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The bald man paused when he saw Lin Yi.

He smiled.


Lin, I know that you and Young Master Qin are good friends, but I didnt mean anything by inviting President Ji to dance.

I hope you dont misunderstand.”

“I wouldnt go so far as to misunderstand, but its not easy to ask President Ji to dance.”

“Is there anything else you need”

“Of course.”

Lin Yi pointed at his face.

“Do you think youre more handsome than me”

“Okay, I dont think so…”

Lin Yi pulled on the sleeve of his suit again, revealing the Patek Philippes 175th anniversary wristwatch.

“Do you think youre richer than me”

“Yeah, I dont think so either.”


“Then why dont you go dance a little Get lost.”

The bald man didnt dare to retort after being scolded by Lin Yi.

He couldnt afford to offend such a person, so he could only leave dejectedly.

“Just get rid of him.

Dont scold him,” Ji Qingyan said in a low voice.

“Looking at his stupid hair, I can tell that hes not a good person.

Im already being polite.”

Ji Qingyans heart was sweet, and her smile was cute.

“Then tonight, I will leave the people who invite me to dance to you.

You must help me block them,” Ji Qingyan whispered.

“Dont you want to go up and give it a try”

“I want to, but I dont know how to do it.” Ji Qingyan pouted and said.

“I only learned a little when I was in university.

And you dont know, but the PE teacher at that time was too much.

He said that my body was made of steel and I couldnt turn.

I am still angry when I think about it now.”

“Wait, who did you dance with when you were in college”


“You even danced waltzes with boys”

Seeing Lin Yis jealous look, Ji Qingyans heart was filled with joy.

“Its not what you think,” Ji Qingyan explained.

“There are a lot of girls who took my class, so there are a lot of girl pairs in class.

My partner was my roommate back then, and I even stepped on her shoes.”

“You have the nerve to say that” Lin Yi didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

“You dont have the right to say anything about me.

At least I know how to dance a little, while you on the other hand dont know anything.


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“Yes, yes, yes.

Youre the best, you know everything.”

Ji Qingyan chuckled.

“Since my skills are limited, Ill leave this difficult task to you.

If you cant stop those people, Ill go up and dance with them.”

“Youre openly threatening me.”

“Thats right, its a threat.” Ji Qingyan said proudly with her head held high.

At that moment, a graceful figure walked over.

Lin Yi realized that it was Guo Rui.

She stood in front of Lin Yi and said gently,


Lin, may I invite you to dance with me”


Ji Qingyan wasnt happy at all.

She was like a tigress ready to fight.

“Im sorry, but hes already invited me.

Im afraid he cant accept your request.”

Ji Qingyan couldnt reject someone on Lin Yis behalf, so she could only say this.

Guo Rui was stunned.

The two of them were talking and laughing, but they didnt have any intention of dancing.

Why were they going to dance the moment she arrived

Ji Qingyan raised her skirt and stood up.

She stretched out her delicate hand as if she was declaring war.

“Lets go.”

Lin Yi was stunned.

You cant even dance, so why did you invite me

And Guo Rui, your husband is here, why did you come to join in the fun

Sigh, being too handsome is a burden.

Helpless, Lin Yi stood up and held Ji Qingyans hand.

He walked slowly to the center of the dance floor.

“Why did you invite me if you dont know how to dance Arent you afraid of being exposed” Lin Yi said.

“That woman doesnt look like a good person to me.

She might be trying to take advantage of you,” Ji Qingyan said angrily.

Lin Yi didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

Ji Qingyans temper was a like a tigress.

She was protecting her food.

“What do we do now Are you sure you want to dance”

“Were already here, so we just have to make the leap,” Ji Qingyan said nervously.

“But dont be nervous.

Just do as I say.”

Lin Yi didnt know what to say to describe Ji Qingyan anymore.

I should be the one saying this.

“Reach out your left hand and grab my hand,” Ji Qingyan ordered in a low voice.

“And then” Lin Yi smiled and cooperated.

“Hold my waist with your right hand.”

“I know how to do that.”

“Youre going to die.

I told you to hold my waist, not go any further down.”

“Sorry, sorry, its an occupational disease.”

The two got into position.

Ji Qingyan took a deep breath and cheered herself up.

A smart person like Lin Yi would definitely know how to do this.

As long as he was careful, there shouldnt be any big problems.

“Listen to my commands.

Lets dance together and try not to make any mistakes.

Otherwise, well embarrass ourselves.”

“Forget it, you should follow me.”

“You know how to waltz”

Lin Yi didnt answer Ji Qingyans question, but used his actions to show her the answer.

Under Lin Yis lead, Ji Qingyan danced in the middle of the dance floor.

At that moment, Ji Qingyans mind was blank.

She couldnt imagine herself being able to waltz to this extent.

However, she also knew that this was all thanks to Lin Yi.

If it wasnt for him, she probably wouldnt even have been able to dance a complete eight beats.

Still, why was he able to dance a waltz so well

Why did he know so many things

And she didnt know anything

At that moment, Lin Yi and Ji Qingyan had become the focus of the entire venue.

Under the allure the black evening dress, Ji Qingyan was like a swift and graceful swallow-tailed butterfly, her graceful dance winning the hearts of the audience!

After the dance, the applause from the audience was thunderous.

They were all captivated by their dance moves.

Lin Yi brought Ji Qingyan back to her original seat.

However, Ji Qingyans nervousness hadnt settled down yet.

It felt like everything that happened just now was a dream.

If Lin Yi hadnt brought her along, she might never have experienced that kind of recklessness.

“Lin Yi, why are you so good at waltzing Have you studied this before”

“I taught myself.

Do you believe me”

“I do.” Ji Qingyan nodded.

“If you believe that, arent you afraid that Im tricking you”

“Because youre smart.” Ji Qingyan looked at Lin Yi with a smile.

“Usually, men who cook well arent stupid.”

“I cant argue with that.

Ill cook you a meal as a reward.”

“Okay.” Ji Qingyan said happily.

“But I cant let you cook again this month.

Weve already agreed that Ill cook you a meal first.”


Zhao Zhengyang narrowed his eyes when he saw the two of them talking and laughing.

“Damned gigolo, how dare you set me up I will definitely not forgive you!”


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