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Li Qingfeng looked at the man sitting on the sofa.

His expression changed from confusion to surprise.

Could this man be related to Liu Qiang and Yao Donglai

Cao Jingqiu watched the scene quietly.

Her opinion of Lin Yi changed a little.

This man wasnt foolhardy, but he knew the unspoken rules inthe construction industry.

Very few of those who were able to make a name for themselves in the construction industry had clean backgrounds.

Therefore, most of the time, conventional methods would not work at all.

Therefore, he sought help from outsiders.

This was perhaps the most effective method.

“Isnt this your territory There should be quite a number of people here.

Call them up.

I want to see if you can really chop off one of my legs.”

“No, no, no, Director Lin.

Dont get angry over such a small matter.

Its not worth it.”

Li Qingfeng took out a cigarette and passed it to Lin Yi.

“Im friends with Qiang and Dong.

Were on the same side.

Lets talk this out.”

“Im so handsome, so how can I be on the same side as you Dont flatter yourself.”

Cao Jingqiu rubbed her temples.

This man was really hard to figure out.

“Yes, yes, yes.

Im so ugly, I dont deserve to be on the same side as Director Lin,” Li Qingfeng said.

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“I was wrong to default on the final payment.

Ill give you the money now.”

“The principal is 11.2 million.

I dont care how much interest you had in mind.

15 million.

No negotiation.”

“You want so much interest…”

Li Qingfengs legs were shaking.

There was not much money in the companys books.

If they were forced to give 15 million, they would have no way to start the follow-up projects.

“You dont have to pay the interest.

Im willing to waive it for one of your legs.”

“Director Lin, please calm down.

Ill prepare the money for you now.”

Li Qingfeng took out his checkbook and wrote down 15 million shakily.

His heart felt like it was bleeding when he wrote those words.

Lin Yi handed the check to Wang Ying.

“Lets go.

Everythings settled.”


Wang Ying took the check and let out a sigh of relief.

It was a good thing that she had brought Lin Yi with her today.

Otherwise, she wouldnt have been able to deal with Li Qingfeng with her own abilities, let alone recover the rest of the money.

She watched the group leave.

Cao Jingqiu felt that she had miscalculated.

It wasnt the woman named Wang Ying who was supporting him, it was he who was supporting that woman.

Older women were becoming more and more marketable.

“President Cao, theres something I need your help with,” Li Qingfeng said seriously.

“Help with what Do you still want to deal with these people”

“Thats right.

I cant swallow this grievance,” Li Qingfeng said with his fists clenched.

“Although Liu Qiang and Yao Donglai are not easy to deal with, there are still people in Zhonghai who can contend with them.

Im going to get some money to find someone to deal with them.

In addition, I hope you can place some public pressure on Chaoyang Group.

I want to show them the consequences of offending me, Li Qingfeng.”

Cao Jingqiu shrugged.

“I dont care.

As long as the money is right, Ill accept any kind of business.”

“Ill contact you again about the follow-up.

Also, dont worry, DirectorCao.

The public relations fee will definitely satisfy you.”

“Then its settled.

I still have other things to do in the afternoon, so I wont accompany you.”

After saying this, Cao Jingqiu grabbed her handbag and walked out of Li Qingfengs office gracefully.

Cao Jingqiu didnt return to the company after leaving Qingfeng Lis office.

They had to talk about financing in the afternoon at the Peninsula Hotel, so they booked a room there so they could rest and organize their information.

After getting the money, Lin Yi and Wang Ying returned to Chaoyang Group.

“Little Yi, thank you so much for this.” Wang Ying said.

“If I had been alone, I would have been scared to death.”

“Call me if theres anything you cant solve next time,” Lin Yi said.

“Keep the extra 3.8 million for yourself.

Theres no need to hand it over to the company.”

“That wont do.

This is our big sisters money.

I cant keep it for myself.”

“Its just a few million.

Its not as serious as you say.”

“Its a matter of principle.

I cant do that,” Wang Ying said.

“And Im already very satisfied with my current life.

I cant take money that doesnt belong to me.”


You decide what you want to do.”

“What about you What are you doing tonight” Wang Ying said.

“Your sister moved to a new house, but you havent come to visit me even once.

How about you come to my place for dinner tonight”

“Sure, I havent eaten your food in a long time.”

They chatted briefly before Lin Yi drove off.

By 1 pm, he had finished seven orders and driven 110 kilometers.

Lin Yi did some calculations.

He had driven almost 600 kilometers in the past few days, so his pacing wasnt bad.

After this, he drove to the Peninsula Hotel.

Wang Tianlong wasnt there, so the hotel lobby manager and the receptionist greeted Lin Yi.

“Dont worry about me, just do your own thing.” Lin Yi waved his hand.

“Ill go to the second floor to eat something.”

“Got it, President Lin.

If you need anything, you can call us.”


From this, it was clear that Wang Tianlong didnt rise to become the general manager by chance.

If Wang Tianlong encountered something like this, he would definitely try to clear the restaurant and chase everyone off the second floor.

Although Lin Yi wouldnt let him do so, he still had to put on an act.

And that was the essence of flattery.

He found a corner and sat down.

Lin Yi ordered some food and gotready to eat.

It didnt matter if it was an investment or not.

He had to fill his stomach first.

“Director Lin”

Just as Lin Yi was enjoying his meal, he heard a familiar voice.

He turned his head and saw that it was Cao Jingqiu.

“It really is you.” Cao Jingqiu smiled.

“We just met in the morning and we are meeting again in the afternoon.

What a coincidence.”

“Why do I feel like theres a hidden meaning behind your words”

“You helped get back more than ten million yuan.

With Mr.

Lins character, I dont believe you would send it all back to the company.”

“You make it sound like Im a scumbag.”

“Actually, I think scumbag is a good word.” Cao Jingqiu said.

“Id be happy if someone called me a scumbag.”

‘What kind of f*cking logic is that

Lin Yi could tell from the simple words.

This Cao Jingqiu was also a person with an abnormal brain.

“Only people with looks and money can become a scumbag.

I think this is the greatest sign of a successful man.”

“Thank you for making me feel less guilty about being a scumbag.”

Lin Yi looked up.

“I ordered a lot of things.

Do you want to sit down and eat together”

“Thank you for your kindness, Director Lin.

Theres no need for that.” Cao Jingqiu said as she combed her hair.

“Im not going to sit with you since Im meeting someone else.

Besides, I dont think its appropriate for the two of us to sit down and eat together.”

“Why” Lin Yi said.

“Do you look down on scumbags”

“I hope you dont misunderstand my words, but thank you for your kindness all the same, Director Lin.”

“Lets not talk about dinner first.

Did you have an appointment to talk to someone about financing”

“Huh How did you know”

“Im Lin Yi.”


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