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Lin Yi put Cisco aside for the time being.

What he needed to do next was tackle the issue surrounding the photolithography machine.

It was an indispensable tool for making chips.

However, other than A**L, the products made by other international manufacturers did not meet his requirements.

It was just that the road to A**L was now blocked.

Lin Yi didnt have any other choice.

He could only develop and manufacture it through Longxin itself.

It was just that he hadnt found out who the spy was yet, which was quite annoying.

Lin Yi stretched his back.

He needed to talk to Lu Ying and Sun Fuyu about this.

With that thought in mind, Lin Yi called Sun Fuyu.

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Lin, you wanted to see me” Sun Fuyu said politely after he picked up the phone.

“You havent had lunch yet, have you Call Lu Ying, Ill treat you both to lunch.” Lin Yi said with a smile

The spy was still at the research institute, and Lin Yi decided to change the venue to avoid unnecessary trouble.

The photolithography machine was the most important thing right now, and Lin Yi didnt want to take any risks, so he decided to discuss it somewhere else.

“Then we wont stand on ceremony with you.” Sun Fuyu said with a smile.

“Where are we going to eat”

“The Crab Kings Palace.

Well meet at the entrance in an hour.”


Lin Yi got out of the pool, changed his clothes, and drove out.

Lin Yis mind didnt stop at all during this process.

Although he already had the masters memory in his mind, and all the knowledge of chips was stored in his mind, he didnt have absolute confidence in the development of the photolithography machine.

In the entire world, the only top-notch photolithography machine technology was firmly in the hands of A**L.

To surpass them and create a photolithography machine that belonged to China would be an extremely difficult task.

It wasnt as simple as writing code.

This would be a huge challenge!


Just as Lin Yi was thinking about these things, he suddenly saw a person on a motorcycle crash into his car.

“You can even get hit by this”

Fortunately, they had just passed the red light and the car didnt start very quickly.

Otherwise, something worse might have happened.

“Ouch, Im dead.”

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After getting out of the car, Lin Yi saw an old woman sitting on the ground, clutching her legs.

Beside her was her motorcycle, with some fruits and vegetables scattered on the ground.

It was as if the sky was falling down.

Seeing the accident at the intersection, many people gathered around to watch the show.

It was because of this old woman had crashed into a Bentley.

However, under such circumstances, the old woman on the motorcycle was the weaker party.

He didnt know what the traffic police would do.

“How do you drive Dont you know how to look around”

Lin Yi was speechless as he pointed at the traffic light ahead.

“Theres a green light ahead, and Im driving normally.

Youre the one who suddenly charged at me in the opposite direction, and youre blaming it on me Can you be reasonable”

“What do you mean by driving normally If you hit me, youll be responsible.

pay up!” The old lady shouted.

“I feel like my bones are about to break.

If I go to the hospital, I wont be able to make it without spending at least 80,000 to 100,000.”

“I havent had the nerve to ask you for money yet, but youre asking me for money like a hungry lion.”

“Young man, how can you say that Im a motorcyclist.

Youve injured me.

Dont you want to pay for it Whats the matter Do you think youre that good just because you drive a BYD Let me tell you, my son drives a BMW.

Hes much richer than you.”


What the hell, BYD!

Even though the cars logo was B, there was a difference.

“Whats wrong Arent you happy that your car is worthless” The old woman shouted.

“Even if this is the new BYD, its not as valuable as my sons BMW.

Stop pretending to be rich!”

“Lets cut the crap and wait for the traffic police.”

Lin Yi called the police, and the traffic police arrived quickly.

“Traffic police comrade, youre just in time.

This man hit me, what do you think we should do” The old womans mouth was like a machine gun, and she kept prattling to the traffic police.

“I feel weak all over.

I need to go to the hospital for a check-up and ask him to pay for my medical expenses.”

The traffic policeman didnt say anything, but looked at Lin Yis Bentley instead.

It wasnt a serious crash, but the Bentley was the most expensive model under the Bentley brand.

The repair fee would be at least a few hundred thousand dollars.

“Auntie, dont worry.

We need to take a look at the surveillance footage first before we decide on who is responsible for the accident.

If he really hit you, well definitely seek justice for you.”

“Do you still need to look at the surveillance footage I was knocked down by him while he is completely fine.

This matter is obvious,” the auntie said relentlessly:

“I am a disadvantaged person.

You have to stand on my side and speak for me.”

“Calm down.

I know you are a disadvantaged person, but we have to rely on evidence.”

Seeing the traffic polices stern face, the Auntie did not speak.

Soon, the traffic police pulled up the surveillance video of the intersection and studied it with his colleagues for a few minutes before saying,

“When the accident happened, the traffic light was green.

The Bentley was driving normally.

It did not show a turning signal, and there were no signs of it steering.

You were going in the opposite direction, so you have to take full responsibility.

You have to take care of your own medical expenses, and you have to compensate the owner of the car for the damage.”

“What did you say! He isnt responsible” The old woman couldnt take it anymore.

She directly sat on the ground and started rolling around.

“He hit me like this, yet you actually say he isnt responsible How can that be! Believe it or not, Ill file a complaint against you!”

“Then tell me, what is he responsible for” The traffic police said rudely.

“Do you think we have to check to see if all the buildings around us are too tall for you to commit suicide from before proceeding to tear them down, all just for you”

“Well, I am a motorcyclist.

I am injured, so does he bear no responsibility at all”

“No, because you are in the wrong,” the traffic policeman said,

“Apart from that, I think you should be concerned about the compensation amount.

This owners car sells for more than 4 million on the market, and the cost of repairing the car is at least 300,000.

You should think about how to pay for it.”

“What nonsense!” The old woman said excitedly,

“How can a lousy BYD be so expensive Dont think that you can fool me just because Im old!”

“First of all, look carefully.

Although the cars logo is B, its different from BYD.

This cars brand name is Bentley, and it sells for more than four million.

As a traffic policeman, I wont joke with you like this.”


“This old lady is really interesting.

She actually mistook the Bentley for BYD.

This is the first time Ive seen such a thing.”

“The traffic policeman is too awesome.

We should teach her a lesson.

These people ride broken motorcycles on the street every day and dont follow the traffic rules.

We must give them a taste of their own medicine!”

“The repair cost is at least 300,000 dollars.

I reckon she wont be able to afford it even if she loses all her money.”

“Even so, we have to make her pay for it.

We definitely cant tolerate people like these who have no respect for the rules!”

Hearing the discussions of others, the old lady raised her voice.

“Stop making sarcastic remarks.

Isnt it just 300,000 dollars My son has money.

He can afford to pay for it!”

This kind of reply made everyone a little surprised.

They didnt expect this old lady who rode a motorcycle to have a rich family.

The old lady took out her phone and dialed her sons number.

“Son, where are you I was hit by a car at the street near the market.

They want me to pay for it.

Come and take a look.”

The old lady hung up, but Lin Yi wasnt in a hurry to leave.

He sent a message to Sun Fuyu, asking them to wait a little longer.

About twenty minutes later, a white BMW 7 series stopped in front of the old lady.

The door opened and a chubby young man in his thirties got out of the car.

He was wearing glasses and had a refined aura.

“Mom, how are you Are you okay” The young man asked worriedly.

“I feel uncomfortable from head to toe, but the traffic police are still talking to that man.

They want me to pay for it.

Dont you know a lot of people Think of a way to complain to them!”

The young man followed the old womans gaze and was shocked when he saw Lin Yi.

“President Lin, is that you”


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