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Chen Dabei said, “Old Ma, stop asking because I dont know either.

If theres anything the Boss asks you to do, just do it well.

Dont be lazy when the time comes.”

“How can that be Supervisor Chen, you know that Im the most diligent,” Master Ma immediately said.

For a scattered carpenter like him, he was very satisfied with the job at Qinglin Villa.

Firstly, the salary was not low and was stable.

Secondly, the food was good.

“Boss!” Chen Dabei quickly saw Qin Lin and went forward with Master Ma.

“Lets go to the reservoir to take a look.” Qin Lin also called the two of them to the reservoir.

It was not far from the nearest reservoir in the villa.

They arrived in a short while.

This was a mountain, a slow-moving water area, and it met the farming conditions.

Qin Lin looked around the reservoir and asked Master Ma, “Master Ma, can you build a duck house here”

Master Ma looked around and nodded.

“Boss, theres no problem with that, but if the duck house youre building is big, I definitely cant handle it alone.”

“Master Ma, you dont have to worry about that.

Ill get the security guards to help you,” Chen Dabei said immediately.

He had followed his boss for so long and knew why his boss had called him over.

Qin Lin also smiled and nodded.

“Master Ma, the duck house I want to build is not small, and theres more than one.

Chen Dabei will cooperate with you.

Tell me what materials you want.

Ill get someone to buy them immediately.”

“Boss, that requires a lot of things.” Master Ma also told Qin Lin what he needed.

The most important material for building the duck house in the reservoir was naturally the bamboo and the barbed wire in the cut area.

In addition, it was what was needed to build the floating bridge.

These things were not difficult to get.

After Chen Dabei went out for a run, everything was transported to the reservoir in the afternoon.

Chen Dabei also led a team of security guards to help Master Ma build a big pile in the reservoir.

These large stakes had to slowly expand into the water from the shore.

They were used to fix the floating bridge.

When the time came, he would use empty oil barrels and some special floating tools as the base.

With wooden planks fixed on it, it would be a floating bridge that could be walked.

Master Ma was already drilling holes in the bamboo with his tools.

He had to get a few bamboo rafts first.

Bamboo rafts were also good things.

It was very comfortable to row bamboo rafts on the reservoir in summer and bask in the sun.

With this in mind, it was not a bad idea to prepare two green boats.

However, this bamboo raft was now made to cooperate with the pulling of the isolation barbed wire.

This isolation barbed wire was only to stop the ducks.

If he wanted to raise fish later, he had to set up another blockade in the water to prevent the fish from escaping.

After a busy afternoon, the first dual-use duck house had a preliminary model by the reservoir.

This was faster than he had imagined.

Seeing that it was dark, Qin Lin asked everyone to go back and continue tomorrow.

He also returned to the office.

When he passed by an office, he heard Professor Rens voice.

“No, theres nothing wrong with the test paper we brought.

Why cant we detect the special ingredient in this medicinal wine”

Qin Lin looked into the half-closed office.

Professor Ren and the others had already merged the two tables together and were testing something with some unknown paper.

He did not expect Professor Ren to start working so soon.

His attitude and enthusiasm for scientific research were really high.

Professor Lius voice sounded.

“Old Ren, try the third rule alkaline paper test.”

“Yes, I didnt expect the degeneration element in this medicinal wine to be so difficult to detect.” Professor Ren frowned and said, “If it doesnt work, Old Liu, help me send a testing machine over after you return to the research institute tomorrow.”

Qin Lin did not disturb Professor Ren and the others.

He walked straight to his office and looked at the game in his mind the moment he entered.

He controlled his game character to head to the ranch.

Because of the time ratio in the game, one day in reality was half a year inside.

When the game character entered the duckhouse, he saw that the cute ducklings, who were still covered in yellow fur in the morning, were already half-grown ducks with white fur.

They were valiant and loud.

Seeing the game character enter, the delicious ducks surrounded him.

They were clearly hungry.

Qin Lin controlled his game character to put in the feed and left the ranch again.

There were 50 ducks.

The feed given by the rancher had already been fed twice.

He wanted to buy some more.

In addition, the duck house was built faster than he had imagined.

As long as the breeder was recruited, he should be able to send the first batch of ducks over tomorrow.

Therefore, he planned to buy 50 more ducklings and gather 100 delicious ducks tomorrow.


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