lets go together.

Its not time to sleep yet anyway.” Lin Yi said.


Wang Ying actually wanted Lin Yi to go with her, but she didnt dare to take the initiative to bring it up.

The three of them got dressed and went downstairs.

There was a black Audi A6 and a white Sagitar parked outside the villa.

Lin Yi looked at the license plates.

They were all from out of town, so they must have specifically driven here.

However, the fact that they had just graduated and were already able to get their drivers licenses then flex here meant that these students werent simple at all.

At the same time, Wang Lus classmates were gathered around the Lykan, taking photos and sighing.

However, these people all had one thing in common.

Their appearance wasnt bad.

After all, they were people who wanted to apply for the Huaxian entertainment industry.

Those who didnt have good looks would have long eliminated themselves.

“My God, this Lykanis too sexy.

Its the one from the movies!”

“There are so many rich people in Zhonghai.

I cant believe Im seeing a limited edition sports car here.”

“Yeah, and the BMW 7 Series next to it doesnt look cheap either.”

“The BMW 7 Series is nothing.

My dad drives a Lexus 570, which is much more expensive than this car, but this Lykan is so damn handsome!”

“Alright, alright.

Stop leering at the car.

Lulu has just arrived.”

The students around the car turned around and were about to set off together when they realized that there were two other people beside Wang Lu.

However, each of the students expressions were different.

To these adolescent boys, a young woman like Wang Ying was more attractive than those young girls.

Otherwise, incestual relationships wouldnt be such a popular genre right now.

Who wouldnt love a big sister who was beautiful and good at taking care of others

It was the same for girls in their prime.

A handsome uncle like Lin Yi was the perfect love in their eyes.

People like Lin Yi, on the other hand, enjoyed the benefits of an open mind.

When he was in school, handsome boys with well-groomed faces would be sought after by all the girls in the school.

When he graduated from university and started working, he grew a little older, and the girls tastes changed.

The mature and steady uncle had become their favorite type of guy once again.

That was why people like Lin Yi seemed to have become more marketable.

“Lulu, who are these two”

The girl who spoke was called Du Yuxuan.

She had a ponytail and wasnt as tall as Wang Lu.

She had two dimples when she smiled, and she looked quite cute.

“This is my brother-in-law, and the one next to him is my sister.

Theyre coming with us.”

“I told you not to spread nonsense.

Hes my colleague.

Why wont you listen to me” Wang Ying said.

It was fine to talk like this at home, but it wasnt okay to do so outside.

Lin Yi lived in a community that was developed by Chaoyang Group.

Many of his colleagues lived here, so if others heard about it, Lin Yi wouldnt be able to explain himself.

“I got it, Sis.

You guys are still boyfriend and girlfriend now, but hell be my brother-in-law in the future,” Wang Ying said.

“Thats all in the future.

You need to straighten things out now.”

“Alright, I got it.”

“Alright, Lulu, it doesnt matter what kind of relationship you guys have.

Since they want to join, lets have fun together.”

The guy who spoke was called Liu Haining.

He had the Audi keys in his hand, and he was dressed very fashionably.

He was the leader of the group.

Seeing that everyone was fine with it, Wang Lu relaxed a lot.

She didnt mind Lin Yi and Wang Ying following them, but she was afraid that the other students would be unhappy.

However, since they were fine with it, she could rest easy.

Wang Ying looked at Lin Yi and asked again,

“If you dont want to go, you dont have to.

Theres no need to accommodate me.”

“Didnt I say that I have nothing to do It doesnt matter where I hang out.

Lets go together.”


Wang Ying was relieved to see that Lin Yi had no intention of leaving.

“If you really dont want to go, you dont have to go.

There are so many people here and wecan take care of your sister.

You dont have to worry about her safety.” Liu Haining said.

Lin Yi smiled.

“Kid, stop pretending to be a socialite.”

“Im not pretending.” Liu Haining said.

“And Im 19 years old.

Im not much younger than you.”

“Liu Haining, what are you saying Dont talk back to my future brother-in-law, or Ill get angry,” Wang Lu said.

“Yeah, let Brother Lin play with us.

Itll be fun with more people,” Du Yuxuan said.

“Alright, one more person wont hurt,” Liu Haining said indifferently.

Lin Yi was speechless.

Why did it feel like this kid was the one letting him into the club


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