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Lin Yi noticed that all the men were looking away after Song Jia finished speaking, as if she was talking about their sore spot.

They pulled over two chairs and sat down, then Song Jia introduced him,

“Let me introduce my boyfriend, his name is Lin Yi.”

Lin Yi nodded slightly as a greeting.

“Come, come, everyones here.

Lets order now.”

The mans name was Qian Xu, the class president during Song Jias university days.

After graduating from university, he took over the family business.

His annual net income was around one million dollars.

He was one of the more successful ones among Song Jias classmates.

“Class President, I heard that you took over the family business after graduation.

Youre doing pretty well now, right”

“Whats so good about that I only earn a little over a million a year.

I can barely make ends meet,” Qian Xu said with a smile.

“You can barely make ends meet with an annual income of a million Then I cant survive at all.”

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“Old Sun, I heard that you work at a bank.

Your income and benefits arent bad either, right”

“I cant compare to you.

Putting together my salary and bonus, plus some shady income, I barely make 500,000.

Its too miserable.”

“Its not bad.

Although we are in Zhong Hai, this salary is enough to enjoy oneself.”

“My life is over.

I dont think I have any hope of getting promoted.”

Qian Xu looked at another boy with a smile.

“Haozi, I heard that youve become a section chief.

Not bad.

In another ten or eight years, you should be able to become a director, right”

“Dont make fun of me.

Being a section chief is complete chaos.

As for the matter of directorship, Ill leave it up to God.” The boy named Haozi said.

“Let me tell you, out of all our classmates, the best is still Xueru.

No one can compare to her.”

“Dont say that.” Xueru said with a smile,

“Look at Jiajias boyfriend.

Isnt he a good-looking guy His job must be pretty good too.”

Song Jia paused.

She seemed to have forgotten to discuss this before she left.

If he just ran errands, wouldnt they laugh at her

“I started a company, so Im barely making a living,” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“Yes, yes, yes.

Its just a small company.

Theres nothing to show off about.”

Song Jia didnt want to discuss this topic since she hadnt talked about it before.

“A small company How small can it be”

Li Xueru said, “My boyfriend also started a small company.

His shares are now worth 80 million dollars.

If we work hard next year, it wont be a problem to break past the 100 million dollar mark.”

“Little Ru, our company is not big.

Even if it breaks past 100 million, its nothing.”

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The person who spoke was Li Xuerus boyfriend, Gao Renxing, the boss of a start-up company.

“Youre right.

Its been more than two years since you established the start-up, and the stock value is only 80 million.

Its indeed a little low.” Li Xueru looked at Song Jia and said,

“Jia Jia, no matter how small your boyfriends company is, it cant be as small as my boyfriends.”

“You might have misunderstood.

Mine is quite big, or else I wouldnt have been able to spend the whole night here.

Its much bigger than your boyfriends.”


The girls present laughed out loud.

Why were they discussing this at a class reunion

Xuerus expression was awkward.

“I didnt mean that.

I meant the size of the company.”

“I didnt mean anything else,” Lin Yi said innocently.

“Why are you thinking like that Its not a habit, is it”


Xueru was furious.

This man was too outspoken!


Lin, its a bit rude to speak like that,” Gao Renxing said,

“Why are you so aggressive when it comes to your company Did it touch your sore spot Did you feel that your companys size isnt impressive enough, and thats why you are lashing out”

“Im here to attend Jiajias class reunion, so I wanted to keep a low profile.

If I started flaunting my wealth, then Id be embarassed.”

“Were all classmates, and there are no outsiders here.

Whats the big deal if we just casually chat about this Are you afraid that well try to borrow money from you”

“Thats right.”

Li Xueru, “…”

Why arent you playing by the rules!

Seeing that Li Xueru looked like she was about to explode, Song Jia couldnt stop laughing in her heart.

Director Lin was too amazing.

He managed to put out the fire with just a few words.

He was too good at acting!

“Alright, alright.

Lets not talk about all this.” Qian Xu raised his glass and said,

“We havent seen each other for such a long time.

Its not easy to gather together.

Everyone, open your stomachs and drink.

Today is my treat.

Dont fight with me over it.”

“Class monitor, what are you talking about This class gathering was organized by myself.

How can I let you spend money to treat me” Li Xueru said.

“Just let my boyfriend take care of it.

Besides, hes very familiar with the manager of Peninsula Hotel.

Otherwise, he wouldnt have chosen to hold a class reunion here.”

“No way.


Gao knows the manager of Peninsula Hotel” Qian Xu was surprised.

Gao Renxing nodded with an expression of superiority on his face.

“Previously, I came here for some activities with a few friends who are in the investment industry.

After a while, I got to know Manager Wang.

If I go over to talk to him, he will be pleased.”


Gao is really amazing.

We are all small business owners, but we dont have such strong connections,” Qian Xu said with a smile.

“I suggest that we toast to Mr.


We will be friends in the future.

We must keep in touch.”

“Right, lets drink,” the rat raised his glass and said.

“We are all classmates.

Why are you being so polite” Li Xue Ru also raised her glass.

Her vanity had never been so satisfied before.

However, the moment she raised her glass, Li Xueru saw the watch that Song Jia was wearing, and her eyes immediately lit up.

“Jia Jia, the watch that you are wearing is quite beautiful, what brand is it” Li Xue Ru changed the topic and said with a smile.

“It is a little similar to my LV Watch.”

“I dont know what brand it is, it was given to me by my boyfriend.” Song Jia said indifferently: “It seems to be a Patek Philippe.”

“Its a Patek Philippe!”

Qian Xu was surprised.

He couldnt believe that Song Jia would wear this brand of watch.

“Is this brand very good” Li Xueru said, “Its not as good as Louis Vuitton.”

“Xue Ru, if you say that, you really sound like an amateur.” Qian Xu said,

“Patek Philippe is the king of watches.

Its the most awesome watch brand in the world.

Its not even comparable.

Although Louis Vuitton is considered a luxury product, in the field of watches, it cant be compared to Patek Philippe.”

“Wow, so its actually that good.” Li Xueru said a little awkwardly,

“But I think that the price of the items should be considered.

The high-end models of other brands are not necessarily inferior to the low-end Patek Philippe models, right”

“What you said makes sense.” Qian Xu nodded and said,

“I see that your watch is inlaid with more than ten diamonds.

It must not be cheap.”

“Class monitor, you have good taste.” Li Xueru showed her watch and said,

“On this watch are 12 real South African diamonds.

It cost more than 420,000 dollars when I bought it.”

“My God, no way.

It cost more than 400,000 dollars just to buy a watch Its almost the same price as my work for a year.” Old Sun said.

“I actually thought it was a bit too expensive, too.

I didnt agree to get it at first, but Gao insisted on giving it to me for my birthday, and I had no choice but to accept it.”

Lin Yi smiled.

It was no wonder that Song Jiayi had told him to act as rich as possible.

Her classmates were really something.

It seemed that he could no longer keep a low profile.


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