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“If theres nothing else, you can go ahead.

President Ji and I have other things to talk about.”

“Then I wont bother you two.”

Bi Songjiang turned around and left.

The cool sea breeze blew past Ji Qingyans hair again.

However, this time, it was not a picturesque scene.

She was a little confused.

“Lin Yi, what were you guys talking about Why does manager Bi have the authority to manage Moon Bay Beach”

“Because I bought Moon Bay Beach.”

“Bought… bought the beach”

People changed, but their ways never changed.

Ji Qingyan felt that her brain was lacking oxygen.

Her smart brain was not enough.

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“You… repeat what you just said.”

“Didnt you hear me” Lin Yi smiled.

“Moon Bay Beach is my property now.”

“Huh Why did you buy Moon Bay Beach”

“Didnt someone say that she likes to sunbathe on the beach Now this place has become my private territory, so shes welcome to sunbathe anytime.

I heard that beaches and bikinis are better together.”

“Lin Yi, if you do that again, I wont follow you anymore.

You trick me every day,” Ji Qingyan said angrily.

“Hey, youre the one who complained first.

Did I trick you You said it yourself.”

Ji Qingyan puffed up her cheeks and wanted to retort, but she could not say a word.

This guy was too annoying.

“I remember that you bought a few sets of swimsuits before.

Ill chase the guest away now.

Lets sunbathe here.”

“Youre too pretty.

I dont want to,” Ji Qingyan said proudly.

“But if you bought Moon Bay Beach, the renovation project will be even more perfect.”

“Are you sure”

“Of course.

Leave it to me.

Ill make sure youre satisfied,” Ji Qingyan said confidently.

“Wait, I didnt say Id give you the beach renovation project, did I”

“If you dont give it to me, Ill bite you.”

“Youre a dog, arent you” Lin Yi did not know whether to laugh or cry:

“This is the first time Ive seen a Party B like you bite someone for not giving you the project.

This is too violent.”

“Be content.

I wouldnt bite anyone else.”


After saying that, Ji Qingyan grabbed Lin Yis arm excitedly.

Her beautiful eyes narrowed into crescent moons, and she smiled like a child.

“Lets go for a walk on the beach.”

On the beach, Ji Qingyan took off her high heels and rolled up the legs of her jeans.

She stepped on the soft sand and enjoyed the cool sea breeze.

This was the most relaxing time for her.

“Lin Yi, Wangjiang Dock is yours now.

When you have time, take me out to sea,” Ji Qingyan said.

“No problem.”Lin Yi smiled.

“Bring some equipment and Ill take you diving.”

“You know how to dive!”

“Of course, its not a difficult thing.”

Ji Qingyan turned around and cupped Lin Yis face.

“Why do you know everything Youre amazing.”

“Dont worship me, Im the type of man who can hurt women.”

“Tsk, cant you be a little more humble” Ji Qingyan ran her fingers through her hair.

“Oh, right, I forgot to tell you something.”

“What is it”

“Didnt you want to set up a foundation I helped you contact two people, and their business skills are unquestionable.

When you have time, you can meet them and check if they are acceptable.

If not, Ill find someone else.”

“Im not worried about the people you recommend,” Lin Yi said.

“Theres no need to investigate further.”

“Since theres no problem with these people, then the only thing left is to choose the location and register the Foundation,” Ji Qingyan said.

“I can help you with the procedures for the foundation.

If you dont have any requirements for the address, Ill find a storefront for you in one of the buildings currently under my company.”

“You can help me with the procedures.

As for the address, I have other arrangements.”

“Is there any place you like now You will need to fill in the address when you register.”

“Lingyun Building, I think.” Lin Yi said after some thought.

“Lingyun Building”Ji Qingyan said:

“It was called the Twin Towers before, right”

“Thats right, thats the one.”

“I heard that the Twin Towers were bought by someone, so they changed the name.

Im afraid itll be a little difficult for you to set up your office there.”

As she spoke, Ji Qingyan seemed to have noticed something as she looked at Lin Yi like a little fox.

“Could you be the person who bought the Twin Towers Did you come here to trick me”

Lin Yi rubbed his nose.

“You guessed right, I really did buy it.”

Ji Qingyan could not even reply.

“You really bought the Twin Towers !”

“Why would I lie to you It was 18 billion, I just bought it a few days ago.”

“Lin Yi, are you printing money!”

“I cant even print money that fast.”

“Cheh, youre so full of yourself.” Ji Qingyan said.

“Then its settled.

After the formalities are taken care of, Ill arrange for those two people to meet you.

If you have any specific requirements, just tell them directly.”

“No problem.”

Lin Yi walked with Ji Qingyan on the beach for a while before leaving.

“You have a new order.

Please check it carefully.”

Lin Yis phone rang just as they were done talking.

“Is there a job”

“Yes, someone has placed an order.”

“Then I wont keep you any longer.

Go do your work first.” Ji Qingyan said.

“No rush.

Ill send you back first.

Its just one order, and it doesnt matter if I accept it or not.”

“How can you do that Since youre experiencing life, we have to be more serious.”

After that, Ji Qingyan helped Lin Yi tidy up his collar and said gently,

“Its windy and sunny, you have to be careful.”

“Got it.”

“Ill go first, but dont forget that you promised to take me out on the sea.”

“Dont worry, I wont forget.”

Lin Yi was going to send Ji Qingyan back, but the latter did not want to delay Lin Yis order, so she simply took a taxi back.

He took the order to buy two female swimming rings, with the price set at around 200.

There was no limit to the brand, and he had to pay for it himself.

After reading the order, Lin Yi checked the map on his phone.

There was a place selling swimming equipment about a kilometer away, and it was the perfect place to buy the items.

Lin Yi drove a few minutes before stopping in front of the shop.

The owner was a middle-aged man wearing beach pants, and he seemed to be very comfortable.

“Boss, I want two swimming rings, around 200 dollars.

Give me better quality ones.”

“Sure, wait for a moment.”

The boss looked around the bar and took out two dark blue swimming rings.

“This brand of swimming circles is not bad, even for a 300-pound fatty.”

“I dont want this color.” Lin Yi said.

“Do you have any pink or white ones”

The remarks had said that they wanted womens swimming circles.

Although the shapes were the same, there was a preference in color.

The rings had to be light-colored.

“So youre not using it for yourself”

“Im just an errand boy.

Im buying it for a customer.”

“No way.” The middle-aged boss didnt believe him.

“Whats the point of being an errand boy when youre so handsome”

“Im flattered.”

“I guess youre just an errand boy out of necessity,” the boss said.

“I know a lot of rich women.

Can I introduce you to them With your looks, earning a million a year isnt a dream.”

“No, no, no.

This life isnt for me.”

Lin Yi didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

He did not expect the boss to be a part-time pimp.

“Alright then.” The boss said.

The boss smiled as he took out two light-colored swimming rings.

Lin Yi was not too picky as he took them and prepared to send them to the buyer.

He paid and left.

The boss followed him out and handed him a business card.

“Little Bro, this is my business card.

If you dont want to work so hard anymore, come find me.

Ill definitely contact a good woman for you and help your standard of living soar.”

The middle-aged boss pointed at the Koenigsegg not far away.

“See that sports car If youre willing to change careers, I guarantee that youll be able to drive a sports car too after a few years.

You wont have to do menial jobs anymore.”

Lin Yi took out his car keys and pressed them.

“That Koenigsegg is mine.

I dont think Ill have to work so hard anymore anyway.” Lin Yi said


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